Reasons to Buy Honda Mini Bikes in 2023

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 11:09 pm

Living in a densely populated area though comforts the leisures of life but most of the time it hinders commute due to heavy traffic. However, at that moment, the easiest yet comfortable commute would be either a scooter or a dirt bike. Honda, to be precise, is not only a big name for the job but also a trustworthy companion while hitting the roads. Here, in this blog, we are sharing a piece of mind about why Honda Mini Bikes are the best.

Why Honda?

Honda is trying their best to make their bikes as accessible as possible. As we speak of heavy traffic, the mini honda dirt bikes are indeed a good choice for that. You can also go for the electric scooter from other companies but at some moment, the battery will be dead. 

This is because they are capable of going up to 21km per hour and then you will be stuck somewhere in between. 

Why Honda

Honda offers different bikes with a variety of specifications as well as different engine capacities. With the different models of honda like Honda Grom, honda pocket bike, Honda Monkey, honda mini trail bike, etc.

For instance, Honda Ruckus is a moped with a 49cc capacity that would not require any license. Here are some reasons that will be convincing enough to get you your own honda mini bikes.

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Reasons you should buy a Honda

The first and foremost thing about the bikes is if they are legal or not? Well, if we talk about California, the laws there are different for every commute like mopeds, scooters, and motorized bicycles. For that specific area, your motorbike must have a specific license or DMV (duplicate motor vehicle) registration for the scooters and other motorized bikes. 

Let’s just discuss Honda Monkey

Honda Monkey

There are some honda monkey replica however, you can easily get to know the original one. This never fails or gets out of style with its Retro Styling design as it has its strings attached back into 1961 when it was powered by a small 50 cc motor without a front and rear suspension. 

Honda Monkey

Presently, it does carry the same design yet, upgraded with the passage of time. 

Why Honda Monkey?

Here are some features that will make you buy this little beast.

  • It is light in weight with a small and compact size.
  • This could be among the mini dirt bikes honda that has a 4 inches small front and a rear suspension and a wheelbase around 45 inches.
  • It has an impressive fuel tank with a capacity of 1.5 gallons allowing a top notch fuel efficiency. 
  • With the upgrade, the Honda Monkey has a 125 cc engine producing a horsepower of 9 and a torque of 8.1 lbs.
  • On a flat road, the monkey hits 55 mph with the high 40s.

Honda Grom

The fastest honda grom is one of the classic models and among the 3 bikes that work with 125 cc engines. It is a year older than Honda Monkey i.e. it is 1960 was its year. In other words, you can call it the mini sports bike of honda. 

Honda Grom

Why Honda Grom?

  • Similar to Honda Monkey, the Honda Grom is economically efficient. 
  • It possesses a fuel tank that has a capacity of 1.45 gallons.
  • The Honda Grom possesses the ABS with such a price.
  • It has a big appeal and design which is ideal for both beginners and riders. 
  • Honda Grom is light in weight that provides total control over it. 
  • It is more comfortable as compared to the Honda Monkey.

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What models of Honda are recommended?

The commonly used Honda mini bikes include 

  • Honda Grom Freeway
  • Honda Money 
  • Honda Pocket Bike 

Apart from that, you can also lookout for the features that the other Honda mini Bikes are offering as there is a possibility that you might find some other models useful as well.

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Is the honda grom street legal?

The Honda grom street is legal unless there is any signage stated as ‘motor-driven cycles (a term for sub-150cc motorcycle). It is a bit slow and small in size but sometimes there are chances that you can get pulled over by the cop.

How much weight can a honda grom hold and last?

Honda grom on freeway roughly is capable of bearing 400lbs. If the Honda grom is maintained properly can run approximately 120,000 to 130,000 miles while the average of a bike is around 5000 miles which indicated the durability of a Honda Grom bike. 

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