[Top Rated] Best Outdoor Keyless Gate Locks

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These days outdoor keyless gate locks is the way for entering and safeguarding smart homes and garages. With greater flexibility, a sense of comfort, and security which these locks offer. We have compiled a guide for you showing the best rated keyless door locks.


Top 9 outdoor keyless gate locks


1. Schlage keypad entry lock

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Key Features

  • Gives two varieties of locks an auto and a flex keyless lock.
  • Provides greater security with the auto-lock feature given.
  • The keypad is visible during the night as well for greater ease.
  • The high quality metal used in the door’s keyless lock.
  • Low battery sign.
  • The latches used are found easily and are universal with all kinds of doors.
  • Allows for codes to be easily edited at the keypad.
  • Includes a battery upon purchase (9V) with a long three-year warranty.

What is unique about this keyless lock is the beauty of the keypad lever it gives you along with high security and quality material. Also, the latching makes it possible to be used for double sided keyless gate locks as well. This keyless door lock can be easily installed easily so requires less practical hard work and trouble from your side. Last but not the least this door lock automatically locks after several seconds of inactivity if left unlocked.

Customer Reviews:

This lock generated mostly positive reviews with only a handful of people complaining about the company not agreeing with the warranty policy on amazon. While most of the people loved the top quality and build of this best keyless entry door lock. Indicating how an auto-lock feature is a great option at this price and the programmable coding is also nothing tough to do.

2. Kwikset Electronic keyless door lock

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Key Features

  • Provides a unique code combination of up to six people.
  • Provides the feature of auto-lock after every 30 seconds.
  • Features smart security features to protect against complex break-ins.
  • Allows rekeying feature in seconds.
  • Made on the latest wireless technology offering high-grade encryption.
  • 3rd grade certified top quality guaranteed with this outdoor gate keyless lock.
  • Long time warranty on the mechanical parts and 1-year warranty on the electrical parts.

This combination lock doorknob is a reliable option for people looking for a smart and cost-effective security lock for their doors. The advanced electronic combination makes it possible for a large number of combinations while giving you the ease of auto-locking feature which some other locks fail to give at this price. Its waterproof feature also makes it a good candidate for waterproof outdoor keyless gate locks.

Another best thing about this keyless door lock is its ability to be remotely connected with your phone through its smart coding technology. Making you use the lock from the ease of your phone while also receiving relevant notifications about the lock’s status.

Customer Reviews

The reviews for this electronic keyless door lock were more positive than negative. Customers saying that with the first attempt at this lock they failed to program it right. but after following the instructions with more care as given with the manual, they got their way around it. However, some customers were of the view that this model was not up to the mark as compared to some advanced models from the same company.

3. YARDLOCK Keyless Gate Lock

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Key Features

  • Gives ample customization for the key password. Makes possible for a huge number of combinations.
  • This outdoor gate keyless lock works great in all possible weathers.
  • The high quality zinc material used makes it robust to use.
  • Allows easy operation from a single hand as well.
  • Ideal for double sided keyless gate locks as well due to ease of installation.
  • Not battery operated so allows years of security without worrying.
  • Additional components for the latch look also provided with the box.

This product ensures that you have a wide range of possible password combinations while keeping in mind the safety of your family. This outdoor keyless lock has the feasibility to be used as a keyless wood gate lock or a keyless garage door lock. You name it and this lock gets it covered. The installation is quick and takes just several minutes to provide high quality security.

The unique design of this keyless door lock allows it to be used on most posts without worrying. The cover of the latch also adds to the life of the door lock and also security of the door while preventing strangers from accessing the lock.

Customer Reviews:

This door also had mostly positive reviews with people appreciating how this lock made it possible to open from both indoors and outdoors. With people suggesting how this door lock could be improved more by using larger dial pads for the combination and an auto-lock feature. Most thought it was one of the best and easy to use keyless door locks for home that provided the latch feature with ease.

