[Reviewed] Night Light Projectors For Kids

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We have compiled this list to help you select the night light projectors for kid’s room. Night lamp projectors are placed inside a room to help the sleepers have a deep and soothing night rest by projecting visualization of different things. These night lamps are often placed in the kid’s room to have them asleep peacefully. There are lots of night lamp projectors available in the market that offer different projections. So which one to select? Read our review to have a better understanding of best night lamps available in the market.

Top 7 Night Light Projectors For Kids

1: Winique star Ocean Wave Galaxy Light Projector for Night:

Winique star Ocean Wave Galaxy Light Projector for Night

Key features:
  • Remote controlled
  • 4 color options
  • Built in music player


This instant function light projector for room projects a beautiful twinkling star field with a colorfully transforming undersea world. Now you can make your child’s room peaceful and beautiful with this night light ceiling projector that projects beautifully moving stars and ocean waves so babies can dream peacefully.

This projector with cool nightlights for toddlers is remote control which lets you control every feature and settings from the comfort of your bed. The different time setting on this star ceiling projector night light lets you play it for the time limit of your choice. This baby night light projector also has an auto-turn off function after 4 hours of continuous playing.

The built-in music player lets you connect the projector with your phone via Bluetooth so that your baby can enjoy beautiful music while sleeping.


  • Remote control access to every setting
  • Stars and sea world projection
  • Music player can be pair up with Bluetooth or U-disk
  • Different timing settings for battery saving
  • Different color options let you sleep peacefully
  • Colorful lightning mode


  • Requires an electrical power source
  • Not battery operated
  • Automatically turns off after 4 hours
Customer review:

I am obsessed with these night lights. I have shared these with my social media and all my friends asked me where I bought this from. These are the best light I ever bought. These night light give my room a feeling of ocean waves. Love the remote control personalization.

2: Kistra Night Light Star Project for Kids room (6 films):

Kistra Night Light Star Project for Kids room

key features:
  • Variety of colors
  • Music player with 18 songs
  • Remote control
  • 6 cartoon projection films

Kistra is a well-recognized brand for making best night light for kids and adults’ rooms. This awesome night lights for adults is equally suitable for kid’s room as it offers a variety of different colors and brightness level that can be adjusted according to your mood and your kid’s preferences.

The projector has built in music player with already installed songs that you can play while sleeping for a peaceful night rest of your kids. This baby light projector ceiling comes with 6 different projections films that show cartoons and let your kids fantasize about their dream worlds while sleeping.

This night light projectors for kids also has a timer option so your child can sleep easily and the projector will turn itself off after 1-2 hours to save energy. The base of this baby night light projector with music lets you adjust the face of projector according to the room’s setting. It allows you to move the projector on a 360 degree angle.


  • Easy to adjust brightness and colors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to adjust angle and face of the projector
  • Built in music player with songs
  • Projection films option make it ideal for any room
  • Auto turn off setting for long battery life
  • Remote control for easy maneuverability from the comfort of your bed
  • Battery powered


  • No option to play customized songs
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
Customer review:

My kids love this night light. It helps the baby to fall asleep easily. The remote control allows to control it easily. It is very convenient. The baby likes it very much.

3: ELECBYTES night light star projector for babies and kids’ bedroom:

ELECBYTES night light star projector for babies and kids’ bedroom

key features:
  • Remote control and timer
  • LED digital display
  • 8 color options

The ELECBYTES childrens night light projector is made according to the demands and reviews of the customers. This best night light projector offers 8 different color options from which you can choose according to your baby’s mood.

The remote lets you control the projector from a distance of 32 feet and the auto-timers save energy when you and you baby falls asleep. The cool night light projector has LED display which doesn’t hurt your eyes in dark. The night lamp rotates its projection on 360 degrees to give your child’s room a proper fantasy vibe.

This best childrens night light projection has 1200 mAh built in battery that works for 13 to 14 hours after a single full recharge. The product is easy to return, exchange or refund if the customer is not satisfied with it.


