From Scanned to Editable: The Top 5 OCR Tools

Last updated on April 7th, 2023 at 04:03 am

Are you tired of writing or struggling with copying and pasting? 

Do you have issues entering previously published text? 

For instance, OCR is a technical development that has simplified our work lives. Optical character recognition is the most effective electronic technology for transforming written language or documents into text data that is simple to access.

 It has helped people make their work processes more productive. OCR can identify the text in photos, scanned documents, and images, which saves time and gives you a fresh, valuable document.

 Early in the 1990s, optical character recognition (OCR) was initially made available; it is now a cloud service accessible online. Since then, other upgrades have been made, making it the most popular tool for quickly extracting identifiable data from images, documents, and other media. 

 Over time, there has been a considerable increase in the use of optical character recognition (OCR). For instance, the optophone, created in 1940, finally allowed blind people to read text.

 More OCR applications than ever before have increased their accessibility, including data recognition, handwriting-to-pen computing, and information extraction from printed texts. 

Another alternative is to use this software as a dictionary; it just recognizes the phrase, cuts down on errors, and keeps checking the text for errors.

OCR has advanced to the point where it can now read printed materials, handwriting, and increasingly complex text.

1) OCR online

This tool enables text conversion from scanners, fax machines, digital cameras, PDF files, and eBooks. You can upload an infinite amount of files, keep your data secure, update the file in Google Docs, translate it, and then download it and post it on websites.

It is possible to use a variety of input and output file types, including plain text (TXT), Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Acrobat, JPG, and JFIF (PDF).

2) Soda PDF OCR 

With the help of the Soda Pdf desktop application, which can be downloaded to PCs, it is now able to create pdf files both online and offline. You can recognize text in many files using a soda pdf. You can copy, paste, and change the text in a pdf document if you utilize OCR.

When you’re done, download the completed pdf to your computer to access it. There are several options, such as text-to-pdf conversion, text-to-pdf conversion from text, text-to-picture conversion, and management of pdf files.

3) OCR Space 

OCR helps you to convert text documents or scanned images from your smartphone into searchable files.

 Although it is entirely free to use, it offers the best data protection available. Simple steps to follow include uploading your file, starting OCR, getting results, and looking at the overlay of the particular images/texts.

 Your uploading capacity for photographs and PDFs is limited to 1MB when using the free plan. Your uploading limit is infinite if you upgrade to the premium version.

 OCR is available in a wide range of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, German, and English. It can only be used to work with printed files, though.

4) Online PDF to Word conversion

Uploading scanned PDF files and converting them to editable Word files is one way to save time. 

Your life will be made easier by using an OCR engine, among other benefits.

It makes scanned PDF files searchable and makes it straightforward to extract text from them.

There are no restrictions as long as you don’t provide them with your email address when you sign up. 

Your files are protected because they are deleted following the conversion. The conversion tool does not require installation because it can be used on any machine.


The concept of optical character recognition (OCR) is as simple as the word convertio. Create understandable file formats by scanning documents and photos, then uploading them. 

There are several other file kinds available, including

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • PBM

You can alter the output parameters and language options to suit your unique requirements. Your file will be converted, downloaded, and available for use when you click the acknowledging button at the end.

 Optical character recognition button (OCR). At that point, the text will be separated from the image.

 You can upload text images on this website at any time, and it will provide you access to the images’ original content, which you can quickly copy and paste into other documents. Text can be created from JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PDF images.







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