How to Choose a Swing Set for Small Yard?

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If you’re concerned that you have a small yard in your home and cannot install a swing set for your children. Then you’re wrong! There are swing sets for a small yard for your kids to enjoy. There’re various small swing set options for you to choose from. Currently, there are many different types of outdoor swings available in the market in a large variety of colors, designs, and styles.

Types of Swings

Although there are more than 15 types of swing, let’s a brief look at the swing sets meant for small yards. You can either choose any one of them or a combination of more than one type.

Tire Swing

In this type of swing, an actual car or small van tire is used to make a swing. A heavy-duty rope or chain is connected to the tire and it hangs with the swing frame.

Swing Set

Usually swing set has 2 seats. But 3 or 4 seat playset also available in the market. But for a small yard, recommended size is 2 seats.

Sling Swing

This type of swing is very strong and provides sufficient support while you’re swinging around. It is ideal for children having ages six and above.

Full Bucket Swing

This swing is for young toddlers or kids below 3 years of age, as the full bucket of this swing provides the necessary safety to the kids. But it is not capable to swing itself and someone needs to push this swing.

Half Bucket Swing

This swing is also designed with younger kids in mind and similar to a full bucket swing. You can use this type only when your children are a little bit older or above 3 years of age.

Horse Glider Swing

This is another type of swing that you can think about for your small yard. Two children can sit together back-to-back in this swing and they’re able to push and pull to swing higher. This swing is space-efficient and a perfect solution for limited space.

Disc Rope Swing

This is another interesting and fun option to consider, as it provides a lot of entertainment to kids without taking much space in your small yard. An iron or stainless steel thick disc is tightened as a base with a strong rope to the swing frame. A child can stand on the disc and swing in a standing position.

Flat Swing

These swings are not so common as sling or bucket swings. But some people prefer if they’ve grown up children because the flat surface requires some balance to swing.

Individual Swing

Finally, if you don’t have enough budget or ample space in your small yard. Then individual swing is the best option. This type of swing can easily be attached to a tree branch. But ensure that branch is strong enough to withstand the weight of an individual.

How to Choose a Swing Set for Small Yard 

Like many other things, there’re some factors to consider before making your purchasing decision for a swing set. Let’s briefly go through them;

Size of Swing

Since you’re buying a playing swing for your small yard, you need to pay attention to the size of the swing set. It is advisable to select one which is longer and taller rather than wide. Measuring your yard beforehand can be useful. Also, measure the space where you would like to fix it.

A standard swing for a small yard may measure about 12 feet wide, 8 feet tall, and 8 feet deep. There should be around 6 feet of clearance from obstructions on both ways. A two-seater swing must be at least 2 feet apart.

The Material of Swing Frame

Another factor is the swing frame, which will carry the whole weight of children. Normally the frame is made of metal or wood. But the metal or heavy-duty pipe frame must be given more priority because they’re capable of carrying reasonable weight.

If proper care is taken, the metal frame can last a lifetime. Do not opt for the plastic frame, they’re cheap but not durable. To protect the frame from rusting, ensure to have rust-proof spray or water-proof paint. Also pay attention to what type of ropes or chains are used, and how they’re connected. The ‘S’ style hook makes it easier to hang the swing.

Your Budget

Budget consideration will also help you to know what kind of swing set to choose. But do not assume that small sets come cheap. Even the small swing set has a big price tag. It is important to go for a swing that is not heavy on your pocket and easily affordable. The best metallic two-seat swing sets’ price ranges from $300 to $500 depending on the quality, features, material, and size.

Assembly and Installation

The playset should be easy to assemble and without much physical labor. Some swing sets can be easily set-up by yourself, while others require professional guidance to assemble. Normally this help can be sought from the seller. If you’re getting a DIY swing set, then pick out a playset that is uncomplicated and simple to assemble. Sometimes, it happens that the instructions are not clear and quite difficult to follow.

Metallic Swing Vs Wooden Swing

Both the wooden and metallic swing set has its pros and cons. A wooden swing set may last for up to 25 years’ subject to the quality of the wood. The metallic swing sets can last for 15 years if proper care is taken regularly.

The iron swing sets are more likely to be rusted. To protect them from rusting oiling, lubrication and special paint coatings are available nowadays to get rid of this rustic problem. After using the swing for some period, the nuts and bolts may start getting loose. In this case, playing on the swing can be risky. Ensure to regularly inspect and maintain it. Keep tightening the loose screws and nuts frequently.

But wooden swing sets also have flaws such as flying insects, bees and wasps can make their way to it. The edges can get uneven or damaged due to weather conditions. To safeguard your swing set, the canopy shield can protect it from any kind of weather such as direct UV sun rays, rain, or even snow.

Popular Brands for Swing Set

Some popular and reliable brands to buy swing sets for small yards are Gorilla, Little Tikes, Live Oak, Scrambler, Bell Peak, Somerset, Belmont, and many more. All these brands manufacture a large variety of high-end expensive playsets as well as medium-price range and budget-friendly swing sets. They made both wooden and metallic swing sets. The playsets are of durable quality and are made by keeping safety standards in mind.

Safety Features of a Swing Set

Remember the safety of children is the most central and primary consideration. A swing set consists of a rope, belt, rock walls, or maybe small ladders if you want to attach it with a fiberglass slide. Safety features may include rounded corners, high-quality structure, smooth surface, to ensure that kids do not hurt themselves. Look for coated paints so that the metal swing does not get hot under the scorching sun.

If you’re buying a wooden swing, then avoid treated wood and redwood. If possible, ensure that the seats of the swing set include a security strap, belts, or back support. Make certain that the ground pegs are stable and do not move with the swing.

You should be able to see swing playset from inside your home, so steer away and clear all the things which come in-between blocking your sight. Do not compromise on quality and ensure the swing sets are well-made and durable enough to have unlimited fun!

So, Enjoy Your Swing Set!

Swings are something that does not require any age limit, from children to the heavy duty swings set, there is always room for everyone.  No matter what type of swings you’ve in mind for your small backyard, it is better to do your homework. Take into consideration the product is rust-resistant and UV-protected.

Finally, we hope that now after reading this, you’ll be able to make a sound decision about buying a swing set for your small yard.



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