Madness of “Growth at All Costs” – Founders and Media

Theranos FTX a different takeThe unicorn founder, who is between the ages of 20 and 30, is widely admired. These disruptor founders are pushed to their limits by crazed investor expectations and teams that desperately want their founder to be correct. 

It goes like this: the entrepreneurs have a great idea, investors begin to throw capital their way, young teams begin to believe, and before you know it, the market begins to demand more than the founders’ and teams’ experience can ever hope to deliver. 

Then they run into changes in the market and bumps in the road that they can’t avoid, and everything starts to shake. The market, investors, and media then blame the founder.

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Who to blame?

These entrepreneurs begin to believe their own press. Can you really blame them? They are constantly told that they are infallible and brilliant. In the music industry, we break talent into pieces by demanding so much.

 At all costs, perform! Continue your tours! More music, please! Set a good example! Is it any surprise that these gifted individuals falter and make mistakes? 

They are humans, and they are not as perfect as we would like them to be. Future business leaders face the same constant pressure and adoration. 

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The Lost Patience

Even a seasoned entrepreneur would have difficulty running a business that multiplied but didn’t have a plan or the experience to scale.

We make it easy for these new business owners to feel they need to come up with shortcuts and lies to grow and meet ridiculously high standards.

This, of course, does not absolve the Elizabeths and Sams of the world, whose businesses were built on deception. 

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The point is 

to emphasize the long-forgotten truth that experience and demonstrated ability to scale do matter. 

We can’t expect a 30-year-old (or anyone else) to run a billion-dollar company successfully if they aren’t surrounded by experienced leaders and investors, move at a sensible pace, and have a strong board of directors. 

In today’s world, there is a real need for less greed for speed. Investors and the media both contribute to the creation of business idols who, let’s face it, like the rest of us, still have a lot to learn.

One of the most important lessons 

here is the importance of surrounding brilliance with experience, not to slow it down but to help it shine and grow at a sustainable and brave pace.


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