Should I Seal My Pavers Smart Pressure Cleaning?

Paving is now common in many countries, especially for driveways and patios. It has also widespread use in the commercial sector by giving an overall strong and beautiful look to your pathway.

The pavers available in the market come in all different sizes and their own aesthetic style. They are a great go to option for your cottage or luxurious home. However way you want it, but the main concern here is should you seal your pavers using smart pressure cleaning? Let’s take a look into that.

Like any surface, cleaning brings a new look to these pavers as well if you give your heart into it. Here you have the option of not only cleaning your pavers but also sealing it. So, for decent sized and small paved areas you can try smart pressure cleaning along with paving your pathway.

  • The concept of smart pressure cleaning involves, first sealing your pavers to make sure they last longer in the future.
  • If you do not choose to seal your pavers then they may get impacted by weed or erosion. In some cases, you might also notice the fading away of color and un stability with the paving system.
  • For using pressure cleaning, firstly use oil to remove the stains initially found on your pavers.

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  • Then the second thing to do is to use some weedkiller to get rid of all the weed around your pavers.
  • Then comes the important step of pressure cleaning in which you use a drive to clean up your pavers.
  • The important thing here is to take care of here is that do not use the smart pressure cleaning too much.
  • The next step involves also using a good pave cleaner with the smart pressure cleaning system and then let the surface dry so the solution reaches the deepest part of the paver surface.
  • The last thing to do is use some sand of kiln material and redo the joints of your pavers.

This would bring back most of the originality of your paved portion. You can also opt for a smart pave cleaning solution but be aware of the disadvantages of it as we discussed above.

So, it’s simple just follow these steps as we mentioned and you will be on a good track to keep your pavers clean for a long time without compromising on the quality and beauty of it.

We hoped we addressed your confusion and if not so? Then give us a comment down below and we would get back to you.



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