Top 8 Smoke Eater For Home – Buying Guide 2023

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Everyone wants to live their life with joy and health but there are very few people who know which things to avoid and which to adopt to stay healthy. Smoking cigarette is considered to be injurious to health due to its smoke but there are hardly any people who see the danger in any other smoke as well like smoke coming out of your cooking range which is also dangerous.

Top 8 Smoke Eater for Home


1. Rabbitt Air Minus A2

Rabbitt Air Minus A2

  • It has the capacity of 815 square feet.
  • It has the six phase deodorizing and purification system.
  • It is very easy to use with very lightweight which means you can place it on the wall as well.
  • It can trap all kinds of smoke and has a very long self-life as well all these features make it best smoke eater for home.



  • Long-lasting
  • Quiet
  • 5 year’s warranty


  • Bit expensive

This Rabbitt Air Minus A2 is the best smoke eater for home and it is the editor’s choice as it ticks all the boxes as the primary option when looking for the smoke eater for home. It is the product with the features that will make you go WOW.

Customer Review

‘’After a slow delivery (3 weeks), the thing worked fine. Easy to assemble a few parts and just end plugged it in. It’s in a 20 X 35 room and it cleared the room of smoky smell (recent wildfires) in a few hours bit expensive but worth paying the money for’’

2. Whirlpool Whispure

Whirlpool Whispure

  • This product has the good range of 500 square feet to wipe out the smoke.
  • It can erase the 99.7% of pollutants from the air to be precise.
  • It has got four fan speeds so mold it as per you desire.
  • It has whisper-quite technology which makes it super silent and effective and compatible option for home smoke eaters.



  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • 5 year’s warranty


  • No self-adjusting

This is the second product on our list of smoke eaters for home this portable smoke eater will provide you with the purified air and will ensure there are no pollutants that can harm you at your place it has got all the aspects covered as good home smoke eaters.

Customer Review

‘’The quality of air in our bedroom has greatly improved since purchasing the Levoit air purifier. Our bedroom is 10 x 12 feet so we bought the 2-pack. On level 3, some may find it loud but for us it’s more like white noise. Highly recommend’’

3. Alen BreatheSmart

Alen BreatheSmart

  • This product has the capacity of 1100 square feet to clear the smoke of any kind.
  • It has got 4 speed modes so you can adjust it as per your need all these features make it top option for residential smoke eaters
  • Can clean pollutants up to 97% pollutants.
  • Its WhisperMax technology makes it super quiet as well.



  • Advanced Technology
  • Self-adjusting
  • Life-time warranty


  • Not very portable

This Alen BreatheSmart is our first product in the list of smoke eater for home with all the required features it has advance technology and can remove the pollutants to keep your home smoke free which makes it best option residential smoke eaters and can also work as cigarette smoke eliminator machine.

Customer Review

‘’Very happy with this purchase. My son has asthma like symptoms on occasion and the recent wildfires had him coughing at night. He was waking up and wanting water, also disturbing my wife’s and my sleep. I bought this air purifier and he did not cough at all the last three nights’’

4. Conway AP-1512HH

Conway AP-1512HH

  • This air purifier can accommodate the space up to 361 square feet.
  • It has the four fan speed range so adjust it as per your desired requirement.
  • It has 4 stage filtration system and can erase the pollutants up to 99.97%.
  • It has also got colored LED which helps you in getting to know how clean or dirty is your indoor after every single minute all these amazing features make it best option for air purifier smoke eater.



  • Automatic adjustment
  • Eco-mode
  • Portable


  • Third mode is bit noisy

This is another product with all the jaw dropping features that is why it made out to our list of smoke eater for home this smoke eliminator machine ensures that it has all the elements that one needs in any air purifier smoke eater.

Customer Review

‘’This was rated best overall purifier on numerous website reviews and they were spot on!
I am so glad I purchased this unit for our bedroom and we purchased a second unit to place on the main floor and will be purchasing a third unit to place in another area of our main floor’’

5. PureZone 3-in-1

PureZone 3-in-1

  • It can kill the pollutants almost completely with the ratio of 99.9% to be accurate.
  • It has the whisper-quite operation and can work silently and effectively.
  • It can be set-up anywhere and can be used right after coming out of the box because it is very easy to use and best smoke eater for home use.
  • It has got three timer setting to work constantly like 2, 4, and hours.



  • 5 year’s warranty
  • Very portable
  • Modern and elegant design


  • Initial smell of plastic after coming out form the box

This is the fifth product in our list of smoke eater for home it is bit smaller in size and light in weight which make it very portable and best option smoke eater for home use it ticks all the boxes as smoke eaters for bars as well as it is very portable and can be installed anywhere.

Customer Review

‘’This device is smaller than I thought it would be, and really doesn’t sound like it’s pulling much air. It’s best probably for bathrooms, or other smaller areas. I do see that it has collected dust on the pre-filter, so it is “working’’

6. Hamilton Beach 04386A

Hamilton Beach 04386A

  • It has the amazing capacity to remove the 99% of pollutant and dust particles form the air.
  • It is very silent working and powerful which make it very effective product and good residential smoke eaters.
  • It has got very sleek, Compact and stylish design which makes it very attractive.
  • It is perfect option cigarette smoke eater for offices and home as it has the capacity of 160 square feet per room.



