[Reviewed] Best Resin Pellets For Bean Bags

Last updated on November 12th, 2022 at 01:52 pm

Bean bags are comfortable and fun set of buddies to have inside your room. Still have you wondered what’s inside these comfy bean bags if you plan to change the filler? Well this review guide will be looking at that particular resin pellets for bean bags and find out the best available in the market.

First before diving down into the list for different type of pellets for bean bags here are a few things to know before buying.


Top 9 Resin Pellets For Bean Bags


1. SynCorn Synthetic Cornfilled Bag Fill

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Starting of with a bang this best quality plastic pellets for corn toss bags offer the following.

Key Features

  • Almost zero weight of the plastic beads.
  • Easily washed.
  • Dry plastic pellets bulk.
  • In same size all around in the bag.
  • Not toxic and approved by quality standards.

Rated at a near perfect rating this cornhole bag filling is a top favorite of all who used. With impactful features this synthetic filler for bean bags gives weightless plastic beads. Which are easily filled in most of your bean bags and blankets, cornhole bags etc. You get uniform shaped sized beads as to give maximum comfort level when in use.

With top quality standards the manufacturers for this pellet fillers assure of their fillers by being safe and non-toxic. Another plus here is the absence of any smell when in use. In our opinion a great pick for plastic pellets for bean bags.

Customer Reviews

As expected, this product achieved hugely positive ratings with customers indicating how this filler matched all of their bean bags and shooting bags which required filling. The sizing of the beads was well appreciated and packing was top notch. With no smell at all this light weight filling was most recommended by customers to others.

2. Victory Plastic Pellets Fill

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Continuing on wards, this filler for plastic pellets bulk offers the following for the price.

Key Features

  • Available in two major cost-effective quantities.
  • Ideal texture and weight.
  • Used for many different types of bean bags and other similar bags.
  • Resistant to weather changes.
  • Trusted high quality.
  • No smell and dust.
  • Very lightweight.

For top rated plastic pellets for cornhole bags this bag filler has been long a favorite option of many. The ideal features given to us involve the high quality beads and their versatility for not only bean bugs but other type of stuffed material. With dry, smell less and safe to use plastic pellets favor any type of weather change. Still they do not give of any smell even in humid conditions.

Being lightweight and easy to put. You get the advantage of making your own corn bags and bean bags with these pellets.

Customer Reviews

Most users gave this product mostly positive reviews indicating, how it was a great choice for corn hole bags. It was also highly recommended to individuals who were fond of using plastic beads for bean bags.

3. Tailgating Plastic Resin

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This recycled plastic resin fill offers the following for its price.

Key Features

  • Ideal for all kinds of weathers.
  • High quality corn like resin pellets for bean bags.
  • Given in most accurate density to accommodate synthetic cornhole bags.
  • Available in wide range of suitable quantities.

The following cornhole bag filling is another top-rated item to consider for resin pellets in your bean bags. Giving adjustable filling suited to most weathers. This easy to fill and use bag filling easily suits all kinds of bean bags and most comfortable with corn hole bags as you might have guessed.

Another great thing apart from being available in three different quantities. It offers the best density of resin fill to give a comfortable experience unlike other resin fillers.

Customer Reviews

Those who used the resin filled pellets gave this filler hugely positive ratings. The concept of using synthetic corn as the primary filling material within was hugely appreciated. With customers saying how it was much better than the original corns which some bean bags came filled with.

4. Fairfield Poly Pellets

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Next up is this bulk poly pellets great filler by Fairfield offering the following.

Key Features

  • Used for numerous filling from toys to bean bags.
  • Ideal for decorative filling.
  • Nontoxic pellets.
  • Great choice for sensory stuff.
  • The stuffing pellets are beads shaped.
  • Light weight.

The above-mentioned pack gives bean bag filler bulk in a packet styled quantity. Made from hundred percent safe to use chemical. These beads due to their high quality filler and being lightweight give the users plenty to options for using them. From dolls filling to bean bags, to other sensory items. An ideal candidate. More on, the bean bag filler bulk comes in different quantities for medium projects inside your homes to multiple projects.

