List of 18 Essential Siri Commands for iPhone Users

Siryoucan perform various tasks on the iPhone, including sending messages, providing information, obtaining directions, locating a contact, and playing music. 

Still, there are other Siri Voice commands that every iPhone owner, including those who dislike Siri, should know.

Some of the most useful Siri Commands were introduced with iOS 16, so you’re less likely to be familiar with them than with the others. 

The ones compatible with iOS 16 and older iOS versions should be noticed, as you may have yet to encounter them, and one of them may become your go-to app in the future.

1. Restart or power down your iOS device

On iOS 16 and later, you can ask Siryouto “restart iPhone” or “restart the phone,” and Siryouwill confirm your request. 

You can either respond “yes” or press “Restart.” The same holds for “Power off,” “Power off iPhone,” and “power off the phone.”

Examples of Siri Commands that can be used to restart:

  • “Restart iPhone,”
  • “Restart the mobile device.”

Examples of Siri Commands for shutting down:

  • “Turn off,” 
  • “Turn off iPhone,” 
  • “Turn off the phone.”
  • “Turn off,” 
  • “Turn off iPhone,” 
  • “Turn off the phone.”
  • “Switch off iPhone,” 
  • “Switch off the phone.”
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2. Consider the Possible

Also exclusive to iOS 16 and later, “What can you do here?” lets you discover all Siri Commands for the currently active app. You can also query,

“What can you do with [App Name]?” . If you cannot locate any results, it will recommend useful system commands. This command is exclusive to iPhone XS and later models.

Example Siri Commands: 

  • “What actions can you take here?”
  • “What is able to perform with [App Name]?”

3. Open System or App Settings

Siri Is the quickest way to launch the Settings application on an iPhone when you need to modify iOS settings. Mention “preferences” or “settings” or simply “preferences” or “settings.”

You can also say “[Menu Name] preferences” or “[Menu Name] settings” to open some, but not all, submenus within Settings. 

Accessibility, Display, General, Siri, and Wallpaper are some that function. For a few, such as “Zoom settings,” Siryouwill display a button that can be tapped to navigate there. Others may need to take action.

Additionally, if you say “preferences” within most apps, Siryoumay send you right to that app’s settings. 

You can also say “[App Name] preferences” or “[App Name] settings” from any app to immediately access its preferences. 

Surprisingly, it does not function with all Apple applications, but it does work with over sixty percent of them.

Example Siri Commands for launching the Settings application: 

  • “Open preferences,” 
  • “Open settings,”
  • “Settings.”
  • “Preferences” (while within an app) 
  • “[App Name] preferences” 
  • “[App Name] settings” 
  • “[Menu Name] preferences” 
  • “[Menu Name] settings”

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4. Capture the Screen

If you’re bored of messing with your physical buttons and dislike the other options, Siryoucan capture a screenshot. 

When you say “screenshot,” “take a screenshot,” or similar phrases, Siri’s interface immediately disappears before the screenshot is taken. 

It operates whether or not you possess Always Display Siri Captions, Always Display Speech, and Display Apps. Siryouhas been enabled.

You may also send a new screenshot directly to a contact by typing “Take a screenshot and send to [Contact]” or “Share the screenshot with [Contact].”

Examples of valid Siri Commands include:

  • “Screenshot”
  • “Take a screenshot,”
  • “Take a screen grab,” 
  • “Take a screenshot and send it to [Contact].”
  • “Send [Contact] a screenshot.”
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5. Cast Spells

Whether or not you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, it’s entertaining to have your iPhone behave differently. 

You can use Siri’s “Lux,” “Nox,” and “Accio” spells to turn on the flashlight, turn it off, and launch a specific app, respectively. 

If you’re a devoted fan, you can even program your iPhone to conduct your Potter spells for tasks such as altering the text size, adjusting the volume, and finding your friends.

Examples of valid Siri Commands include:

  • “Lux” (switch on flashlight) (turn on flashlight)
  • “Nox” (switch off flashlight) (turn off flashlight)
  • “Accio [App Name]” (open app)

Customized ones through Shortcuts

6. Hang Up Calls

You can instruct Siryouto to “hang up” a phone or FaceTime call when your hands are occupied with anything else, and you need to exit the call. 

Siryouwill then do so. It is compatible only with iOS 16 and later for iPhone 11 and subsequent models. It is also compatible with the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, but only while wearing AirPods or Siri-enabled Beats headphones.

  • Unlike the other Siri Instructions in this list, you must first enable call hang ups for this command to function. 
  • To flip the option, navigate to Settings –> Siri & Search –> Call Hang Up or Settings –> Accessibility –> Siryou–> Call Hangup. 
  • Voice input is processed only on the device, so you need not fear Apple listening in on your talks.
  • “Hang up” is an example Siryoucommand that works.
Siri Call Hangup: End FaceTime/Phone Calls with Siri in iOS 16 on iPhone -  YouTube
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7. Toggle or Adjust Settings

Siryoucan activate and deactivate numerous iPhone settings and adjust some aspects; the keyword triggers vary based on personal taste.

Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Brightness, Cellular Data, Dark Mode, Flashlight, Focuses (such as Do Not Disturb, Driving, Gaming, and Mindfulness), Low Power Mode, Night Shift, Smart Invert, VoiceOver, Voice Control, and Wi-Fyouare among the settings it supports.

