Pros of Owning an RV Wi-Fi Booster

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While going on road trips or vacations one person or another is likely to ask for Wi-Fi connection, be it your significant other or your kids. Even you might feel like using the internet to get directions or upload some amazing pics so buy yourself a Wi-Fi booster before its too late.

In the 21st century Wi-Fi is a must, survival without it is hard. The ultimate question that one might ask is that is investing in Wi-Fi Booster for RV the right choice?

Thou we will give you multiple reasons why the Wi-Fi Booster are essential but the gist of it is that: yes, they are very helpful. You can check the best RV Wi-Fi Boosters RIGHT HERE. Using this article, you can get some suggestions and ideas regarding boosters.

We have gone through each booster one by one and listed the features that make them unique and perfect for installing in an RV. In short, you will be pretty satisfied with the reviews we have done RIGHT HERE.

Why Boosters are Useful?

You might want to stay connected with work or school, even when you are outdoors someone might want to get in contact with you.

While you are staying in the wilderness your internet connection might start to get dicey this is where booster will come in handy. So, stop asking yourself if boosters are just another expense and get purchasing.

Pros of Owning an RV Wi-Fi Booster

This device can connect up to 10 different devices. Its dome-shaped booster is easy to install over the RV roof. Plus, it gives you maximum internet speed around any far away area


In case the sole purpose of your trip is to get away from the devices then you, of course, wouldn’t need a Wi-Fi booster. On the other hand, it’s great to stay connected, below we will be looking at a few pros that assist you in convincing that boosters are a helpful tool.

The booster helps a lot in increasing the range and quality of the Wi-Fi router and signal. Depending on the specifications and model that you will opt for you will get to enjoy the many benefits of Wi-Fi Boosters.

Our Favorite Pick

Below is our favorite pick out of all the boosters available in the market:

dome-shaped universal fitted booster

This dome-shaped universal fitted booster can be tracked via GPS through the Winegard Connected application. Connecting up to 10 devices and equipped with stationary and in-motion functionality.

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Pros of Owning an RV Wi-Fi Booster

Now it’s time that we draw your attention to the perks of having a booster handy instead of relying on public or campground Wi-Fi.

Take not that extenders, repeaters and Wi-Fi boosters aren’t all the same. Thou people tend to interchange these terms but there are subtle differences that make different especially while operating.

What is a booster?

Booster is a generic term used for the Wi-Fi support it provides. Usually, they are referred to as extenders and repeaters.

Repeaters and extenders are different ways to boost the Wi-Fi but the final result is that your connection is enhanced.

What are repeaters?

These are wireless and can be installed anywhere in the house or RV. Thou the ideal place for repeaters is where the Wi-Fi signal is weak. This would help optimize the Wi-Fi device.  

On plugging the repeaters in you will notice that it has picked up signals from the public or campsite Wi-Fi. or you can just increase the signals you are getting from the RV to the area that your camping or staying in.

What are extenders?

Extenders are different in the sense that they require a physical connection with the network. This is just like an ethernet cord. This set will provide better coverage and speed.

Some repeaters might also require an Ethernet cord.

The major benefit of using extender rather than repeater is that this device takes whatever signal is there and transforms it into a much stronger signal.

Think of it like a double router that has increases the efficiency.

Extenders also run on an entirely different network that means that it will have a low impact on the connectivity of the device or the output of your router. This increases the speed and provides a better connection. 

Some other benefits

With a Wi-Fi booster, you can’t possibly go wrong. On having a Wi-Fi booster in the RV, you will be able to enhance the connection available in the public space or campsite. With the fast internet speed, you can actually live in the RV.

dome-shaped with 3-anntenas and universal fitted booster

This dome-shaped with 3-anntenas and universal fitted booster can be tracked via GPS through the Winegard Connected application. Connecting up to 10 devices and equipped with MIMO technology not only gives you uninterrupted connection but farther ones too. 


Unfortunately, not every public area or campground will have a Wi-Fi connection, so you might have to handle frustrated teens or your own frustration on being out of contact.

Getting a Wi-Fi booster will ensure that you get a reliable Wi-Fi connection plus a safer and faster connection.

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