Ninetailed raise 5 Million Euros in Pre-seed Funding

The company announced a €5 million seed round funded by Mosaic Ventures and Cherry Ventures to support the continued democratization of personalization!

Ninetailed is a microservices-based solution that connects many services and data sources via APIs. It’s also cloud-based, making it scalable and simple to manage. Finally, it is headless, which allows you to update your content without affecting the rest of your site.

The Ninetailed team says, “The capabilities of our solution allow engineering teams, marketing teams, and product teams to provide tailored experiences at scale by letting them test different versions of their content before making changes live.”

Let’s say you want to add a compatible data source or analytics tool to Ninetailed. With our modular architecture, it’s easy to use an API to connect to other services or tools. 

This is significant because it allows you to quickly add new features and functionality to your site without having to rebuild it from the ground up.

From our first meeting, I felt Andy Kaiser and Alexander Braunreuther were onto something remarkable. It’s difficult to put into words what my intuition told me the moment I recognised what they’d created and observed our clients’ faces when they learned their problems could be fixed. 

I felt even better when I got to talk to Carsten Thoma, one of our amazing business angels, and Christian Sjvold Blomberg, one of our extremely smart advisors. Everyone agrees that this is drastically altering the way things are done. – CFO Michael Halcomb wrote

With edge delivery, your website’s content is cached at the network’s edge. This is significant because it means that your material will be delivered to your users fast and efficiently, regardless of where they are in the world.

Edge delivery also makes sure that your site can handle a lot of traffic without slowing down. This is significant since it means you can scale up or down your website personalization efforts as needed without worrying about performance difficulties.

Ninetailed Allows for Seamless Integration with Your Existing Tech Stack

Our solution is designed to operate with your current technology stack. This is significant because it eliminates the need for you to worry about compatibility issues when connecting our APIs with your other solutions.

It also makes it simple to include personalization and experimentation into your existing workflow. If you’re using a headless CMS, for example, you can simply link Ninetailed to it via an API. This is significant because it allows you to add new content versions to your site quickly and effectively without having to learn a new technology from scratch.

“We’re thrilled and honored to say that our new €5 million investment round is over. It was led by Mosaic Ventures and Cherry Ventures, and First Momentum Ventures, which also took part in earlier rounds, also took part. ”

With the extra money, we can put more effort into making dynamic experiences by putting consumer and content data to use on the web, in commerce, and elsewhere. – Citation Official Announcement

How may personalization and experimentation assist firms in providing exceptional digital consumer experiences? Personalization and experimentation don’t have to be difficult to set up. 

We have made headless personalization easier for everyone to use by letting teams create and deliver personalization and experimentation without having to wait a long time to connect to their composable stack and first-party data. 


Through APIs, SDKs, and connections, developers and artists can now use the full power of cutting-edge personalization and experimentation. “With this funding, we’ll be able to take our technology to the next level and establish the MACH architecture’s experience layer as the industry standard for consumer engagement,” said Andy Kaiser, CEO of Ninetailed.

The company was founded just last year in 2021. It has a number of job openings as of today.

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