Tesla: Everything is on sale

As a result of the price cuts in the United States, a more significant number of the company’s electric cars will be eligible for credit from the federal government.

The price of Tesla’s Model 3 Performance compact has dropped to under $54,000, previously set at $63,000.

Tesla has reduced the cost of most of its electric vehicles sold in the United States and Europe by as much as 20 percent to revive waning demand for the company’s products.

When it comes to the market for electric cars throughout the world, the carmaker is up against increasingly fierce competition. 

It must also fight increasing interest rates in the United States, which have led to a rise in the cost of financing sales of vehicles. 

‘I believe Tesla understands they are not the only game in town, and the Detroit businesses are swimming into the deep end with E.Vs,’ said Dan Ives, an analyst with Wedbush. 

“I think Tesla recognizes they are not the only game in town,” I believe that the price reduction indicates that Tesla will attempt to take the initiative and go on the attack.

Tesla Stock Drop

The price reduction news caused Tesla stock to drop significantly when trading began on Friday, but the decline was less than one percent by the conclusion of the day. Since November 2021, the share price has decreased by almost 70 percent.

Because of these price reductions, specific lower-priced Tesla models will qualify for federal tax credits of $7,500, which were made available beginning on January 1 as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. 

The eligibility requirements for these credits vary depending on the optional features that are purchased with the vehicle. The credit is available for purchasers of electric vehicles with a price tag of less than $55,000.

There are concerns that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is spending too much time on Twitter, the social media site he paid $44 billion for last year.

Although Tesla has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, the company faces various challenges, including these worries.

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Going Toward Bad Reputation:

The sale of Mr. Musk’s Tesla shares for billions of dollars to fund the purchase of Twitter has resulted in a decline in the price of Tesla shares, and he has been criticized for terminating the employment of a significant number of Twitter’s workers. 

He has also expressed divisive political views on social media, including several messages supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine. 

These posts have hurt both his reputation and Tesla’s reputation with specific customers, and they are to blame for the decline in Tesla’s stock price.

It is not only Tesla that is seeing a slowdown in sales. 

The number of automobiles and trucks sold in the United States dropped by almost 8 percent to less than 14 million in 2018, the lowest level since 2011; this was primarily due to shortages of computer chips, which prohibited manufacturers from manufacturing as many vehicles as buyers want to purchase. 

As interest rates continued to rise, it became more costly for customers to finance their purchases.

Compare to Other Automakers:

However, according to data compiled by Kelley Blue Book, a market researcher, sales of electric cars increased by 66 percent, reaching more than 808,619 units. 

And even while Tesla still has the majority of the market share, other manufacturers are making significant progress. 

Compared to Tesla’s prices, those of Ford, Volkswagen, and many other automakers’ electric vehicle models are far cheaper. 

Sales of electric vehicles increased substantially for these manufacturers and others during the course of the previous year. 

In 2022, Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia sold more than 43,000 electric cars in the United States, a significant increase from 2021, when just a few hundred were sold.

There will soon be other rivals entering the market. It is anticipated that General Motors will begin producing electric versions of the Chevrolet Silverado truck, the Chevrolet Blazer, and the Chevrolet Equinox sport utility vehicles this year.

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Challenges in China:

Tesla has also seen difficulties in China, its most significant market, which a Chinese manufacturer, BYD, the leading electric vehicle brand, now dominates. 

Tesla recently decreased pricing in China, and the company also disclosed a total for worldwide sales in 2022 that was lower than what experts had anticipated.

Tesla needs to be more active in introducing new models to its lineup, even though the company is highly praised for the cutting-edge technology it incorporates into its vehicles and the stylish designs of those vehicles. 

It only provides four automobiles, two premium models priced beyond reach for most ordinary buyers. 

The Model Y was the company’s most recent automobile launch, which occurred in the year 2020.

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Since 2019, Tesla has said it would release a pickup truck known as the Cybertruck; however, the company has repeatedly pushed back the manufacturing date. 

The business currently has high aspirations of beginning production of it this year. 

The Cybertruck has an angular and futuristic look and is anticipated to be marketed and sold as a luxury vehicle. It may reduce Cybertruck’s overall attractiveness. 

Mr. Musk has said in the past that he would want to manufacture an electric vehicle at about $25,000, but he has yet to show any concrete plans to accomplish this goal.

PepsiCo was Tesla’s first client, and in December, the company started delivering the first of a limited number of battery-powered semi-trucks to the company.

Tesla Gives a Little Taste of the Cybertruck - TheStreet
Image courtesy of TheStreet

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Falling Price Of Tesla:

Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Bernstein, said in a study released this month that “We anticipate demand concerns lasting until Tesla is ready to provide a lower-priced alternative in volume, which may only be in 2025.” Sacconaghi’s comments were included in the report.

By lowering the cost of its existing models, Tesla is signaling that the company is prepared to yield some profit to increase the number of units it sells. 

Because the firm often has gross profit margins of 26 percent, which is more than twice as high as some of its competitors, investors have been bidding up its shares, which has contributed to it being the most valuable automobile manufacturer in the world.

The latest price drop for Tesla cars was announced Thursday night on the company’s website. 

The car manufacturer is now offering a high-end Model 3 Performance compact for sale in the United States for under $54,000. It represents a drop of 14 percent from the previous price of $63,000.

There has been a decrease of almost $3,000 or 6 percent in the price of the cheapest version of the Model 3, which can now be purchased for slightly under $44,000.

The base price of Model Y has been reduced to $53,000, a decrease of 20 percent from its former level of $66,000.

Price reductions of a comparable magnitude were reflected on the websites of the company’s operations in Germany, France, and other European countries. 

There has been a drop of around 12 percent from the previous pricing to the new introductory price of the Model 3, which is currently advertised at 44,000 euros.

Tax credits of $7,500 had been made available under a prior government scheme, which aided in the past sales of Tesla vehicles. 

After Tesla sold 200,000 cars in the United States market, those credits were no longer accessible, yet, the company’s sales continued to increase rapidly despite this. 

Tesla has projected that its annual sales will increase by around fifty percent over the next several years, and this growth will continue.

In 2022, Tesla achieved sales of 1.3 million automobiles, which represented a rise of 40 percent compared to the previous year but fell short of the anticipated growth of 50 percent.

The corporation was able to weather the lack of computer chips early on in the epidemic better than most other automobile manufacturers. 

Because there was a temporary scarcity of specific electronic components, several businesses were forced to shut down their factories temporarily. 

Although Tesla was also impacted, the company has said that it was able to rebuild its software to be compatible with other available processors in more significant quantities.

In the fourth quarter, Tesla produced 440,000 automobiles, 34,000 more than the business delivered. 

It suggests that the slowdown was caused by factors other than supply chain difficulties and manufacturing challenges.




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