[Reviewed] Most Expensive Kitchen Knives

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Cooking is an art and mastering the culinary is a dream of every chef. If you are a true chef then you might know the significance of the most expensive kitchen knives.

If you are a pro or amateur or even a seasonal chef, it is important for you to know about the types of knives available in the market.

Why rush to the market when we are providing you the complete assistance in one single article from the scratch as we are mentioning the best knife in the world along with the specifications and purpose.

Top 6MostExpensiveKitchen Knives

1. Dalstrong Shogun Series

Dalstrong Shogun Series

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Key Features

  • G-10 military grade handle
  • Made out of carbon stainless Steel
  • Ultra-sharp
  • Rust-resistants

The first best chef knife in the world that we are reviewing is Dalstrong Shogun Series. Although it is the most expensive knife in the world, it works like a pro.

Dalstrong Shogun Series is an ultimate chef knife. The manufacturers made this top rated chef knives with the high-carbon stainless steel that has 66 layers. It enhances the strength of the knife.

The scalpel design of this most expensive kitchen knives. If you use it for cutting the meat or salmon then this is the perfect choice as it while cutting the meat piece it keeps the flavor intact.

When you begin to use this most expensive kitchen knives then it starts cutting ruthlessly. The Dalstrong, expensive kitchen knife set has the hammered exquisite finish that prevents food to stick with the blade and also the friction.

Well, that’s what makes this knife the most expensive knife in the world and reliable. The rust-resistance makes these best knives for cooking durable and trustworthy. That is why it gets 4.7/5 by customers.

Customer Reviews

I have started a small kitchen restaurant and was exploring the best and expensive kitchen knives brands. A friend of mine who is a chef recommended me this and no doubt it is one of the best knives for cooking.

2. Brooklyn Knife Co. Chef Knife

Brooklyn Knife Co. Chef Knife

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Key Features

  • 10 High-carbon Steel
  • Japanese Hoseki Series
  • Sharp and Efficient
  • Rust-resistants

The next knife in the list of most expensive kitchen knives we have is Brooklyn Chef knife. You can easily find it in many professional chef’s kitchens.

This best chef knife for the money is one of the top rated chef knives because of the ultra-premium high-carbon AUS 10 stainless steel build.

This most expensive chefs knives are durable because it has the anti-corrosion properties and the solid sturdy handle that allows the solid grip.

The sharp blade makes it easy for the user to chop or cut finely. With this, even you can make your meat mince with the help of Brooklyn. Overall, this product 4.6/5.

Customer Reviews

This knife will not disappoint you. I got my knife and it is very well designed and balanced.

3. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

Zelite Infinity Chef KnifeCheck Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • 45 Layered High-carbon Steel
  • 60mm deep Blade
  • Forged G-10 Handle
  • Non-Stick Blade

The 3rd most expensive kitchen knives are Zelite Infinity. This knife has a 10 inches long blade manufactured with the 45 layers of high carbon stainless steel. This gives it the most expensive knife in the world look.

It possesses 60mm of the blade’s depth ensuring high clearance of knuckle. It could be one of the most expensive kitchen knife as its blade is non-stick so you don’t have to wipe it again and again.  This is made of the rust-resistant blade that keeps the knife durable.

The sharp razor of this knife makes it the best chef knife in the world as it cut efficiently and saves a lot of time. It can effortlessly cut any kind of meat, vegetables, fish or fruits. That would be a perfect choice for your kitchen that is why this knife has got a 4.6/5 rating.

Customer Reviews

This is a great knife. The handle has a perfect grip. No matter what if you are a beginner or a pro, this knife will never let you down. It is efficient and saves my time.

4. ZWILLING Professional Knife

4. ZWILLING Professional Knife 

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Key Features

  • High-carbon Steel
  • 15 Degree edge angle
  • Forged Knife
  • Has 3 rivets

The next product that is lined as the expensive kitchen knife set is Zwilling professional knife. It is manufactured in Germany with a special formula of high carbon steel.

The handle of this most expensive kitchen knives has 3 rivets that hold the handle solid and intact for the perfect grip. This makes the whole knife durable.

This is a sigma forged knife made from a solid single piece of steel which makes the blade of these best knives for cooking perfect for cutting vegetables and fruits.

Zwilling is ideal for cutting at meat, vegetables or even fruits at any angle. That is why the knife got 4.8/5.

Customer Reviews

I accidentally bought this knife as I was about to buy a 6 inches blade but then I decided to keep it when I received it because of its style and efficiency.

5. Shun Hiro SG2 6 Inches

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Key Features

  • 32 Layered Damuscus Nickel
  • Dark Charcoal Handle
  • 65 layers of metal
  • Limited Warranty

The second last knives that we have for you is Shun Hiro SG2. This is the most expensive knife in the world is made of Japanese Steel with the 32 layers of Damascus nickel that makes a solid and sharp blade. A total of 65 layers of metal on each side.

The edge retention of this most expensive kitchen knife is 64 degrees. The handle of these best knives for cooking is made of Pakkawood, the dark charcoal with the crimson-colored striation.

The blade of the Shun Hiro is embossed with the pattern with the tsuchime hammered finish. The dense structure of this knife enables the user to hold and maintain the angle. The rust-resistant feature makes it durable. Overall, this product got 4.6/5.

Customer Reviews

I got this knife as a gift from a friend when I shifted to my new apartment. I used to cut frozen pizza. It was quite sharp as it cut it in just a single go.

