Nike Lebron XVI- Best Basketball Shoes


  • Lightweight
  • Great support
  • Stretchable
  • Comfortable
  • Fantastic design


  • A little expensive

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Key Features

  • Decent looking shoes
  • Possesses extra padding
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Flyknit technology
  • An incredible blend of padding
  • Lands securely from higher jumps
  • Keeps feet dry

Nike has always satisfied its clients with regards to basketball shoe-production and it is for sure the best basketball shoes ever. With the usage of Flyknit technology and an incredible blend of padding, this is the best pair of shoes for playing basketball outside. Flyknit tech uses high-strength strands that make the shoe light-weight and gives extending and breathability. Unexpectedly, Nike has utilized the two of its Zoom Air and Max Air innovations in this shoe. It helps in landing securely from higher jumps.

Lebron XVI has an adaptable rubber outsole, which gives you an amazing push and can save you from pronation. Discussing the inside, it has a full inward sleeve that offers a sock-like fit. Around the lower leg, the part is a stretchable collar, which offers help for the lower leg and furthermore assists with getting the shoe on and off without any problem.

Discussing the upper part of the shoe, it has an arrangement of mesh around it which permits the flow of air keeping the feet dry. The shaft is estimated to be around 4 inches from the curve. Much the same as in Lebron 15, Lebron 13 additionally has Flywire cables that stretch out from midfoot covering the impact points and give a total lockdown. This backs your feet and keeps them set up.

You do not frequently observe such sleek glancing basketball shoes on the lookout. Indeed, Lebron XV is an exemption. Generally speaking, these are truly cool and fantastic basketball shoes as should be obvious from the image. Lebron XVI comes in the following color tones: Black with Metallic Gold, and Red with Metallic Gold.

Customers’ Reviews Over The Best Basketball Shoes

People who bought the pair of these basketball shoes are really happy about their purchase. The buildup strategy behind these sneakers is just amazing that fulfills the customers’ needs up to the mark. The padding of these basketball shoes is super comfortable and it perfectly fits the feet. You can wear it all the long day and you would not get tired of it and reviews clearly depict that your feet will stay in the comfort zone.

You can not play b-ball wearing tennis shoes that you use while hanging out as it requires an alternate kind of shoes. As you need to kick the ball immovably and giving such hard strokes to the ball with common shoes is unimaginable without getting injured. Likewise, you need to run quickly and what not to accomplish for winning your fight against rivals. Considering all these factors, Nike has designed these shoes and buyers are totally satisfied with the purchase saying it worth the money.




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