How do you sight in a rifle scope?

Last updated on August 11th, 2021 at 07:20 am

If you are a fan of shooting at long distances, a riflescope is a must have. There are a lot of technical details involved with sighting a rifle that have to be taken care of. Without them, you will always miss your targets and mess it up. However there are some very basic rules that have to be followed to become an expert in sighting a rifle scope.

Most of the riflescopes have been aligned with the mounting system for scope. Your rifle might have pre drilled holes or tapped holes for scopes, it is highly advised that the scope mounts and rings go hand in hand as it is vital for them to match. After this, you should adjust your eye distance using the attached eye piece. The image seen is supposed to blear and is important to fine tune the scope for eye relief and the distance between your eye and the scope is neutral. One thing to be completely sure about is that after shooting, when the scope moves back, it should not touch your eyes as that might cause a very serious injury.

Then you need to stabilize the rifle in a particular way for concentrated shooting. The rifle can be placed on a bipod, or a bench depending on the availability. Moreover, there is a need to align your reticle so that you don’t miss out the target. After zeroing the scope, the crosshair should be parallel to the windage and elevation that you have chosen. In case if nit being parallel, you will definitely miss the target as the settings will be different. The MOA settings, also known as minute of angle has to be set as well. In an outdoor shooting range, multiple targets and yards have to be decided as compared to an inside one. If you require the bullet to move one inch per MOA, you need to change the wind and the elevations settings with four clicks.

It is advised for you to give out three extra shots to see where the bullets land. This will help you decide your MOA easily. In case of 100 yards, it should be set highly, and for 200 yards you should shoot at the exact center.  Shoot again to see the results.

How to carry out bore sighting?

Bore sighting is a process carried out before the actual shooting to ensure the right shooting ranges, ammunition and stances. The first step is to make sure that the rifle is unloaded and the barrel should be unobstructed. After this the bolt of rifle is to be removed, and then it should be securely put down in rest, pointing towards downrange. Then get into a shooting position behind the rifle and look through the bore towards the target. Adjust the scope towards the center of reticle and adjust the elevation and windage through turrets.  You might use laser bore as well, which will make this process much easier. The focus point should be to align the center with the reticle, so that the target is not missed.




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