6. Wusthof Professional Chef Knife

Wusthof Professional Chef Knife 

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Key Features

  • Three Rivets
  • Precision Edge Technology
  • All-purpose knife
  • Ergonomic Handle

The last knife that we are reviewing is Wusthof. This kitchen knife is essential if you are planning to begin your career in culinary. This is the best knife for cooking is an all-purpose knife that means you can cut vegetables, meat, fruits, fish and even with this knife you can mince the meat.

The sturdy handle of this most expensive kitchen knives has 3 rivets in the handle that ensure a solid and firm grip. The handle is made of the durable synthetic material that keeps it protected from discoloration and makes it long-lasting.

This knife is a perfect choice for both home cooks and for professionals as it is made with the perfect angles. The blade of this knife is made with high-carbon steel. So, not only the handle but also the blade is responsible to make this knife to be lined in the list of most expensive knives in the world. This knife got a 4.8/5 rating.

Customer Reviews

I am a home cook and wanted to open my own restaurant one day so I started to follow Gordon Ramsy. He was the reason behind getting this knife and I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

Things you need to know Before Buying Most Expensive Kitchen Knives


Knives are usually made in two ways that includes Stamped and Forged

  • Stamped knives: these kind of knives are made with machine. These kind of knives are punched out from a piece of steel. The edges of the stamped knives are sharpened later without changing the thickness of the knife. If you are getting stamped knife then to maintain its sharpness, you have keep a knife sharpener replace it time by time.
  • Forged Knives: these kind of knives are manufactured after applying extreme heat on the steel which is later molded into the desired shape. They are the high-quality ones and a bit costly comparing with stamped knives. The process of forging creates a strong blade that will stay intact with the passage of time.
  • Forged knife is suggested if you are looking for durable knife.

The Weight

  • The weight of a chef knife is important. The right weight of the knife effects the cutting styles.
  • 11.67 ounces weight knife. In general, knives are available for different purposes. This kind of knife is used for general purpose.
  • The knives that are used to cut meat or something with depth weighs more and has the 4 inches height.


  • Maintaining the knife’s is compulsory. Many knives are prone to get infected by corrosion and loses its sharpness as well.
  • High-end knives however, made from carbon steel are sturdier and strong as compared to the knives made of stainless steel but it does not mean that these knives are a No to be bought.
  • Some knives also offer ceramic knives which are lighter than the metal knives. The turn off for them is once they begin to dull, they become harder to sharp. Only professional can take care of it as compared to the newbie cook.


  • Knives dullness could be frustrating. Many knives come sharpened but many companies give a long road shaped sharpener along the set allowing the user to sharp it yourself.
  • There are electric knife sharpeners available but for home use, there are steel rods available that for home use. You can simply swipe the knife against the rod. It wont completely sharpen the knife but it can hone the dull edges of your blade.

Types of Kitchen Knives

Let’s just see what the main types that are available are as they all are significant in their own way. Different knives are available for different purposes. You can find the knives that are

  • Perfect for cutting meat/brisket
  • For carving
  • For vegetable cutting
  • Knife for cutting bread

The carving knife is the one that has a pointed tip with a look of a scalpel. This kind of knife is used for carving fruits and vegetables.

The knife that is perfect for cutting meat/brisket or fish has a thin and flexible blade with small passages that can easily cut the chunk of meat.

Knives that are for cutting bread loaves are serrated. These knives have the saw shaped blade which can easily cut bread or buns easily.

The regular knife that we use is actually perfect for cutting vegetables and fruits.

What are serrated knives?

Serrated knives have tooth like edge just similar to a scallop to cut any kind of food specially the loaf of bread. It looks like a saw that makes a grip first then cut the smooth slices. Whether it is a juicy vegetable or tomato it can slice it neat in a single shot.

What cutting tasks does a serrated knife?

  • Slicing food with hard and soft surface
  • Easily slices the baked products
  • Slicing a layered cake

How to Take Care of Most Expensive Kitchen Knives?

It is important to take care of every single thing that belongs to our kitchen specifically the knives that we are using. The thing that matters the most is maintain the sharpness of the knife.

Let’s just give you some Dos for maintaining the knife and keeping it best chef knife in the world.

  • When you are done using your knife, wash it with Luke warm water but remember don’t take this knife directly under hot or boiling water.
  • Buy a wooden holder or a magnet. This not only prevents any cut but also keeps the sharpness of the knife.
  • Try not to wash you knife under dishwasher. Make sure you wash it by hand instead of any machine. Also, it can damage your washer so better not to take risk.
  • After washing, cover the knife.

As we always prefer the ease of our readers, we suggest you to spend some extra bucks and buy a knife sharpener.

How to Sharpen Dull Knives?


Knives are an essential part of every kitchen without which you cannot do anything. Many of us do not have any idea about which knife is for which purpose. We just take a single knife and use it for cutting meat, fruits, vegetables, and even bread.

The professional chefs or even some of the home cooks have a little knowledge about the difference in the knives. You do not have to worry as we have reviewed the best and most expensive kitchen knives along with their types and how to take care of them.

Hope we helped.


Why are knives so expensive?

The professional knives are the most expensive kitchen knives. The more expensive the knife is, the more durable it is. For more assistance, visit

What are the best kitchen knives on the market?

To get to know about the best knife in the world of the expensive kitchen knife set, visit

What is the best steel for kitchen knives?

The best steel for kitchen knives is stainless steel. Make sure that the knife is made of high-carbon stainless steel




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