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Movement God Metal Swing Set; Best Heavy Duty Swing Set for Adults

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The steel frame backyard swing has 2 swing sets which for children as well as adults swings. Two children having ages from 3 to 8 years can easily use it conveniently. The frame is capable of handling a weight of 100 lbs for each seat making a total capacity up to 200 lbs. The frame of the swing is powder-coated which makes it rust-resistant as well as UV-protects the swing frame from overheating under the sun.

The powder-coated paint also saves the swing frame from color fading or discoloration. This paint also helps the swing against corrosion. Its metal-designed frame has no fragments, deforming, or rough edges unlike in the case of wooden swings. The design is safe and has sturdy steel-pole construction having hard round edges which are covered with round plastic caps

One of the main benefits of metallic playground swing sets is that are hard-wearing and long-lasting. This metal frame of the swing set retains its strength and maintains its color due to its UV-resistant quality feature. The powder-coating paint also helps the metallic pipe to reduce heat retention during hot sunny days. The swing set has low maintenance, no stain and no painting is needed. After many years of use if the paint is required then you have a wide range of colors to choose from and can easily change the color of this swing. This allows us the freedom to design and redesign the swing as per our needs and liking. Another good feature of this swing set is that it is free-standing and no cement is required.

Safety and security of the kids is the utmost requirement, so while having this swing set in your backyard, you are satisfied that your children are safe in your backyard. The swing passes the ASTM playground safety standards, that is the American Society for Testing Materials.

The total weight of the swing set is 41 lbs. its installation is quite smooth and takes not more than an hour to assemble the swing. But during installation remember to tighten all the screws tight, because during swinging the screws may get loose. Although the seats are hard plastic but do not develop cracks and wide enough to fit-in the young children.
The only regret is that adults or parents cannot swing along with their kids. The swing is for a small yard.
So sitting in your green lawn or backyard on a wooden bench with a cup of hot coffee, while looking at your kids swinging sounds like cool relaxing fun!



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