Customer Reviews

These poly pellets cheap gained mostly positive ratings from customers with many indicating, how this bead filling was a great choice for their crafting projects. Many of the customers gave recommendations about using the bean bag filler bulk for sewing projects and see the amazing and comfortable results in terms of quality afterwards.

5. Go Sports Plastic Corn Pellets

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For resin filled cornhole bags we begin another great pick in our list of plastic pellets.

Key Features

  • Durable
  • Comes with recycled plastic resin pellets with great density.
  • Ideal for all weathers.
  • Does not get mold.
  • Does not attract any pests.
  • Great for crafting and bean bags fillings.

The recycled plastic resin pellets come with lightweight and durability as one of the main factors for fillings. With no strong smell as such the manufacturers claim that this real liked corn bag filling gives much for the users to test out in bean bags and cornhole bags.

The corn pellets further guarantee that they last longer than the synthetic plastic pellets for cornhole bags without getting any sort of mold. Neither do you get any hindrance in your bean bags filling after a time in terms of insects and pests.

Customer Reviews

As evident from the rating this product received mostly positive reviews with customers. Most agreed that with help of these high-quality resin filled pellets they were able to successfully craft their own cornhole bags. It was also said that for resin vs corn filled bags this pellet filling was the best option due to its natural corn look and feel.

6. Toysharing Resin Filled Cornhole Bags

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Bringing something different to this review article, we offer this resin filled corn hole bag with the following.

Key Features

  • Stitched with great precision.
  • Ideal for outdoor fun and games.
  • Weather resistant and durable pellets.
  • Comes in range of different catchy designs.
  • Nice grip and feel.
  • Real corn based filling.
  • Lasts a decent life time.

As evident by the name this manufacture gives a top quality product focused on younger audiences while keeping in mind the safety. Filled with 100 percent real corn and stitched on both sides with good precision the bean bag comes easy to play and have fun around with. The cornhole bags further feature a nice, easy and soft grip for your hands making it never heavy with the filling.

The sizing and weight of the corn filled bags are accustomed to the regulatory standards so no worrying there. More on, with top quality you get a life’s worth warranty so the bean bag cushion lasts as long as you while giving you both fun and quality.

Customer Reviews

This product also gained hugely positive reviews by customers who enjoyed most aspects this corn hole bag had to offer. Many customers recommended this bean bag filling and the top quality for family times and get togethers.

7. Big Joe Comfort Refil

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These bulk plastic beads offer the following.

Key Features

  • Made with great quality polystyrene.
  • Comes with large usable quantity.
  • Small beads and high density.
  • Long lasting.
  • Allows easy refilling
  • Ideal for other crafting projects.
  • Fully recycled fill.

This brand has long given quality and trusted bean bags and filler items to their customers and this filling is nothing different. Giving high quality polystyrene beans at a decent price tag makes this a favorite. More on, the large quantity of soft beans filled inside help to achieve proper density. Your bulk plastic beads are guaranteed to last a decent period before a refill.

This refill further is durable and gives more prospects to people looking for good crafting practices. You can easily refill your bean bags with this top liked product. Last but certainly not the least is the recycled plastic resin fill which the company uses in the fill.

Customer Reviews

Achieving mostly positive ratings, this bean bag filler was liked by customers. Customers appreciated the decent bulk sized quality they got for a cheap price. Bean bags were said to be filled fairly quickly with this plastic poly fill beads. Some customers also gave instructions for installing the filler inside the bean bags in good depth.

8. Posh Beanbags Refill

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This bean bag filling gives you the following.

Key Features

  • Fully plastic beads.
  • Ideal for refilling premium bean bags.
  • Long lasting.
  • Expansion beans process with the plastic pellets bulk.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • No harmful materials used in manufacturing.
  • High quality manufacturing.

