Love Letter for the Modern Age: ChatGPT’s Valentine’s Day Message

Every morning it seems like a new article claims that ChatGPT would destroy something, whether it’s jobs, SEO, copywriting, Google, or creativity. At this point, romance may be added to the list of its possible victims.

What Is ChatGPT?

A big language model called ChatGPT trained on a ton of text data can produce text that frighteningly resembles human speech in response to a specific stimulus.

  • Reinforcement Learning through Human Feedback, according to OpenAI, is a machine learning method used to train the ChatGPT model (RLHF).
  • It may mimic conversation, respond to follow-up inquiries, acknowledge errors, refute false premises, and reject unsuitable requests.
  • Users may ask it to produce essays, song lyrics, novels, marketing pitches, screenplays, complaint letters, and even poetry in response to text prompts.

Artificial Intelligence

There is extra pressure to find the perfect words to describe our feelings on Valentine’s Day since not all of us are fluent in the language of love.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform your greeting card into a Shakespearean play or, at the very least, an Enrique Iglesias song.

  • It has acknowledged that it is considering incorporating ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot, into its web platform.
  • Customers will thus be able to add a customized message within their card using the big language model.
  • ChatGPT can comprehend human language, have conversations with people, and produce descriptive writing since it has been trained on a significant sample of text from the internet.
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Elon Musk

Because the program is now free, academic institutions have prohibited it because students have been utilizing it to do their homework.

  • Elon Musk claims that it signifies the end of schoolwork, but Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, claims that it will “assist us with educating kids.”
  • Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and co-founder of OpenAI, which is the firm behind ChatGPT, received funding from Microsoft.
  • To mention only a few of its uses, it has also been used to pass examinations, give sermons, build software, and create legal papers.

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ChatGPT AI Algorithms

According to reports, a lady even filed for divorce from her spouse after taking its relationship counsel.

But will romance itself benefit from it in the same way? By asking it to create cards and poetry for Valentine’s Day, MailOnline puts it to the test.

The company hopes to use AI to improve client experiences.

  • It involves allowing users to choose a message or poetry that ChatGPT created and utilize it to make product recommendations.
  • A large amount of personal information on its clients, such as hobbies, card preferences, dates of birth, marital status, and gender.
  • Such trends in the data may be recognized by AI algorithms, which they can then use to carry out activities like individualized product suggestions.
  • Without being specifically taught to do so, machine learning algorithms may keep picking up new skills to help them improve at a given activity.

It has significantly invested in integrating AI into our platform, leveraging machine learning to provide tailored promos and suggestions.

Recent advancements “offer intriguing new possibilities,” We are experimenting with how they may be utilized to assist our clients in writing motivational words and designing their cards.

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The reseller of playing cards is also considering adding DALL-E, a text-to-image converter created by OpenAI, to its online store.

This AI can produce pictures from plain text, insert things into existing photos, or even offer several perspectives on a given image.

  • A DALL-E widget will let clients alter an existing picture for the front of their card or upload a new one.
  • Two hundred fifty data scientists are working on the website and are considering adding codes that point to digital experiences or celebrity video greetings like those on Cameo.
  • Last year, it completed the $124 million purchase of Smartbox Group, the proprietor of seasoned retailer Red Letter Days.
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Survey by McAfee

It is supported by a recent McAfee study published one week before Valentine’s Day. 

More than 5,100 people were surveyed by McAfee, who asked them several questions regarding their romantic relationships and preferred methods of communication. 

It went particularly in-depth on the issues raised by the employment of ChatGPT and other AI technologies to support such communication.

In contrast to less than one-fifth of women, the findings indicated that 42% of American males want to utilize AI to compose Valentine’s cards this year. 

  • Although 50% of U.S. respondents indicated they agree or strongly agree with the statement “I would be sad or offended if I found out my Valentine’s greeting was written by a machine / Artificial Intelligence,” they did not express this sentiment.
  • Nevertheless, according to McAfee’s study, most individuals wouldn’t even be able to discern whether or not ChatGPT wrote a Valentine’s Day letter. 
  • 39% of respondents given a love letter written by ChatGPT claimed it was “clearly a human author.” 
  • 37% more people said they had no means to know. Only 24% of people correctly identified ChatGPT as the letter’s author.

In addition, McAfee asked respondents to choose between two brief love poems, one written by E. E. Cummings and the other by ChatGPT in his vein. 

With 67% of American respondents stating that ChatGPT’s poetry was more romantic, it easily won the contest.

What’s most intriguing is maybe the justification for using ChatGPT to create a unique Valentine’s card for a special someone:

  • 32% of respondents said that the AI-written letter would boost their confidence.
  • 24% of respondents said they didn’t know what to say or what their spouse wanted to hear.
  • 20% of respondents said it was a time-saving measure.
  • I don’t think my love interest or partner would know, and it would be fast and simple, stated 10% of scoundrels.

What is there to say? That is love in the twenty-first century.





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