  • Beautiful design
  • Remote control access from 32 feet
  • 8 color options to set according to mood
  • Auto timer saves battery
  • Built in powerful long lasting battery
  • Battery works up to 14 hours on a single recharge
  • 360 degrees projection


  • No music playing
  • Not real galaxy projections
Customer review:

I always had a hard time convincing my kids to go to bed. They never wanted to go to sleep and always resisted. Now every time I ask them if they want to go to bed and look at the stars, they are excited to lay down. Watching the stars make them sleep pretty quickly. I love the timer option.

4: SOAIY LED light Aurora Projection Sleep soother:

SOAIY LED light Aurora Projection Sleep soother


key features:
  • Dual use projector
  • 9 lighting patterns
  • Built in speaker

The SOAIY musical night light for toddlers has dual purpose function. You can use this toddler night light projector to project colorful night light across the ceiling, or remove the dome to use it as an aurora projector. This best nightlight for sleep can be tilted at 45 degrees angle for convenient projection on any part of the room.

The built in speaker has a 3.5 mm audio jack that lets you play your child’s favorite lullaby through your phone one the speaker. The volume adjusting option helps to put your baby sleep easily. The projector works on a USB cable power supply or a 5 volt Ac adapter.


  • Removable dome cover
  • Projects aurora light with galaxy when dome is removed
  • Shows 9 light colors with dome on
  • 1 year warranty
  • Tilts 45 degrees to provide easy projection
  • Built in speaker with volume adjustment
  • Variety of plug in options to play music of your choice
  • Auto shut off after 1 hour
  • Safe laser
  • FDA approved


  • Not remote controlled
  • Not battery powered
Customer review:

It is a cool light projector. Price is very affordable. Solid night light with amazing projection. AUX port lets me play music of my choice. I BOUGHT IT FOR the kids but maybe I’ll use it more.

5: ETERICHOR night light 360 degree starry projection light:

ETERICHOR night light 360 degree starry projection light

Key features:
  • 2 projection themes
  • USB and battery powered
  • 8 color modes

This is the best night lamp according to the night light baby reviews. This night light projectors for kids has two interchangeable shades for different projection. The sea world projector shows beautiful sea creatures swimming around your baby’s room while the starry night projector shows stars and moons hung up at the ceiling and the walls.

This baby night light projector provides 8 different lighting colors for easy sleeping. The projector is battery powered and can also be powered through USB cable. This light projector for room is made of BPA free materials and is safe for your baby’s room.


  • Dual mode
  • 8 lighting options to help babies sleep
  • Beautiful ocean world display
  • Fantastic starry night projection
  • Dual powered
  • Can work on battery and USB cable
  • BPA free materials
  • 360 degrees rotation


  • No music player
  • No remote control
Customer review:

It is a very beautiful night light projector. My daughter loves it. Watching the starry display helps her to sleep instantly. The different colors let me choose according to her choice. She likes the blue most. It is definitely worth buying.

6: CLOUD B Turtle Night light Classic Star projector:

CLOUD B Turtle Night light Classic Star projector

Key features:
  • Shows actual constellation projection
  • 3 different lights
  • 8 constellations

There are always fun night lights toddlers love to see. This amazing starry night projector displays 8 different actual constellation which the children will love. The parents can sit with their children and identify different constellations with the help of user manual. This will help in a great bonding between the baby and the parents.

The plush turtle is very cute and the children will love to keep it on their side table. The shell is made of plastic so there is no fear of it falling down and breaking. The projector also has an auto-timer option.


  • Beautiful display with actual constellations
  • Helps your kid sleep with peaceful surrounding
  • Made from good and safe materials
  • Automatically changing light
  • 3 colorful lights
  • Battery powered


  • No music player
  • Auto-turn off can be annoying
Customer review:

We have this night lamp for many years. It is not only a night light for us, but also more of a sleep soother for babies. They love to watch the stars while the lamp drifts them to sleep. The easy one push start button lets me restart the cycle after it turns of automatically. Both children love it. I bought one for my daughter’s room too.

7: Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projector and soother with melodies:

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projector and soother with melodies

key features:
  • Starry sky display
  • 5 sounds to choose from
  • 3 changing colorful lights

These polyester fabric nightlights for toddlers room are available in the shape of a slumber elephant. The beautiful night projector projects a view of fantastic stars on baby’s room ceiling and wall. The changing light colors in this childrens night light lamps automatically change to blue, green and red.

