Mass Layoffs? NO its Mass Resignations at Twitter

The Atlantic provides an excellent overview of what is going on at Twitter. Musk gave his employees an ultimatum yesterday at 5 p.m. ET: either they join “hardcore Twitter” with long hours and a lot of work, or they will be fired in three months.

Citing anonymous sources, Twitter’s already small staff got even smaller on Thursday after “hundreds” of employees took CEO Elon Musk up on his offer of three months’ pay to quit rather than join his plan for a new “extremely hardcore” work culture. 

Chaos in hand

According to The Verge, multiple “critical” engineering teams have either completely or nearly completely resigned. Some of them are from Twitter’s traffic team, which takes care of the platform’s core system libraries, and its 24/7 emergency Command Center team.

 “The best people are staying,” Musk wrote on Twitter, “so I’m not overly concerned.”


Will it be a Problem?

Bloomberg says that Twitter will “certainly have trouble fixing problems or updating systems” while it is running normally.

Musk had already cut the platform’s workforce in half, to around 3,600 people, prior to the latest departures.

Unfortunately, far too many employees chose to leave. Employees who still have badge access to the building have been denied access until Monday.

Wild. To sum up, just because a leader is good at building things like SpaceX and Tesla does not mean that those skills can be used to run a social network.

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Future Income

Musk appears to have no idea what advertisers want and, in some ways, despises them completely. I agree with him that making a great product is the best way to advertise a brand, but advertisers make up 90% of Twitter’s income. 

He’s encouraged the flood of brand-unsafe content (some of it from himself) and either laid off or created conditions in which too many Twitter employees have now left, putting the platform at risk of failure. 

None of this should make advertisers feel at all at ease. No one likes seeing a platform dismantled.

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