This brand focuses mainly on premium based bean bags and their refills still it’s the quality and its features to talk about in this guide. The posh beanbags come with fully plastic high quality manufactured beans. They are said to last longer due to the way plastic beads are made by them. The use of bean expansion ensures that your resin pellets for bean bags last as long as possible.

With fully safe virgin material used in their plastic beads another great thing is that its fully recyclable to use even after two times use. More on, a detailed guide is available on amazon for further instructions so you properly refill your bean bags and other sensory stuff with a premium material.

Customer Reviews

This product achieved positive ratings, with customers indicating how the polystyrene material was of a decent size and easy to use. The material for the fill was appreciated with no major concerns. Some customers gave more ideas as to how you can refill with more ease using these plastic beads for bean bags.

9. Tailgating Pros Plastic Resin

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This resin pellet offers the following for the price.

Key Features

  • High quality plastic.
  • Durable
  • Ideal for all weather conditions.
  • Great density for corn hole bags.
  • Available in different sizes.

This plastic resin gives decent quality plastic beads for your bean bag and corn hole bags. Being durable in their structure and with good density options the brand ensures to give you optimal comfort options when you fill them in your bean bags. Plus, you are able to get more than 2 different weights with this product and get the one suiting your need. All of which guarantee the same quality and dimensions of the pellets.

Customer Reviews

This product achieved mostly positive reviews from customers saying that it went well even with heavy using products. Such as strong guns or pieces of furniture. On the other hand, compared to darice bean bag filler plastic pellets for cornhole bags and bean bags, the product was said to be just as satisfactory. A little amount of the bean bag pellets bulk was said to fill the entire bean bag which was approved by many.

Factors to Consider

Filler Type

  • With the wide variety of different fillers available ranging from resin pellets for bean bags to plastic pellets for bean bags choose the one most comfy for you.
  • Apart from these common fillers, you would also have the choice for grains, buckwheat, hay or grain based filler types as well.
  • However as per choice and comfort level you should choose your filler types.

Quantity of material

  • With different sizes of different bean bags available you should be looking for the accurate quantity for the size you are out buying.
  • Different type of beads such as bulk poly pellets would give different weight to your bean bag so be careful of this.

Durability of the beads

  • Be careful when choosing type of beads as they should not start to go down or lose their surface after just a week or so of use.
  • Make sure that your pallets for bean bags support durability as a dominant feature in the long run.


  • When travelling your choice of filler beads can entirely damage your pace.
  • So, make sure that your type of resin filled are not too much to lift and move around.
  • Your bean bag should be as light and portable as it should be.
  • For instance, recycled plastic resin fill bags are generally lighter filler along with micro beads.


That is all readers for our review guide on the top resin pellets for bean bags. We hope all of the basic and important factors to be considered were touched upon. In case of any queries get back with us by commenting below.


What is the best material for bean bags?
The best material for bean bags is linen or a natural clothing fiber since it feels the most comfy and soft with your skin.

What is the best way to fill a bean bag?
The best way is something as follows. First before pouring make sure to do this process with two people in order to make it less confusing and messy. Starting of as a basic rule when filling your bean bag use a plastic funnel or a plastic bucket for the filling to pass. Here one person holds the funnel while the other person helps to open the bag of filling.

When cut carefully displace the pellets inside the bag from the funnel. You will easily be able to check when to stop and make sure that your pellets are going inside your bean bags and not falling elsewhere! As a tip also do not over fill your bag otherwise it would cause discomfort when you sit and may rip from the top.

What to fill a bean bag with that’s cheap?
Although most of the fillers are cheap but instead if not, available you can go with darice bean bag filler plastic pellets which are the cheapest of all. Or organic material such as dried rice or wheat as required.

Can you use a bean bag as a bed?
Yes, you easily can these days as now you can find some large sized comfy bean bags which are ideal partners for sleeping.

What is the difference between bean bag with beans and without beans?
Bean bags with beans can be filled with plastic or corn filled materials as we discussed above. While bean bags without beans can be filled with inflatable air beans inside.



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