Ten Essential Cycling Accessories

Cycling has many benefits, including being effective in traffic congestion, environmentally benign, and far less expensive than a car. 

Many city people increasingly choose the bicycle to the car or too packed public transportation to get to work thanks to incentives from some companies (kilometer allowance for cycling, workplace bikes, etc.). 

To increase your safety when cycling, it’s critical to understand how to outfit yourself. These travel necessities are included in this list.

For your protection

Your life could be saved with reflective waistcoats! Adopt any measure that increases your visibility, including wearing loud apparel.

We strongly advise you to use a helmet if you want to bike safely. It is still not required, but it is still a crucial safeguard. 

The helmet’s size is crucial because if it’s too big or too little, it won’t adequately protect you in the event of a fall.

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It is not only required, but it is also crucial for your safety when driving. In fact, the bell makes it possible for you to be heard and respected on the road, especially with the increasing number of cycling routes.

A Rearview mirror so you can see behind your head

You can manage and anticipate any circumstance by keeping an eye on what’s happening behind you with the help of this accessory. 

The ZL Tower 80 is essential for excellent visibility. It guarantees excellent visibility during your travels with an 80 cm2 unbreakable ABS chrome mirror. 

To secure your bike

The U-shaped lock is the bare minimum. The method that locks the frame and the back wheel to the set place is efficient and deterrent. 

More than one burglar will be deterred if you strengthen your installation with a sturdy chain or cable. Most of our anti-theft products,

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like the K-Traz U13, has a bracket that you may use to mount your anti-theft device to the bike while you’re riding.

Clean in all respects

You don’t want to show up at work drenched in mud and grime like everyone else because the weather can be unpredictable. The answer? The set of mudguards!

They’ll be your greatest option if it’s raining or if your route includes bumpy roads to prevent splashing. Get the perfect set here.

Mending kit for punctures

Nothing is worse than having to inform your management of a delay of a half-hour due to a puncture! So, it is crucial to have these few tools on hand to handle the issue.

It is strongly advised to carry a repair kit that includes at the very least a mini-pump, an inner 

Tube, and a patch kit

But, using Repair Spray, an anti-puncture spray that will enable you to finish your excursions in the event of a puncture, is the best way to prevent delays.

Attention: This is only a short-term fix. The inner tube needs to be changed that evening.

The transportable storage bag

Use waterproof storage bags with a universal connection mechanism if your bike has a luggage rack! These will let you carry your food, backup goods, or laptop on your bike rather than on your person.

The Urban Backpack or Urban Messenger will meet your needs if you’re looking for a 2-in-1 backpack or pannier with a chic, minimalist style.

Be connected

Consider using the bike mode on the GPS programs on your smartphone to streamline your travel. 

You have two options for mounting your phone: 

  • a universal mount 
  • a mount designed specifically for your model smartphone.

Do not dehydrate!

In daily living, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. It’s crucial to be able to drink water, even on short rides. 

To have quick access to your water bottle, your bike must be fitted with a bottle holder.

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