How to Choose Self Inflatable Life Jacket for Kayaking Womens

When it comes down to water sport like kayaking a life jacket is a must-have for your security. The self inflatable life jacket has additional packs on the waist area that makes it very comfortable to wear.

The inflatable life jackets are slim in design and have two functionalities that include manual and automatic. For the manual function, you have to pull on the wire that makes the carbon dioxide cartridge in the jacket inflate. On the other hand, the self inflatable life jacket will activate as soon as it makes contact with the water.

For kayaking, automatic life jackets are preferred because in the case of an unfortunate sudden accident you may fall unconscious and for that reason self inflatable jackets are way to go.

Features to Consider

There are a lot of things to consider before making the final decision, to assist you in the choice we’ve prepared the following list of essential features:


To make sure of the security during kayaking make sure to look at the fit and adjustability of the strap, because it is one of the most important things to consider as a loose strap can result in coming off the jacket.

Every jacket has a different chest size and weight capacity and can be customized. Make sure to follow these pointers to ensure security.


During any water-related sports like kayaking a life jacket is a very important product, so make sure it is comfortable. To make sure the solace of the jacket, buy one that is ideal and according to the structure of your body.

Automatic Inflation

This is an important feature in case of unconsciousness during an accident it will automatically inflate rather than the ones where you have to pull the wire to activate the life jacket.


The breathability of the life jacket depends on the material it is made of. Some of the jackets have built-in lining and a mesh back that allows the airflow between your jacket and body, that keeps you cool.


Always go for bright colors as they are more visible from the distance in case of security. But if the style is the thing that you also look forward to, you can choose any color that you like.

Things Life Jacket Should Have

It may seem an easy decision, but you can’t choose any life jacket for kayaking that is available in the market. Certain security measures are needed to be checked and confirmed that your life jacket must-have. Few of such those measures are discussed below:

Weight Capacity

The weight limit of the life vest will keep you above water and may even provide you security sometime in the future. You will discover the weight confinement composed on the jacket, which normally is directly underneath the neckline. The weight limit concerning self-blowing up life coats is commonly 80 pounds and over.

The technology of Self Inflatable Life Jackets

Self-inflatable life coats utilize compacted carbon dioxide to expand the jacket. When the life vest is expanded, it will give 26-28 pounds of lightness relying upon the brand.

There are two principal types: automatic” will swell when lowered in 4 creeps of water” or manual “blows up when you pull the line.” Both sorts give expansion through a CO2 chamber.

US Coast Guard affirmed

When buying, you will need to ensure it is coast guard approved inflatable life vest. Realizing that it is USCG affirmed, you won’t have to stress over your wellbeing or the security of your closed one. You could never need to go out into profound water to discover in a crisis that the jacket you picked would not keep you above water. And that is the main reason the coast guard approved inflatable life vest is important.

The Level of Buoyancy

The focal idea of a life vest is to be light; all in all, producers of these life jackets decide the degree of lightness by as far as the possible limit. A self-blowing up programmed life coat conveys 26-28 pounds of lightness when expanded.

Life Jacket For Kayaking Womens

Choosing the inflatable life jacket that makes the kayaking experience safe is not as easy as it seems, there are a variety of options to choose from, we have recommended the top 5 products for your comfort

  • NRS Chinook Fishing PFD
  • Baltic Dinghy Pro Buoyancy Aid
  • Stohlquist Rocker
  • Onyx General Purpose Boating Vest
  • SALVS Automatic and Manual Jackets

The details of these products are discussed below:

1. NRS Chinook Fishing PFD

The best life jacket for kayaking is perfect for fishermen and has a plentiful capacity with seven pockets in the front which permits you to store your things.

The best life jacket for kayaking is ideal for those arranging any sort of fishing trip, for example, kayak. The lower back gives superb ventilation if the climate is warm, given its extraordinary plan. The open front section configuration has eight alteration focuses which give you the most extreme scope of movement, best solace levels, and security.

2. Baltic Dinghy Pro Buoyancy Aid

The womens life vest has Airex, very delicate froth which is accompanied by covered polyethylene froth. A mix of these two makes this apparatus to give you solace. This life jacket additionally includes a Mylar pocket in the front and Delrin zip which is tough. Different highlights incorporate high cut snare and circle with movable and fortified shoulders.

The drawback of this life jacket is that it just has 1 front stockpiling pocket which isn’t waterproof. Even though this gets disregarded by the way that it has other waterproof pockets that are useful for putting away close to home things, for example, keys, coins, and telephone.

3. Stohlquist Rocker

It has a low profile, balance front-compress section with a zipper hold tab for simple on and off openness. Along those equivalent lines, the ergonomic WrapTure molded middle cooperates with these highlights to upgrade its safe and loosened up-fit.

The movable cross-chest snap forestalls the existence coat from riding up giving it a safer fit. Front decoration lash tabs give a spot to put your waterway blade, strobe light, and different frill.

The ballistic nylon shoulders have stiffeners for insurance; yet, it gives the agreeableness and security required for kayaking. The six alterations on the Stohlquist Rocker help to form around each bend of your body alongside the side pull and waist area you will have the perfect fit.

4. Onyx General Purpose Boating Vest

This womens life vest has the standard three brisk clasp structure with two 1-inch belts that go over the middle, and one chest lash gives you definitive security and agreeable fit. The structure of this life vest configuration is built with 200 denier nylon and 150 denier poly-twill.

Onyx General Purpose life coat accompanies a few defensive and solace highlights for a kayaking experience. The coat accompanies huge armholes that permit you to move unreservedly in your kayak with no riding up or abrading.

This open-side styling configuration is built without a zipper, pockets, or D-ring, however, it has a lot of styles that give you the best worth with regards to a casual fit and insurance.

5. SALVS Automatic and Manual Jackets

The SALVS jacket comes with the adjustable straps that make it a safe product during the kayaking. Furthermore, it’s delicate neck area has nylon texture that reduces the chances of tear and punctures.

This life jacket will inflate itself as soon as the body starts to lower down in the water in the case of kayak flips or some accident. This jacket is suitable for both men and women.

How Often Does a Kayak inflatable life jacket need to be replaced?

Many people might wonder: “are inflatable life jackets reusable?” The answer to this question is that you don’t need to change it every time you go for kayaking. The life jacket needs to be replaced on the off chance there is tear in the cover of the foams. Also if there is any tear in the straps of the jacket it needs to be replaced immediately.

Apart from the outer part, you should also check if the inner foam is torn, if so, then you need to replace the jacket because it may cause issues in flotation. Other than these issues if you feel that the jacket has some issue and won’t work for you then simply change it to ensure security. To know about the quality kayak, visit


This article covers all the essentials you need to know before buying the self inflatable life jacket and some recommendations for a life jacket for kayaking womens.

You should always look for a life jacket that is suitable for your weight and body type and also it must be approved by US Coast Guards.



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