Sanding Drywall With Electric Sander : An Extensive Guide

Before sanding drywall with electric sander, this work was usually done manually which is a tiring and hectic process.

Other technologies were also introduced for sanding the drywall like chemical paint strippers and hot guns. But they were not that effecting as sanding, so the invention of electric sander has reduced the work by half the time than it took on the manual sanding.

Choosing a quality electric sander is a very crucial part of this process, so don’t forget to check the reviews of all the products in the market before jumping on to the decision. To make the decision easy for you we have recommended a few products with their features in the article, you can check them out as well.

But first, you should know in detail what an electric sander is and how to use it. With products like these, you should also strictly follow the safety precautions that are required.

These instructions may seem overwhelming for you especially if you are just a beginner and doing it for the first time. But don’t you worry we’ve got you covered in this article.

What is the electric sander for drywall?

An electric drywall sander is a circle sander joined to an adaptive handle with a vacuum hose associated with a residue assortment framework.

Doing this physically is a difficult and chaotic exercise with a ton of airborne particles flying around. This formed electric apparatus won’t just make your divider sanding easy, yet will likewise cut the time into half and makes it significantly less chaotic.

A significant component of the electric drywall sander is the brush skirt around the round sanding cushion. It fills 3 significant needs:

  • The brush interacts with the divider first which will dispense with the odds of gouging.
  • The skirt goes about as a compartment for the residue and henceforth gives better residue expulsion.
  • The brush will likewise clean the divider surface as you move the sander around.

For installation of the drywall establishment, you might need to utilize 3 layers of jointing compound or what we call the mud.

You don’t have to sand the mud between each layer. Be that as it may, you should knock off the undesirable unevenness and bumps to get an even surface. When the mud is dried utilize the electric-fueled drywall sander to smooth the surface.

Preparations for using electrical sander for sanding drywall

Before using any product you should carefully read instructions for that and prepare the things that are required.

In case you’re utilizing essential sanding devices and items, the best way to face and avoid dust harm and inhalation are to:

  • Close the front of the room door using a plastic sheet so the dust won’t enter to the other rooms of the house.
  • Appropriately ventilate the room you are working on, however, don’t open all windows of the room, as this will make the dust increase in the room.
  • Also, make sure to lay down a cloth on the floor so you can easily collect the dust residue from the sanding.
  • Make sure to cover all the furniture with plastic very carefully and also it’s better if you can remove the furniture from that room.

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  • For your protection from the dust wear a plastic suit, and also gloves so it won’t be able to harm you and you can avoid inhaling it.
  • You may likewise need to wear a cap to keep dust off of your mind.
  • A Dust Mask offers some security against huge molecule inward breath.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Sanding Drywall with Electric Sander

When you are sanding with an electric sander you should keep in mind some tips that can help you a lot in the process of sanding the drywall.

Make sure to pick fine sandpaper

Most of the people prefer to buy the 80 grit sandpaper for this work. But the joint compound that is present in the market today is quite delicate today so you should not use 80 grit as it can be pretty harsh on the surface.

For the best result, we recommend using sandpaper of either 120 or 150 grit. Purchase precut sheets made to accommodate your hand sander. They additionally fit half sheets of standard size paper.

Utilize fine-grit sandpaper

Use the 150 grit sandpaper for your hand sander. Ensure it’s rigid by first tie-up one end under the clasp. At that point push the opposite end under the other clip with one hand while you fix the cinch screw with the other.

Spot issue territories with a handheld light

First do a quick overview with your electric sander, trying to hit each surface with a joint compound on it. Keep a pencil helpful to check issue zones that need a filling or detail sanding. Next, get a handheld light and return over the activity while sparkling the light corresponding to the divider surface.

Utilize your hand sander and wipe sander to clean up inconvenience spots. Fill the different spots that need filling. Finish the activity by filling the checked zones with joint compound lastly sanding these spots when they dry.

Utilize a sanding sponge for corners

Sanding in the corners can be a challenging task because it is difficult to fit the corner and covering every spot.

Be that as it may, significantly progressively difficult is to scrape or gouge the contrary side of the corner with the edge of the sander. It is okay to sand inside a couple of inches of the corner with your hand sander. At that point return and finish up with a sanding wipe or folded bit of drywall sanding paper.

Top Electric Sanders

Reading the detailed guide now comes the most important part and the question.

Which product to buy? The electric sanders that are widely used and suggested for sanding the drywall are mentioned below you can check them yourself and make your decision.

Giraffe Wall and Ceiling Sander

The Giraffe Wall and Ceiling Sander are electronically controlled, and start delicately, with overloaded security and speed determination with the wheel as well that can be adjusted.

With its residue confirmation on/off switch and successful residue extraction, this apparatus truly advances a residue-free workplace.

Flex Safety Vacuum Cleaner

The Flex Safety Vacuum Cleaner accompanies an Automatic Filter Cleaning System giving you an amazing extraction result.

This Class M vacuum cleaner is appropriate for all types of dust.

Vitrex sander

The Vitrex sander for drywall has an overly amazing engine that ensures enough force is moved to the sanding cushion for smooth activity, consistently.

The twofold residue extraction framework helps keep the work zone perfect and liberated from flotsam and jetsam.


The method to sand your drywall is your own decision, but to save your time and manual labor electric sanders are preferred.

With just following few precautions you can use this product very easily. With the time-saving feature, it will also provide quality results that won’t harm your drywall in any way.
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