  • Easy to move
  • Budget friendly
  • 3 ultra-quite speed settings
  • One-year warranty


  • Does not clean pet hair

This device is again an allergen-reducing air cleaner, but it is suitable for large-size rooms due to which it can be very suitable as commercial air purifier smoke option because it has the larger capacity for the big room which is why it has made it up to our list of smoke eater for home.

Customer Review

‘’This product seems to be working well. There is a visible difference in the level dust in the air in the room. This is a recent purchase so time will tell on the workmanship but so far so good’’

7. Honeywell True Hepa Air Purifier

Honeywell True Hepa Air Purifier

  • This product has the range of 390 square feet which is more than enough for any small go-down and make it applicable and effective and good choice for industrial smoke eaters.
  • It has the automatic feature that tells you about due filter change good air purifier smoke eater.
  • It efficiently removes all kind of dangerous and harmful particles from the smoke.
  • It is very easy to be used.



  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Good for large rooms


  • Bit noisy

This is the second last product on our list of smoke eater for home. This is the device that will last long and will give you the full value for your money and it has got amazing stuff which make it good option for industrial smoke eaters as well.

Customer Review

‘’This is my second Honeywell filter of this type. My old one worked pretty well for about four years, it struggled on for about another year, losing speed. I finally had to retire it when it started making screeching sounds. The filter works well, it helps with my allergies and it helps filter out smoke and other smells that can come in from other apartments. Overall, I felt like I got my money’s worth which is why I bought a second one’’

8. Winix 5500-2

Winix 5500-2

  • This cigarette smoke eater has 3 stage filtration system.
  • It has got 4 speed fans.
  • Has the capacity of 360 square feet.
  • Smart sensors allow to monitor the quality of filter all these features make it good cigarette smoke eater.



  • Advanced technology
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • 4 speed fan


  • Bulky appearance

This is the last product on our list of smoke eater for home actually it is suitable for cigarette smoke eater as it has got the features and specifications to do that you can call it cigarette smoke eliminator machine as well.

Customer Review

‘’I live above a restaurant and in some occasions the kitchen downstairs (directly underneath my kitchen) can send up some fumes when they’re super busy. I searched for a good, odor-eliminating HEPA filter and found the Winix. This thing works wonders. Setup was a breeze and opening it to clean it appears super easy’’

So we have got the list of best smoke eater for home for your health and safety so that you stay healthy while cooking the food for your loved ones because these smoke eaters will eradicate the pollutants out of the smoke.

This Rabbitt Air Minus A2 is the best smoke eater and it is the editors choice as well. It is the perfect mix of price and productivity and  is the best choice for you to have.

The following list will have the top 8 smoke eater for home with all the required features that should be there in any top rated smoke eater or air purifier.

Things to be Considered


Obviously whenever you try to buy the machine you decide should have the most updated technology and functions to remove smoke particles, gases, fumes and odors which can be dangerous or harmful for you.  So, you need a smoke eater with best technology to eradicate the pollutants and keep your home smoke free and soothing.

Noise Levels

While this may not be the first thing you think about when you are shopping but it is one of the most factors to consider for sure when buying the smoke eater because noise free functioning is the primary requirement of every one. I was blown away by how loud some of the air purifiers are on high speed. Some nearly sound like a vacuum cleaner. So buy the one which is silent and effective without making any loud noise.

Easy to Maintain

This one is another important factor. All smoke eaters that actually do anything for you will need maintenance. If you really feel that you need to have the one special engineer just to figure out how to change its filter or figure out what is the problem with your smoke eater, then surely you are not going to like it. So buy the smoker that is easy to maintain and we have listed down some of the very easy to maintain smoke eaters in our list of smoke eater for home.


In the end I hope you have got everything that it takes to be a smart buyer as we have tried our level best to help and inform you with all the required information that can assist you while buying the best product as per your need. You can’t go wrong as a buyer when you know what you want to buy. That is why we have provided you with a list of the smoke eater for home. Now you know what to buy and how to buy it.

How to Install a Smoke Eater?


1) What is the best home smoke eater?

A: We have given you with the list of 8 top rated smoke eaters but if you have to choose one the best that is even recommended by the editor is Rabbitt Air MinusA2.

2) Do Smoke Eaters really work?

A: Yes, they do because they are meant to do and they work very effectively as well they can eradicate the pollutants form the air and gives you almost 100% purified air.

3) How much is a smoke eater?

A: It really depends upon the features and specifications of that particular product but in general the good smoke eater lies in between the range of 110 – 150$.

4) Do air purifiers work for smoke?

A: 99% of air purifiers are designed to get rid of particles that make up allergens, dust, and pet dander. But eliminating tobacco smoke is a special purpose.

5) What removes smoke from a room?

A: In an electrostatic system there are positively and negatively charged metal plates that collect the smoke particles. Ozone can be produced to remove the odors. This type is sometimes called an electronic air cleaner.

6) How long does smoke stay in a room?

A: If you only smoke in one area of your home the harmful chemicals will spread rapidly from room to room and can linger for up to 5 hours.




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