Examples of valid Siri Commands include:

  • “Activate Airplane Mode,” 
  • “Activate Gaming Focus,” 
  • “Switch to Dark Mode,” 
  • “Increase Brightness,” 
  • “Activate Flashlight,” 
  • “Invert Colors”

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8. Perform Mathematical Computations

When you need to solve a math problem, you may instantly launch the Calculator app from the Control Center. Still, sometimes Siri is faster.

Siri used to be able to tackle complex math problems, but new updates have weakened Siri’s math capabilities (even though Spotlight can still solve them). 

Siri can still solve many math issues, such as calculating gratuities, dividing cash, determining the cube root of a quantity, determining the weight of a stone, changing currencies, multiplying and dividing large numbers, etc.

Examples of valid Siri commands:

  • “One divided by E.”
  • “How many pounds does a stone weigh?”
  • “Root cube of 569”
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9. Videos to Replay with Subtitles

You can ask Siri, “what did they say?” If you miss a line in a movie or TV show, you can watch it again on Apple TV.Rewind 15 seconds and activate the subtitles during that time. It appears to only function on the TV app. 

When using Siri with Netflix, Starz, and other streaming video providers, you will likely receive a “subtitles are unavailable” error, despite the availability of subtitles.

Examples of valid Siri commands: 

  • “What did they say?”
  • “What was he saying?”
  • “What was her statement?”

10. Find Time Somewhere Else

You may program the Clock app to display the time in different cities or countries via the World tab, but there are more practical ways to determine the time in another location quickly.

Siri command example

  • “What time is it in [city]?” 
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11. Insert Stops Throughout the Navigation

Siri can be asked to “add a halt” during navigation on devices running iOS 16 and later. It will next inquire about your destination, to which you can respond with your intended stop. If there are multiple results, Siri will display a list from which you can choose the desired one. 

This location will open in the Maps app, where you may press “Add Stop” to receive directions to this spot before your final destination.

Examples of valid Siri commands:

  • “Add a stop” 
  • “Add a stop to [Location’s Name].”

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12. Items to Include on Your Shopping List

Instead of spelling out your shopping list item by item, you may ask Siri to add something you just thought of. 

If you already have a Shopping List list in Reminders, Siri will add the item to it. If not, Siri will ask if you want to make one, which will be saved to your iCloud account. (Siri can also add items to other Reminders lists.)

Examples of valid Siri commands include:

  • “Add milk to my grocery list.”
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13. Broadcast News

If you don’t have time to read the news, Siri can provide a concise summary of the most significant recent events if you ask it to “play the news.

” Siri will play an audio report from your default news source via the Podcasts application. Siri will now utilize [News Source Name] if you say “change to [News Source Name]” if you don’t like the default. 

You may also play news from [News Source Name] to get a different perspective. Apple News, CNN, Fox News, and NPR are all supported in the United States.

Examples of valid Siri commands include:

  • “Play the news” 
  • “Play [News Source Namenews” ]
  •  “Change to [News Source Name].”

14. Locate Particular Emails

If you need to quickly locate an email from a specific person or concerning a particular topic, you can ask Siri to search for it. Siri now only supports searching by contact and subject line. Therefore it is not possible to search the body of emails.

Examples of valid Siri commands include:

  • “Find emails from [Contact],” 
  • “Find emails concerning [topic],” 
  • “Find emails about [subject].”

15. View Film Trailers

When you want to see a movie or TV series trailer or show it to someone else, ask Siri to play it. If it discovers a match, the TV app will play it immediately. 

Otherwise, numerous results will be presented for selection. If it cannot locate any, it will indicate that none are accessible.

Examples of valid Siri commands include:

  • “Trailer for [Title],” 
  • “Play the trailer for [Title],” 
  • “Play the trailer for [Title].”

16. Shared Items

Sending an article, TV show, or other item using the share sheet might be time-consuming if the recipient is outside the contact suggestions row. 

You can avoid all the effort by asking Siri to share something on your behalf. Example: “Share this with [Contact]” when viewing an article online or on the News app. 

If Siri cannot provide a direct link, it will capture and send a screenshot instead. In any case, you must confirm to send the message.

Examples of valid Siri commands include:

  • “Share with [Contact]” 
  • “Share this with [Contact]”

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17. Contact the Emergency services

If you dislike the physical button triggers for calling emergency services, you can ask Siri to call them instead

Example Siri commands: 

  • “Dial 911” or “911”

18. Find Your Stuff

If you cannot locate one of your Apple devices, you can use Siri instead of the Find My app to help you locate it. S

ay “locate my [device], ” and a sound will play if it’s close and online. If the device is offline, the sound will play the next time it connects to the Internet. This works on all supported devices for Find Me.

Siri examples: 

  • “Find my iPhone”
  • “Find my iPad” 
  • “Find my iPod touch” 
  • “Find my MacBook” 
  • “Find my Apple Watch” 
  • “Find my AirPods” 
  • “Find my [AirTag Name,” 
  • “Find my [Chipolo Name]”
  • “Track down my [Swissdigital Name]”
  • “Locate my [Soundform Freedom Name] 
  • “Locate my VanMoof bicycle.”




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