The Reality of Business and Technology

world not ready for next generation tech

The world as we know it is not ready for the next technological revolution. There is a possibility that we will lose our sense of agency along with our consciousness and imagination.

Our education does not adequately prepare us for the technological and occupational changes that lie ahead. To increase their profits, businesses are taking advantage of our weaknesses.

The media are undermining our consciousness, agency, and morality at an alarming rate.

The rules have changed my friend, so our ideas of what it means to be an entrepreneur also need to change.

In this spirit, I’d like to talk about four key ideas that, in my opinion, will be required to start a successful business in the years to come.

People are more important than profits.

We have a responsibility to act in a way that benefits everyone, not just stockholders. Investing in the growth of the people who will work for your company is a must if you want it to succeed in the future.

Investigate Yourself.

In order to discover the solutions to the issues that we face in life, we need to investigate everything, convey who we are without reservation, and search our own brains.

Become Indispensable

It is critical that we develop solutions capable of resolving complex and significant issues rather than solutions that people can live without.

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Assist Others in Reaching Their Full Potential

It is imperative that we develop ecosystems and technologies that enable others to freely learn, create, and govern themselves while working together towards a common goal.

There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that founders who adhere to these principles will become the next generation of great inventors and business leaders.

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