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The trend of single pass duplex scanning printers has become very popular these days as it goes with easier digitization, printing, and scanning of papers, sheets, parchments, and pictures. It has made the procedure easier as it scans and prints both sides of a page in the same run.

What Is Single Pass Duplex Scanning Printer?

It is a digitalized computer scanning printer that allows duplex printings. It automatically scans a sheet or a parchment from both sides when it gets scanned from one side. This type of scanning can be done by single pass duplex scanning having two cameras or by RADF.

How Does Single Pass Duplex Scanning Printer Work?

Single pass duplex printing is also known as DADF (Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder). A DADF is a single pass document feeder so it can search all sides of a page at the same time, making just one pass via the feeder. Duplexing Automated Paper Feeders have two advantages that they are much quicker and can accommodate heavy or damaged documents while reducing the risk of document jams.

How Can You Duplex Print?

To start, you’ll need a printer that is functional to perform a duplex. If the model number ends with a ‘D,’ the printer will most likely have duplex functionality. For example, 2600DN. The performance and setup of duplex printing, like all printer-related technologies, varies greatly between brands and models of printers. Hopefully, this article would demonstrate how to use duplex printing to advantage yourself. Second, if your printer is capable of duplex printing, you will need to set it up in the printer menu or on your computer.

What is Better? Manual or Automatic Duplex Printing?

Depending on the printer, you will be able to choose between auto and manual duplex printing. As one would suspect, the automated version is much easier to use and needs little extra effort once it is set up, while manual duplex printing requires a little more effort by manually flipping the  page over, but the cost savings can be worthwhile.

Automatic Duplex Printing

Models with an option for auto duplex printing, as the name implies, would allow you to press print and have all of your documents print double-sided by default.

Depending on your printer, you can set up auto duplex printing from the printer settings on your monitor or from the printer settings on the menu screen on the printer itself.

Using the Printer’s Menu Screen to Set Up Auto Duplex Printing

Find a section on your printer’s menu that allows you to edit either the eco or general settings:

  • Once you know where to look for the correct settings, setting up automated duplex printing from your device is very similar.
  • If you’re using Windows operating system, go to the “Control Panel” and then to the “View Devices” and “Printers tab.”
  • After that, right-click on your printer and choose “Printer Properties” to access the options for changing the default printing settings.
  • The key now is to locate the settings that allow you to adjust the default printing settings.
  • The Advanced tab is normally where you will find these options.
  • To adjust this, click the printing default button to bring up the settings.
  • There is usually a section in the printing defaults menu that tells you what additional features and settings are reachable for you to customize.
  • Make sure you press OK or Save after you have changed your printer settings to maintain the adjustments you have made.
  • Your printer is now set up to print double-sided automatically by mistake.
  • It’s necessary to remember that, unless you change them, the above configurations will be used by default from now on.

Manual Duplex Printing

Auto duplex printing may or may not be available depending on the brand and model of the printer. Instead, there is typically a manual duplex printing option, though it is not labeled as such. The final product of manual duplex printing is the same- double-sided printing. The distinction is that when asked, you must turn the document over yourself.

How Duplex Printing Is Better Than Conventional Printing?

Depending on the amount of printing you do, auto duplex printing will save you a large amount of money over time. Although duplex printing will not save you money on toner or ink, it will save you money on paper.

Switching to duplex printing may also have a major environmental impact; one study undertaken by Arizona State University showed that switching to duplex printing saved 725 trees.

Advantages Of Duplex Printing

Duplex printing is beneficial to the climate, your pocket, and your file cabinet when you print your own:

  • Reduces the amount of paper used.
  • It conserves paper.
  • Printouts need less storage space in your file system.

Overall, ADFs save a large amount of time in the workplace, and any office should have one built on their computers. If your company scans a lot of documents or big documents, you should consider changing your ADF to a single pass document feeder. You’ll be shocked how much time you save and how much profit you gain.


The prime purpose of using a Single Pass Duplex Scanning printer is to get superior scanning and printing results in less time and with less manual labor. It has become a sensation and brought ultimate easiness and productivity in businesses. If you want to buy the best single pass duplex scanning printer, you can find the best products here.










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