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  • The racing wheel features an advanced force feedback technology due to which the racing experience feels more life-like and realistic.
  • It has a built-in 24-position real-time adjustment dial that allows for fine turning brake bias, and other settings on the fly.
  • It also features a 900-degree turning radius or wheel rotation; through which you can go 2.5 times circular motion from lock to lock, just like as you’re sitting behindhand the wheel of your real cars.
  • The brake response and pedals are true-to-life and its throttle is precise.
  • The buttons and red dial are excellent things to have and figures are easily readable.
  • The wheel is not heavy but strong and weighs 12 pounds.


This is the official wheel of Gran Turismo racing as written on the box. The pedals are also included in the purchase. Its innovative force feedback reconstructs smashes, crashes, and adhesion loss with good level-headedness. The racing wheel is exclusive for Driving Force GT. With the help of its force feedback technology, you can experience the road for utmost control with gas and brake pedals for the crucial racing experience. You also get clear-cut throttle and brake reaction with life-like pedals.

The steering wheel can be hard mounted quite easily. That way there are zero movements at all because you’re not using the table clamps. The build and quality of this racing wheel are durable and sturdy. A racing wheel that feels excellent and decent in your hands, with lots of buttons and a gear sift that allows you to shift gear quickly and easily. The wheel is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.


  • This GT racing wheel is very solid, and responsive.
  • The pedals are independent of the racing wheel, so you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to use them.
  • Its shifter is good and smooth.
  • This is an excellent budget racing wheel for racing games such as Project Cars, Euro truck simulator 2, the American truck simulator, and other simulator and drifting games.
  • The wheel works flawlessly if you can also try out on RFactor for drifting with 900 degrees.
  • The rubber grips of the wheel are comfortable and not slippery or sliding while driving.
  • Its pedals have a better grip on the carpet and stay firm on the floor.


  • The racing wheel is not compatible on PS4 or above.
  • The software does not offer many features but lets us testing diverse road special effects with the help of the motor.
  • The base of the racing wheel can be improved to make it a little bit heavier.
  • The wheel is not compatible with USB 3.0 and instead uses USB 2.0 plugs.



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