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The Global Digital Marketing Software (DMS) Market report explains how the technology sector is changing and how well-established and newcomers are responding to possibilities over the long term and obstacles over the short term.

The Digital Marketing Software (DMS) industry’s growing pace is one of its main draws. Adobe Systems, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, and other large technology companies have been looking into Digital Marketing Software (DMS) as a way to grow their market share and customer base.

According to HTFMI’s research, the Global Digital Marketing Software (DMS) Market will expand at a CAGR of 16.87% between 2022 and 2027.

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Businesses are evolving and adjusting more quickly than ever. Oracle NetSuite is the best method to keep on top of trends and expand your business.

But what exactly is NetSuite? Enterprise resource planning’s top integrated cloud business software suite is this one.

It supports the maintenance of customer relationship management systems as well as the management of inventories, finances, and e-commerce sites. Oracle purchased NetSuite in November 2016.

NetSuite increases productivity while lowering operating expenses beyond what spreadsheets and point solutions can achieve.

With the help of configurable dashboards, it can support numerous apps on a single platform thanks to its built-in capability.

How NetSuite work

NetSuite is the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It gives you real-time data on how well your company is performing, allowing you to adapt or pivot in response to changing marketing conditions.

You may run your entire business using the cloud-based business management platform from NetSuite, which offers a variety of applications. This platform can be used for a variety of business modules.

Users can access all business models via a single sign-in portal. Departments can customize dashboards with metrics, graphs, charts, reminders, and shortcuts using drag-and-drop tools.

Each module can access a shared database where all of the system’s data is updated in real time and can be used by different business operations.

In order to determine which areas are thriving and which require more attention, your organization will now have a 360-degree picture of the entire business.

NetSuite is a multitenant cloud solution. This indicates that the software and its supporting infrastructure are running on all users’ computers. Additionally, users automatically obtain updated software versions.

Features of NetSuite

There is a reason why NetSuite is used by more than 29,000 businesses in more than 200 countries and territories.

When you use its cloud-based service, you don’t have to buy hardware or pay for extra system maintenance. Additionally, it gives companies a competitive edge in the current market.

Capabilities of NetSuite

  • Your whole accounting, inventory, supply chain, and order management are managed in the cloud via NetSuite ERP.
  • With NetSuite CRM, you can keep track of all of your partners, customers, prospects, and vendors using a single, integrated system.
  • Your business can plan, track, and complete projects with the aid of NetSuite OpenAir.
  • Human resources (HR) procedures like onboarding, payroll, tracking employee performance, and others can be made easier with the help of NetSuite, a scalable and secure human capital management system.
  • Plans, worksheets, and documentation may all be created and consolidated using NetSuite. To accelerate results, collaborate via sharing and commenting.

NetSuite ERP adds CPQ

At the company’s SuiteWorld 2022 conference, Oracle NetSuite unveiled new NetSuite cloud ERP products.

The new products that were shown at SuiteWorld are meant to help businesses do things like scheduling for HR and getting new customers better.

NetSuite, a SaaS ERP targeted at SMBs, is primarily devoted to financial applications. Professional services, consumer packaged products, and retail are the vendor’s key markets.

The NetSuite ERP suite of apps integrates and automates key business processes like finance, sales, HR, warehouse management, and the supply chain. It competes with solutions from Acumatica, Epicor, IFS, Infor, and Unit4.

NetSuite CPQ

A customer-provided solution that enables sales teams to accurately and swiftly configure, price, and quote (CPQ) complicated items within NetSuite.

NetSuite Introduces Configure, Price, and Quote Solution to Help Organizations Speed Up and Simplify the Sales Process.

According to Goldberg, this CPQ program gets rid of manual CPQ processes that use spreadsheets. It also has a guided selling function that helps clients find the goods they want to include in a proposal, add the right prices, and generate a quote on the fly.

AP Automation using NetSuite

Goldberg says that NetSuite AP Automation combines banking services with ERP software so that invoices and payments can be processed and sent out automatically.

AP Automation can gather bills from vendors by using machine learning-based object detection and optical character recognition to check for overpayments, duplicates, or fraud.

Thanks to vendor payment automation, which was made in partnership with HSBC, customers can get payments, checks, and virtual credit cards.

Reports say that NetSuite went from having 27,000 customers to having 32,000 customers in the past year. This growth is noteworthy, and it should continue as the company enters new markets like Brazil and India.

Impact of Digital Economy

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has estimated how much the digital economy contributes to the overall federal economy.

The BEA says that the real value of the digital economy grew at an average rate of 9.9% per year from 1998 to 2017.

According to these calculations, the share of the digital economy in the GDP went from 5.9% in 1997 to 6.9% in 2017. These increasing trends show how internet shopping and services are developing and growing.




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