Most Searched For – in 2022 [On Wikipedia]

It’s been a long year filled with nonstop news headlines.

Ukraine, Russia War. Elizabeth II passed away. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. FIFA World Cup Elon Musk and anything related to him.

Even Wikipedia can experience that phenomenon. However, in 2022, one English Wikipedia article in particular captured the attention of people like you more than any other: Jeffrey Dahmer.

Despite the fact that the most recent murder committed by this American serial murderer took place more than 20 years ago, interest in Dahmer increased after Netflix produced Monster, a ten-part true crime anthology on his life. 

Over fifty million times have people visited Wikipedia in an effort to learn more about Dahmer’s horrifying deeds.

The top articles on the English Wikipedia in 2022 can be roughly divided into the following groups:

  1. mainstream media (such as Dahmer)
  2. current events and pop culture
  3. Death and Combat

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Mainstream media

most search for in 2022 on wikipediaAlthough Jeffrey Dahmer may be the category’s main attraction, he was by no means the only reason you all visited Wikipedia.

Using Wikipedia as a second screen for what you were watching was a recurring topic in 2022, whether it was to acquire background information, plot spoilers, or to find out which actor is starring in your current binge.

Before witnessing Elvis and Inventing Anna, people looked up Anna Sorkin and Elvis Presley, or they looked up House of the Dragon to refresh their memories of the previous episode. The interest in House of the Dragon actually peaked each week as new episodes were aired by HBO, followed by a long tail of interest when viewers finally caught up.

Top Gun: Maverick and K.G.F: Chapter 2 were predictable entries this year, breaking box office records. They appeared in the Multiverse of Madness alongside The Batman and Doctor Strange, showing our enduring infatuation with superheroes in popular culture.

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Current Events

FootballElon Musk has been a constant presence on numerous English-language media sites for the majority of this year.

Wikipedia acknowledged this.

The business magnate’s announcement that he had reached a deal to buy the social media network Twitter in April last year drew more visitors to Wikipedia than any other time in his history.

What, therefore, is more well-liked than Musk? The World Cup of FIFA! This year’s edition of the well-known international sports competition that happens every four years is taking place in Qatar, despite a number of worries. It was already on this list during the 2018 World Cup.

The two main World Cup entries on English Wikipedia, one about the current tournament and the other about its history since it was founded in 1930, have been read a combined total of 55 million times this year. This number will keep rising until a winner is announced.

Finally, the defamation trial that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had before a judge from April to June 2022 was what brought attention to both of them.

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Queen Elizabeth II, 

The queen with the longest reign of any woman passed away this year as well (that can be verified by historians). As stated in this round-up from last year, “Elizabeth and the British monarchy have been showing up on these most-popular Wikipedia article lists for a time now.”

Since The Crown came out on Netflix in 2016, Queen Elizabeth has been on these lists every year. People are still very interested in the House of Windsor. This was especially clear in 2017, when about a quarter of the list was about it.

The level of attention given to Elizabeth II this year following her passing was extraordinary (as far as we can tell). We counted 19.9 million hits in just one day on her Wikipedia articles in roughly 200 different languages, with non-English languages accounting for nearly 60% of those hits.

If you extrapolate that across the entire year, in 2022, approximately 100 million people will read Elizabeth II-related pages on Wikipedia across all languages.

Elizabeth was not the only person who was interested in the British Royal Family. On English Wikipedia, more than 23 million people went to the page about Elizabeth’s son and successor, Charles III. On the other hand, more than 14 million people went to the page about Elizabeth’s father and predecessor, George VI, which put it just outside the top 25 percent.

The Complete List

  1. Ukraine Russia War, 48,019,334
  2. Deaths in 2022, 42,642,418* 
  3. Elizabeth II, 43,169,454 
  4. 2022 FIFA World Cup, 40,558,525
  5. 26,215,947 Elon Musk
  6. 24,837,180 Vladimir Putin’s age.
  7. 23,391,191 for Charles III
  8. 22,552,793 in Ukraine
  9. 19,629,645 Amber Heard
  10. John Travolta, 19,206,371
  11. Ronaldo, Cristiano, 18,739,591
  12. Russo-Ukrainian War, 17,749,001
  13. American population: 17,661,018
  14. 16,603,283 House of the Dragon players
  15. 16,440,393 Anna Sorokin
  16. Maverick, 16,063,379 in Top Gun
  17. 16,063,178 K.G.F: 
  18. Chapter 2 of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness; 16,025,669 
  19. RRR (film); 15,735,829
  20. 15,658,332 for Elvis Presley
  21. 15,319,634 Rishi Sunak
  22. World Cup of FIFA, 15,089,693
  23. 15,013,274 views of The Batman (movie).
  24. 14,360,030 Diana, Princess of Wales


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