This battery powered night light play 5 different nature sounds and meditative songs to help your baby sleep fats and easier. The 3 easy volume control options let you play the sound according to the baby’s needs. This baby night light projector with music has three auto shut off timer options.


Children friendly product

Changing light colors

Battery powered

Different sounds for easy sleeping

Volume setting option let you increase or decrease volume

Auto shut off


Shut off time is very short

Customer review:

We have had this night light for 2 and a half years. My children love it. it has always helped the children with night time sleep issues. I bought it for my son and he just started sleeping instantly looking at the stars. I had to buy another night too, so that both kids would be happy. This is an affordable night light with great features.

Things to look for when buying a best night light projectors for kids:

So you have decided to buy a night light projector for your kid’s room? But how to know which things to look out for when going to buy these projectors to ensure that you get the best product? There are a few things to keep in mind while deciding on a best night lamp to ensure you get the best product in the market.

Modes for Color/brightness:

Night lamp projectors have different light and brightness modes for the convenience of the sleeper. You need to check out for the modes of changing lights that the night lamp can provide as it has an effect on the sleeping quality. Some night lamps offer three to four changing lights settings while others can have up to 8 modes of changing lights and brightness.


Some night lamps have built in speakers to play soothing music while you or your kids are sleeping. Look for the night lamps which provide this features.

Power Source:

While other night light projectors are not battery powered, some night lamps often work on rechargeable battery. It is a good choice to select a night lamp which has a built in battery and comes with a charger, so that you can have a long battery life.

The electric night lights should have a long cord and the plug system should be according to the sockets in your home.

User friendly:

The night light projectors also need to be user friendly. Some night lamps are remote controlled for greater maneuverability. You can adjust the light setting, sound and brightness with the remote control.


The night lamp should be safe to move around without having the fear of it breaking or falling. The more portable a night lamp, the safer it would be to place it in a kid’s room.


While some night lamps are available at cheap prices, some are way expensive. You should consider different night lamps to have a clear knowledge of the offered price of different products so you can get best product at reasonable price.


Design of a night lamp for kids’ room is very important. The night lamp should not only be beautiful, but should also complement the room where it is being put. The design should also be according to the likeness of your kid so that they will like this little piece of attraction.

Now that you have a clear knowledge of the things to look out for when buying these night lamps, let’s review some of the best night light projectors available in the market.


Children often have a hard time sleeping at night and they fear dark so they can have difficulty sleeping. Night lights are used to brighten any room, but the night lamps for children’s rooms should be more than just ordinary lights. They need to be attractive for babies so that they can sleep easily without being afraid.

These night lamps can be placed inside your child’s room so that can fall asleep easily fantasizing about the starry world on ocean’s depth and they can start fresh and happy in the morning.

All of the above mentioned night light projectors are amazing to put in any children room. With all the great customer reviews for these products, we are sure that your baby will love any of these night lamps and it will help them relax and sleep easily.

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: what is the best night light projector for kid’s room?

Answer: Kistra Night Light Star Project for Kids room provide six different projections for your kids room, has a portable and safe design. Which is why we think that it is the best night light projector for kids of any age.

Question 2: what age should a kid stop using night light?

Answer: it depends on your child’s preference, as night lights are used to provide comfortto children and let them sleep easily. If your child doesn’t want one in his room, you can stop using it.

Question 3: what color light helps a kid sleep?

Answer: warm red light is recommended by psychiatrists and scientists to help in sleep therapy. Even NASA scientists recommend red light as the optimum color to have a soothing sleep.

Question 4: can you leave a night light on all night?

Answer: night lights are very safe to use. While these night lights can be left on for all night after taking manufacturer’s recommended safety precaution, some night lights come with auto-shutt option for user’s convenience.

Question 5: are night lights good for toddlers?

Answer: toddlers can be afraid of the dark. You can put them to sleep in a well-lit bright room. Night lights help children sleep in an accurately designed night light for kids so they can jhave a peaceful slumber.



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