How to mount a scope on an ar15?

Last updated on August 11th, 2021 at 06:22 am

Rifle scopes have been famous for more than a decade. The new technologies and ranges have enhanced the shooting experience and given something to look forward to. No matter how expensive your riflescope is, the mounting process always proves to be a problem. Even if you are an experienced shooter, the mount is the only reason for your failure as it is tricky and requires great precision. In case of a misaligned scope, you would have to restart the whole shooting process which is very time consuming. The optic and the bore should be in the same line of direction while shooting. As the whole mounting process is very difficult, we have prepared a guide to help you analyze easy and promising ways on how to mount a scope on an ar15.

What tools would I need?

There is a variety of tools that you will need to successfully mount the scope. Although you can use the basic simple tools, they might end up damaging the optics which will not work in your favor. You should have a shooting rest to place the rifle. Moreover, it will test the accuracy of the scope and help in analyzing the shooting target. It is important for you to have rubbing alcohol to completely sanitize the parts of ar15 before mounting. A bubble level is required while installing a scope as it will help in getting more accuracy and ensure that the optic is leveled before the installation process. A cantilever scope mount is needed as it has a forward reach double ring and comes with two sets of rings to fit the weaver rails. Other than these, you require a torque wrench because it is a handy tool and a hex bit tool with wrenches.

Before beginning the mounting, you should calm yourself down and be patient while conducting the process. The first step to do is to remove all the gun magazines and place the gun in the shooting rest. Use the bubble level to set it and a straight level and get ready. After the ar15 in stable and leveled, take the scope mount and place it on the upper receiver. Then tighten it over the receiver, just enough that it should be stable. Do not over tighten the scope. Then use the torque wrench for the tightening process. Different mounts have different torque levels; you should see what suits you the best. After securely placing the scope mount, take the optic and drop it onto the scope. Make sure that the rings rest on the flat surface of the scope. Then use the top portion of the rings, place them over the optics and tighten it in an “X” pattern. Each side of the ring should have the same gap levels and it should be tightened a lot. After the tightening is done, there should be some gap left for the optics to move.

Afterwards, align the reticle vertically and horizontally and place the bubble level on the flat part of ar15. It is preferred to have it in the shooting rest. After the alignment of crosshair, make sure that the optic and the scope are aligned. After following all these steps, all you need to do it tighten the scope rings completely through an X motion so that the screws on either side are tightened as well.

How To Mount a Scope [On Your AR-15]

Bottom line:

If you plan on doing long rage shootings, you should buy the scope ring lapping kit. Hopefully, this article and guidelines were helpful in properly mounting the scope on the ar15. It is recommend to keep everything in check through the bubble is better to start with an efficient process than to start over later. Happy shooting!



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