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Soundbars for Less Than $300

A soundbar is a contemporary gadget with numerous drivers that produces powerful sound and quickly changes your audio listening experience. 

It is a modern take on conventional speakers and a miniature home theater created for use in the home and workplace to enjoy a powerful, crisp, and clear sound performance.

But the soundbar market is growing quickly, and companies are introducing new models every day. As a result, choosing the best inexpensive soundbar has become a difficult task.

Now you don’t have to worry because we’ll talk about potent soundbars with excellent sound quality and impressive built-in features for your regular listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

We focused our research to fit a specific price range and created a ranking of the top soundbars under $300. Although all of these soundbars have an entry-level profile, you’ll be amazed at the sound quality and clarity.

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A Ranking of the Top SoundBars priced under $300 in 2023

1. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar.

The Sony HT-S350 is a 2.1ch wireless soundbar that is ideal for creating a spacious soundstage for a variety of uses. 

The faux leather covering the panel and the metallic grille at the front of this soundbar gives it a fashionable appearance. Moreover, it has a number of touch-sensitive buttons for rapid navigation and Bluetooth activation.

 Furthermore, remote control navigation is available and is part of the package. The soundbar features numerous modes to optimize sound quality and is made to improve your TV streaming and music listening experiences.  

With a remote, we could effortlessly enable or switch between modes while still enjoying the distinctive sound.

Front-firing drivers in the soundbar provide robust sound, and an additional subwoofer with a 6.3-inch driver adds punch to the bass. 

Also, changing the auto-volume and night mode while streaming audio has an impact in many situations. The performance is improved and the information is made more immersive by using several sound modes. 

In addition, the soundbar can upend expectations for sound output quality despite its entry-level low-profile design. Although there isn’t a central channel specifically for enhancing speech, vocal clarity is still something to be commended.

Also, the device is adaptable for a variety of smart devices thanks to its connections via Bluetooth, HDMI, and optical digital. Thus, if you want to spend, the simulated sound performance at a fair price is worthwhile.

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2. YAMAHA YAS-109 Sound Bar:

The Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar offers a spectacular acoustic experience at a reasonable price and boasts a 2.0-channel system with amazing capabilities. 

It is a clever entry-level soundbar with wireless connectivity and a variety of EQ presets to tailor the sound to the material for better understanding. Using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, optical digital, and HDMI, the one-unit gadget may be set up without any hassle. 

Also, controlling the gadget through remote control and Alexa compatibility is interesting, and we were shocked to see Alexa added at this price.

Because you don’t have to be close by to control volume or activate presets, the voice-activated soundbar may be used for a variety of occasions, especially at home.

As long as the bloomy sound profile punches correctly, the stereo soundstage performance is acceptable. 

The front-firing drivers and integrated woofers still cover the pitfall and offer resonant sound even though it doesn’t support Dolby Atmos or DTS.

The Yamaha YAS109 is also reasonably portable and small, making it easy to set up in living spaces, workspaces, recording studios, and even the backyard for movie nights. 

It is the finest soundbar under $300 because of how clear and sharp the audio is and how loud it can get without exhibiting compression artifacts.

The right and left channels are used to mimic a center channel and generate clear vocals despite the lack of a dedicated channel for conversation enhancement. As a result, it is a worthwhile yet expensive upgrade for TV speakers, gaming, and for regular music streaming.

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3. JBL Bar 2.1 Soundbar:

JBL Bar is a 2.1-channel soundbar with powerful bass and a wireless subwoofer to create a wide-open soundstage for regular music listening. 

The bar is lightweight and portable, measuring 2.3 x 38 x 2.7 inches (HWD) and weighing around 4.2 pounds. Also, the touch-sensitive control controls on the top panel of the soundbar make it quite simple to use. 

Although they are trendy and handsome, they may appear sensitive. The two tweeters and four strong built-in racetrack drivers are hidden under the front’s metallic grille. 

The front-facing drivers deliver undistorted, loud, strong, and clear sounds. The soundbar can quickly fill a room with high-quality audio and can keep people entertained in congested spaces because of its capacity to produce a clear sound. 

With audio and conversation delivery, it performed flawlessly during our testing with a sizable audience. The soundbar also has a number of modes that let you adjust the sound and enhance the quality of the media being played. 

So, it will automatically adapt the audio components to offer an immersive listening experience whether you’re watching TV shows, movies, documentaries, playing games, or listening to music.

Also, the down-firing driver of the wireless subwoofer, which has a frequency range of 40 Hz to 20 kHz and a maximum power output of 200W, creates deep and powerful bass. 

The gadget may be seamlessly connected using Bluetooth, Optical digital, and HDMI support.

The accompanying remote is the cherry on top because it is comprehensive enough to allow you to utilize the device from the comfort of your couch. The soundbar adds life to your monotonous entertainment life while providing value for your money.

Cons are Bass is not strong at loud volume levels; many sound settings; virtual surround sound; convenient remote control; wireless streaming

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4. Soundbar made of aluminum ZVOX SB380

ZVOX SB380 is a multichannel soundbar with attractive accessories and excellent sound quality for listening to music and podcasts.

