Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Motorcycle

Buying a used bike without knowing its condition is like risking your investment. Whether you are getting 1 year used or 10 years used, you must know how it has been. Don’t get disappointed with that as we have got your back and managed to assemble some relevant answers so you cannot go empty-handed. Here are some relevant queries that we have found for the used motorcycles.

How has the motorcycle been maintained?

The most crucial thing to be asked is about the usage of the bike and how it was maintained? It is obvious that you would not get an accurate answer for that. To cut out any doubt for the lies you can just simply ask for the bike maintenance record. If the seller has kept the file then you can say that the bike has been taken care of. 

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What is the VIN of the bike?

Make sure before clearing the payment, you have checked the VIN (vehicle identification number). It is usually stamped on the steering neck of the bike. Once you have identified the VIN number, you can cross-check it by running the number cycleVIN or InstaVIN, you will get the complete history of your vehicle.

 The report retrieved through this number will show all the vital information like damage, stolen titles, recall history, and salvaged. 

How have you found the ride of the motorcycle?

To begin with, the opening dialogue starts asking about how did you get in the first place and secondly, how comfortable you have found the ride. Try to establish a relationship with the seller more than getting the bike. If there is anything off about it, you will get some interesting information in case there is a lie, it will be caught.

How long you have owned the motorcycle?

It is important to know the bike you are going to get is owned by this owner if it is 5 days or even 5 years. It is more about building a relationship with the owner of the bike. 

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What is the mileage of your motorbike?

Having a high mileage is not that bad as it depends upon every model because each of them varies. For a sports bike, dirt bike, or adventure bike the bike could be in a worse condition as they are specified for the tough ride.  

Further, here is the checklist that you must look out for while getting a second-hand bike. 

Overall appearance

The overall appearance, the frame, the seating pad of the bike will tell how it has been used in a way, it somehow explains the maintenance as well.  

used motorcycles


Whenever you buy a used motorcycle, check its exhaust first. All you have to do is start the bike and check out its roar. The sound will tell you all about the health of the bike. Wait for the bike to cool down as the warm engine turns over easily. 


When you go down to check the exhaust, give a look at the frame as well as there are chances that you might find cracks, scapes or any dent. If there is any kind of hint of the bottom out of your bike, there are chances that this bike might have been in an accident. 

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Squeeze the clutch inside and check if it is smooth or not. Release it slowly as it will tell the smoothness. There must not be any pop or snag in the release. Before the clutch engages, it must have free play. If there is not, then, the motorbike had excessive wear on the clutch. 


Take the brakes out of them and roll them forward. Apply the front brake gently they must be operating smoothly and stops slowly. It should return smoothly to its actual position and must be rolling freely without any drag to the caliper. 


To check on the suspension, run down your fingers in the fork tube if you feel any kind of bump that is because of the rust or for the crease then, the fork is bent. This means it is definitely because of an accident.

Chain and Sprocket 

You can check the tension of the drive chain by pulling it far from the sprocket at a position of three o clocks. It should not be pulled halfway off the sprocket tooth. If the teeth on the sprocket lean over, the sprocket and the chain are either replaced or have excessive wear. 

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Bikes Tires 

Go on a spin on the bike and check whether or not the tires bubble. Cupping is a sort of natural wear hence, it does not mean that it shows that if there is anything wrong with the tires. The softer compounds will tend to cup sooner.

The fuel tank

The fuel tank comes with a coating that is usually used to prevent rust or in some cases to cover it. In the used motorcycles, you may find they are not much shiny but have a bit milky surface.  

Safety Check

The most important or in other words you will call it a core thing that you must see is the safety check. Make sure that your bike qualifies for the safety test, it is good to go. 

Tips to Buy Second-Hand Motorcycles

In the end, 

The motorcycle is an easy commute that can cut out the heavy traffic. Indeed, getting a new one would cost a lot but there are some alternatives; buying a used motorcycle. It is quite tiring and stressful as you won’t get the same sources available as you get for the used cars.

Hope this guide was useful. 

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