The top Five Gaming Headphones under $100

A headset can make a huge difference when trying to win in the worlds of esports, streaming, and regular gaming. 

It’s crucial to be able to speak with your squad and hear approaching adversaries, and certain well-known games won’t let you play well without the proper gear. 

Fortunately, both wired and wireless headphones and headsets are becoming more affordable. 

The finest gaming headsets under $100 USD are plentiful, but there are five that stand out from the competition.

The official Sold By Amazon listings is used to determine all pricing. If these listings are not available, the least expensive option for new devices will be used.

The Best Headsets for Gaming Under $100

  • HyperX Cloud II Corsair HS70 Pro
  • Razer Blackshark V2
  • Razer Nari Essential, and 


Although not a typical gaming headset, the TREBLAB Z2 made this list thanks to its outstanding features and discounted pricing. 

This is an excellent option for individuals who mostly play single-player games because it’s simple to calibrate and good at picking up faint noises, especially in horror and shooter games. 

You might wish to buy an external microphone rather than rely on the built-in mic because it might not be optimized for gaming. Nonetheless, 

many users will undoubtedly be delighted despite this because of the extended battery life and excellent sound quality.


Wireless, excellent sound quality, extended battery life (around 35 hours), fantastic comfort options.


Poor microphone quality, active noise cancellation can reduce sound quality, certain head sizes may not be perfectly accommodated, and no gaming-specific tuning.

Price: $89.97 on sale; $119.97 regular price.

Razer Blackshark V2, second

A more conventional headset with many of the features one would anticipate for contemporary gaming is the Razer Blackshark V2. 

There is a lot to admire about this product at entry-level pricing, from its USB sound card to its detachable mic. 

It should be mentioned that some users reported discomfort, and the consoles’ microphone quality seemed to vary somewhat. 

Yet even so, it’s a fantastic headset for anyone searching for a low-cost but effective means to talk to their allies online.


Detachable microphone, custom software, simple audio controls, USB sound card.


The microphone may not function as well on consoles, it is not wireless, and Razer software, which is necessary to access some capabilities, has received criticism for being obtrusive and imperceptible.

Price: $69.99 on sale; $99.99 regularly

Razor Nari Essential 

The Razer Nari Essential is really excellent as the least expensive headset option on this list under $100. It offers incredibly comfortable wire-free gaming for 16 hours. 

However, users who are dissatisfied with the sound quality might need to fiddle with settings using Razer software, which many customers find to be annoying.

 Due to sales, the Nari Essential is currently the least expensive headset on this list while still driving a strong bargain in the price category.


Cordless, long-lasting battery (about 16 hours), personalized software, and a good microphone for wireless headphones.


Mic quality is still subpar when compared to corded headsets, Razer software is necessary to access functions but has received criticism for being obtrusive and difficult to use, and it might not work with all consoles.

Price: $54.99 on sale; $99.99 regular price

Corsair HS70 Pro

Even with discounts, the Corsair HS70 Pro is the most expensive headset on this list, and for good reason. 

When compared to other wireless headphones, the microphone is excellent, and Corsair’s iCUE software allows for even more customization. 

A sad trend among headsets from well-known brands like Corsair and Razer is the need for software to access capabilities like 7.1 surround sound. 

The HS70 Pro headset is still a great option for anyone who wants the greatest wireless experience but is on a tight budget.

Positives: Cordless, excellent microphone quality, detachable microphone, personalized software.

Cons: The battery is prone to failure over time, comfort can vary from person to person, and software might be buggy and necessary to access capabilities.

Price: On sale for $96.99; regular price is $109.99.

HyperX Cloud II 

The HyperX Cloud II is arguably the most popular gaming headset for under $100. The headset even comes with interchangeable ear cups so that the consumer may customize it to their preferences. 

Its excellent microphone and sound quality are good reasons to buy it on its own. Given the shortcomings of other headsets on this list, the lack of software to alter the sound options may well be a bonus. 

The HyperX Cloud II is unquestionably the best gaming headset available.

Features include superb sound quality, a detachable microphone, adjustable comfort, and a USB sound card.

Cons: Lacks wifi connectivity, lacks proprietary software, and some capabilities might not be accessible on consoles.

Price: $89.99, reduced from $99.99

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