4. Smart Deadbolt keyless door lock with remote

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Key Features

  • Installs with ease after the install video is viewed which is provided online with the product.
  • Premium quality remote keyless door lock which involves a high res LED display with a zinc shiny body.
  • Long term battery life makes it possible to go for up to half a year straight.
  • Has an electronic inbuilt auto-lock feature to provide maximum safety when the password is incorrectly entered.
  • Gives more smart control to you, by allowing you to control through a remote and Alexa compatibility.
  • The premium WIFI enabled door lock option is a great catch here for this price.
  • Easily customizable and more options available.
  • Has multiple access options, a numeric keypad, or a mechanical key.

Woah, with such a plethora of features this is surely one of the best keyless door locks for home if you want to go all smart and secure. From many exciting features, this outdoor keyless gate lock can be installed both ways on the door. The auto-lock feature is a great option here to prevent kids from going into restricted places while providing extra security from intruders too.

The Alexa and keyless door locks with remote access like this make for a distinguishing and modern smart and safe lock. If you want this can be used as a keyless garage door lock as well to guard your expensive cars. More on, its provided application gives you another layer of security and access to see who’s coming and going from your home.

Customer Reviews:

As expected, the reviews were mostly positive for this keyless door lock. With customers praising the luxurious quality of the door while noting down how the installation was quick, easy, and detailed. The TT lock application provided with the lock was also found easier to use with giving you additional control and access over your keyless security locks for doors.

5. Bravex Keyless mechanical push button lock

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Key Features

  • Comes with two metallic styled models with numerical keypads.
  • Does not feature an auto-lock feature so no need of entering passcode again.
  • A highly mechanical push-button lock.
  • Made using high quality stainless steel.
  • Allows a combination of 4-8 available digits in any random order.

This keyless combination lock door knob gives you top of the line door lock at an affordable price. Which can be used as a pool gate locks keyless, apartments, offices, schools, etc. The keyless door lock favors easy installation and requires no need for any wires. More on, the combination of your choice is easily set up as well from the robust metallic numeric keypad. Do note that the fully mechanical nature of this lock gives you freedom from the stress of low battery replacements.

Customer Reviews:

The reviews for this keyless lock door were somewhat mixed. With customers often complaining about the process of installing it and then those who had to tear the whole lockdown after they failed to turn it on. Thus, they did not recommend this lock for keyless security locks for doors. On the contrary, some customers commended the quality of the lock material as being top-notch. And had no major problems with the installation process.

6. SPOTACT mechanical keyless door lock

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Key Features

  • Enjoy the keyless adventure with this lock you enter just by entering the pin.
  • Heavily platted and made with a strong metallic alloy.
  • Highly robust number pad door lock.
  • Does not need any batteries.
  • An ideal keyless wood gate lock for both left and right-handed doors.
  • Allows simple installation.
  • Involves two latches in its structure.

This company for years has provided top keyless door locks, so if you are on the hunt for the best weatherproof keyless gate locks wait no further. This lock gives you the freedom of using a high quality door lock with code at a great price. The structure of the lock is made to stand the toughest of the conditions and is robust. The lock features easy installation with the company themselves portraying a detailed guide for the process and promising help if you get stuck in the way.

The perks of having no battery make it a great option as you would not have to stress about getting it replaced soon. More on, help is given to show how to set up your password correctly and how their push button door lock works.

Customer Reviews

Those who used this outdoor keyless door lock showed signs of satisfaction commenting upon how it was not difficult to set up the password for the first time. The size and shape of this lock were appreciated with people preferring this upon their old locks. However, it was seen that this door lock was not on the level of commercial keyless door locks but still got a mostly positive response.

7. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock

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Key Features

  • Available in two stylish and modern colors of black and white.
  • One of the first remote keyless door lock that has a five in 1 feature of allowing fingerprint, code access, and more.
  • Able to be controlled from your smartphone and have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Guarantees a quick start unlock method.
  • Easily do it your self-installation technique.
  • Single latch types outdoor keyless door lock.
  • Gives a long battery life of up to 1 year.
  • Adjusts most doors and has a 1.5-year warranty on both electrical and mechanical parts.

