Noise Canceling Earbuds vs Headphones – Which One Is Perfect?

A battle between noise canceling earbuds vs headphones has always been hard. Choosing noise canceling earbuds or good quality headphones? The choice seems confusing and somewhat balanced at both sides right. So, let’s today see how we can choose the ultimate pick between these two based on their side by side comparison and specifications.

Noise canceling earbuds as the name suggests uses a special electronic circuit, imbedded inside them to reduce outside noise. This helps you to get a much clearer and powerful sound when you are listening to your favorite music.

While headphones, also come with noise canceling features and give you strong performance in terms of sound. They are comparatively bigger in size than earbuds.

Focusing first on noise canceling earbuds and what they offer to you. You get basically two types of noise canceling earbuds. Over the ear or on-ear.

So, depending upon the way you would like to get them in your ears you can choose. Here it must be noted that both these designs favor noise cancellation. Based on some studies, around 20db of background noise is seen to be reduced using noise cancelling earbuds.

While saying thanks to a piece of lower and softer music that keeps playing without flaws in the background. You are able to focus much more easily on your task on hand without cranking up the volume settings.

The small size of the earbuds also makes them another great travel partner for long journeys. Just pack them up in your pocket or your bag. Due to their smart user-friendly size, you would not even notice that they are there in the first place some times.

On the other hand, headphones as a matter of fact also feature high-quality noise cancellation. They help to cancel almost all low and mid-frequency range sounds effectively.

In some cases, headphones are said to feature much more effective noise cancellation than earbuds. Just invest a few more dollars on them compared to earbuds and you would see the evident difference.

Headphones come at a price though like any other gadget. That is the space they acquire which is not too much as some claim but its comparatively more than small-sized earbuds. However, nowadays the manufacturers for most top headphones have given a solution to this problem by making open and closed cup style models.

Open headphone cup style allows both sides of the headphone to be bend easily for storing it when on a journey. While closed headphone cup style takes this a step further by closing the entire headphone with a four-step pattern so they acquire far less space than large-sized headphones without this feature.

So, we can easily see how these two devices compare against each other face to face while giving great music quality and effective noise cancellation at the price of a few cons. Hence, in the end, the choice lies on you to choose the best option from these two.

That’s pretty much it for the comparison between noise canceling earbuds vs headphones.



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