Pitcher Filter vs Faucet Filter? Which One is Better for Your Kitchen?

Both a pitcher filter and a faucet filter give premium quality water aside from a few differences which are visible when you compare them in deep detail. That is exactly what we are going to do for you today.

Faucet and Pitcher filters are easily the most bought out and popular types of water filters you can buy in the market. However, since both of them provide you with clean and safe drinking water there are a few ups and downs with each of them as well.

Pitcher Filters

Focusing first on pitcher filters and what they mean. A pitcher if you may, is something in which you store water for regular use such as cold water which is put into the fridge. While a pitcher filter takes it further by also purifying your water that is stored in it.

So, a cool advantage for pitcher filters is that they do not only store cool water for you in your fridge but it is also fresh and refreshing.

Now let us take a look at both pitcher and faucet filters side by side. Pitcher filters have the advantage that they can easily fit inside your fridge so your water is always cold, filtered, and ready. They are much more cost-effective than faucet filters.

However, the big drawback here is that pitcher filters usually give you only limited storage and it usually comes to about a few glasses of filtered water at a time. Still, not all hope is lost as after some searching you might be able to find pitcher filters of expandable sizes that can easily solve the capacity issues.

Faucet Filters

On the other hand, faucet filters are installed directly on your tap or sink. When your turn on the sink the water flows for you directly into your sink and its faucet. The catch here dear readers is that this flowing water is clean and filtered as opposed to the way pitcher filters filtered water.

Faucet filters solve the problem of limited capacity by giving you constant filtered water supply from your faucet. So, you can easily get any quantity of water you desire. However, the drawback, here is that the water from the faucet will be of normal faucet water temperature.

In order to get cold water, you would need to add ice or cool it by storing it in a fridge. Also note that while faucet brings easy filtered water for your routine, it can be sometimes difficult to manage around. Especially when it delivers fresh filtered water for even washing dishes and etc.

It has also been noted that the particular size of the faucet filters sometimes gets in your way more than you imagined. Other than that, a faucet filter is a fine product to have as well.

Conclusively, that is all for the comparison between these two filters. Make your pick by understanding the amount of fresh filtered water you need at a time.



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