Perhaps one of the best keyless door locks for home with their engaging and modern features. ULTRA has made this possible through their multi smart features which they offer with this door lock. Now you can enter on bases of your unique fingerprint with great accuracy. You can also change your smart lock into a keyless combination door knob lock. This door lock also gives you the advantage of a high res LED display to enter your passcode.

More on, now you can control and monitor the safety of your smart outdoor keyless gate locks through your smartphone. With some amazing features exclusively for IOS and Android users. Keep your loved ones close and safe with this smart outdoor gate keyless lock.

Customer Reviews:

As you would have guessed this smart outdoor lock generated mostly positive reviews as well. With customers appreciating the fingerprint scan technique and how it saved them precious hours of their life. The design of this door lock was appreciated as well. While some customers also gave tips as to how you can better use the fingerprint id for entering.

8. All Weather Double Keypad Keyless Door Lock

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Key Features

  • Gives two main keypads for use.
  • Latch locking mechanism.
  • Mechanical lock system so no batteries.
  • Gives more control for programming the keypad security code.
  • The first-time installation may be difficult.
  • New design for easier and quicker code changing.

Being simple and clear in its instructions this keyless door lock encourages the customers to first understand the installation process clearly before buying. The all-weather theme here makes this a good option for weatherproof keyless gate locks. So, no worries there.

Since this door lock is again mechanical more than automatic, so no need for any batteries required. Installation is universal for both keypads while the design for this lock door is made such as to aid the user while changing the security code.

Customer Reviews

Reviews for this product were mostly positive with customers agreeing that this door lock gives true value for its money and adds to the safety of their little children. Even after some years of having this door lock installed customers were still pleased with the quality and performance of the lock.

Things to consider

Door Type

  • Your current door type would be either normal wood, metal, aluminum, or an all-glass door. Since the aluminum doors have a narrower side for the lock.
  • You would have to go with the narrow sized outdoor keyless door lock.

Determine which lock suits you best

  • As goes without saying when buying for outdoor keyless gate locks, know the purpose which your door lock will fulfill.
  • Is it required for just your house, your office, or your backside pool?
  • If you are on the hunt for a smart lock for outdoor gate then make sure that it is linked with your phone as well for safety purposes.

Identify important features

  • With outdoor keyless gate locks the battery health feature is a must to have.
  • Choose the locks which indicate low battery health since it would prevent you from getting locked out if the battery is low.
  • See if they are compatible with Alexa or Google for commercial keyless door locks.
  • Make sure that your front door locks keyless can be integrated with your home or office security camera/system.

Robustness of your keyless door locks

  • Your locks should be as robust as possible for long term use.
  • They should sustain extreme weather conditions, should be break-proof, and waterproof, resistant to heat, etc.


  • Be careful to choose those locks which give the most features for an appropriate price tag.
  • Do not go with too complex and expensive outdoor keyless gate locks.


That is all for the best outdoor keyless gate locks. Since safety comes first for your child and your family. So, make an intelligent and wise decision about choosing the best keyless door lock from our detailed guide. We hope it helped.


1. What to do if my door lock battery dies?

To counter this problem our advice is to get those types of keyless door locks which indicate when your battery level is running low. If still, the battery dies out for even such door locks then follow the user manual given with it for troubleshooting.

2. Are door locks easy to install?

Most door locks are easy to install and play around with according to your needs. However, some old-fashioned locks which required fully mechanical access might be somewhat difficult to set up for the first time. Especially if no user guide is given with the purchase.

3. Can door locks be wired?

No, most keyless door locks are not wired even the ones which include a battery. As we saw above with our picks for the best keyless door locks none of them involved the installation with a wire.

4. What is the best keyless door lock?

Our pick would be Schlage Keyless Door Lock due to their great metallic build, their design, and their functioning. Plus, the easy to edit code style and illuminating keypads along with the attached battery.




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