Although it is intended for TV streaming, the gadget is ideal for vocal-sensitive content due to the exceptional dialogue delivery and next-level clarity. We put it through a variety of tests and were pleased with how well it performed.

The soundbar combines AccuVoice technology with powerful speakers, a digital amplifier, and outstanding performance to keep you enthralled.

The purchase is justified by the virtual surround system stage’s wider sound projection and theater-like atmosphere. Additionally, it features a simple Bluetooth setup process and is made of excellent, sustainable aluminum.

It is a 3.1-channel soundbar with a 4-inch bass woofer and 2-inch front-firing drivers. 

It does not have an external woofer jack and has a very good internal woofer, therefore you cannot connect an external subwoofer.

However, it supports dual optical digital analog input coupling with external devices. However, it’s a shame for the company that this piece doesn’t have Bluetooth. 

The input ports were simple to access and left little clutter. Yet, the audio performance is clear and vivid, making it the best soundbar under $300 and useful for daily listening. 

Moreover, the dialogue performance is loud and clear even without AccuVoice technology.

Yet, the 6 boosting levels make them easier to understand, making the soundbar the greatest option for people with hearing loss. Without turning on any specific mode, it also mutes the background music during commercial breaks.

Advantages; include a portable soundbar; AccuVoice dialogue enhancement technology; and the best soundbar for the hearing impaired with only dialogue.Cons: Gets loud and exciting; output leveling tames noisy advertising; pricey, Bluetooth is absent

5. Soundbar HW-N450 from Samsung:

The Samsung HW-N450 is a 2.1 configuration soundbar that excels at streaming audiobooks, podcasts, and light music, but it has trouble optimizing content for movies.

Given that its vocal presentation is better than ever, it is a perfect tool for stereo content, such as everything including dialogues. 

It is a shame to talk about the lack of an internet connection, but it is a plug-and-play device with a simple setup and wireless streaming. The soundbar has a sleek profile with a front metallic grille and a dark grey tone in plastic construction. 

Built-in drivers, which produce sound, are shielded by the grille. In addition, the plastic body of the subwoofer is environmentally friendly and easily portable.

Also, the soundbar can be turned up loud enough to fill crowded rooms with high-quality audio output without introducing distortion or compression at maximum volume.

soundstage is also respectable and, for certain content, may be characterized as wide. 

Also, the phantom center channel simulates the right and left channels, which occasionally sound diffused but are preferable for everyday listening, in an effort to improve the dialogue delivery.

The rich audio and substantial bass under 300 are like a dream come true. You can tweak the treble, bass, and virtual surround sound settings to suit your preferences and change how the sound is projected.

The soundbar does not, however, support Atmos or have height channels, but given the price, this is understandable.

Advantages include DTS and digital support, affordability, a sturdy design, Bluetooth streaming, and a respectable soundstage.

 Disadvantages include the absence of Atmos.

Under $300 Soundbars for the 2023 Purchase Guide,

It’s reasonable to have high expectations for a soundbar, but it’s considerate to set those expectations in line with your pricing range. 

Even if a soundbar under $300 might not have high-end features, you shouldn’t buy it on a whim.

Regardless of price, soundbars should know what they are for and produce a wide soundstage for a better listening experience. 

The top soundbars under $300 that can produce loud, energizing sound with simple yet practical features have been tested and reviewed.

Design of a soundbar

You can find modern-looking soundbars that can blend in different environments and throw luxurious vibes while sitting in the living room. 

Usually, the soundbars get wide due to the driver’s placement and get heavy due to their sizes. This article will help you find heavy as well as portable soundbars, so you can choose according to your preferences.

Moreover, the soundbars mentioned above come with a metallic grille at the front that gives an extra thumb to sound while playing music. 

The good quality plastic panels are also sustainable yet make the device affordable. However, Aluminum built soundbars are durable but relatively expensive.

Audio Performance

Experiencing a good audio performance is the sole reason you invest in a soundbar, so you should not compromise on the quality. 

Every tune should be well-balanced to understand different contents. Moreover, many soundbars offer different sound modes for easy customization of sound.

These sound modes make a difference if you get a soundbar for mixed usage. 

For example, the sound or music mode boosts the volume, invites the weighty bass, and mixes the treble and other tunes to create an exciting environment. 

However, the news mode would isolate the spoken word from background music and make it clearer to understand.

Channel System

The 2.0ch setup contains dual front-facing racetrack drivers that produce crisp, loud, and clear sound. 

The sound bar under $300 may not come with a high-end channel configuration, but you still can enjoy terrific sound quality with a 2.0, 2.1, or 3.0 channel system. You will also get a built-in woofer for a reasonable bass.

Similarly, the 3.0 and 3.1 channels are high-end channel updates with a few additional drivers to make the sound delivery more detailed with a decent soundstage and center channel.


All the soundbars mentioned above come with optical digital and HDMI. However, wireless connectivity is not promised with every soundbar on the list. 

Physical input ports keep the device connected to other devices, so it is essential to have multiple options for convenience.


  • Soundbars are a worthy investment if you are concerned about your everyday audio-sensitive content streaming. 
  • Unfortunately, the latest TV models have an awful sound production capability that raises soundbars’ needs.

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