How to set up two subwoofers home theater?

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Subwoofers are a very particularly designed loudspeaker that help is producing low pitches audio frequencies, referred to as bass. The frequency usually ranges from 20 hertz to 200 hertz, a range that a normal sound speaker cannot produce. Adding a subwoofer to your home theatre will completely change the dynamics of the whole sound becomes widened and more accurate. As you watch some rap music video or a war movie, you won’t only hear the all-encompassing sound; you will feel it as well.

Dual Subwoofers | SVS Home Audio Glossary

How to set up two subwoofers home theater?

Adding an extra subwoofer will all the entire room feel the thrill, instead of only a few. There is a possibility of combining different sized subwoofers e.g. a 12 inch sub with a smaller 10 inch sub. If you own a home theater receiver that has only one pre-out, an RCA Y-adapter can be used to send two parallel audio frequencies to two different subwoofers.

In case your home theatre receiver has two subwoofer outputs, both of them will be connected to different subwoofers, without having a direct connection to each other. If your subwoofer has an RCA line-in and line-out connection option, the home theatre receivers preamp output would be connected to the subwoofers line-in, and the line-out will be connected to the other subwoofers line-in.

Is there a wireless subwoofer option?

A wireless subwoofer will allow you to get rid of any trouble while fixing a home theatre. Many companies, including Sunfire produce these wireless subwoofers. Wireless subwoofer adapters are manufactured that enable the transmitting subwoofer audio signals to other wireless compatible wireless subwoofers.  However, you need to be extra careful with the specifications, company and the manufacturers, as not all wireless subwoofers are compatible with each other.

What is the best location for my dual subwoofers?

Only the best location can promise a terrific subwoofer sound.  They can be placed 5 feet apart from each other, and from a 1/4 distance with the sidewalls. This works best if you only have one row of viewers. Another option is to place them in diagonal corners of a room. They should be facing upwards, and this way works vest is the room walls are symmetrical.  They both can be placed in the middle of two opposing walls, and face each other. It can either be side walls or front walls. These placements will ensure an even distributing of subwoofer audio throughout the room, and give a large impact.

Home Theater Subwoofer Setup

Bottom line: Subwoofers are the perfect add on to your home theatre experience. It results in optimal sound quality at different sitting positions, along with an effortless bass. It is harder to localize as the whole room hears the sound.  Lining up two subwoofers I fairly easy if you have the right directions and guides. If you have a smaller room, instead of buying a large subwoofer, you can buy two small ones and fit it inside the room easily. This way a more theatrical experience, at home can be enjoyed.



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