Leatherman best multi tools comparison for any use

As more specialised jobs come up, the toolbox gets too full and turns into a shed or maybe even a garage. The hardware store with these technological tools may not be around the corner.

Since the company specialises in multi tools, there is a significant need for leatherman best multi tools comparison to know which one should get a place in our daily life.

The multi-tool combines a whole assortment of valuable equipment into a portable sidekick. However, a multi-tool is not a replacement for a toolbox; rather, it complements preparedness.

Multi-tools and other “on-the-go” tools help fix things quickly when a toolbox would be inconvenient. 

They are usually easy to carry, taking up at most a pocket in your favourite backpack, and you can even use them on trips abroad (as long as you have the kind without a knife blade). 

Put one in your small kitchen, survival kit, or your car, and you’ll never go out again without an answer to an unexpected job.

What to consider when buying a Police multi-tool

However, there are some characteristics that we look for. The most important parts of a multi-tool, like the regular pliers and knives, must be strong enough to be used in any situation. 

All tools within this package should be lockable; scissors and pliers should also be spring-loaded if possible. 

It’s about how these multi-tools are used around homes and within the specified parameters – for example, general-purpose tools to carry in everyday carry contexts, usage for camping equipment outdoors, travel tools to hit the road, and so on. 

Their size and portability, ease of use, tool accessibility, adaptability, and number of interactive tools differed from each other. 

Even though functionality was important, we also paid attention to how the tools looked and how they were made.

The Best Police multi-tools

LEATHERMAN Wave Plus MultitoolLEATHERMAN Wave Plus Multitool

In some ways, the Wave+ offers everything you could want. Pliers, scissors, two blades, wire cutter, two saws, a can/bottle opener, and a slew of screwdrivers are included. The wire cutter can be replaced, the blades are good, and the screwdriver set can be customised to some extent.

Almost any driver bit in Leatherman wave can be obtained by using proprietary bit driver format. We wish the bit driver was more easily compatible with 1/4″ drives. Leatherman has selected a proprietary design to save space (and hence sell more of their brand accessories).

According to our estimates, the Wave plus’s single fixed flat-head screwdriver may be removed to create way for a full-sized 1/4″ drive “driver for bits This, along with making the pliers lockable, would complete the Wave/Charge family of multi-tools.

Because there is no such thing as a flawless multi-tool, we must settle for one of the numerous outstanding next-tier solutions. The Leatherman Wave plus contains the majority of the features you may want at a reasonable price


  1. Opening: Even the parts of the little Wave Plus that aren’t accessible from the exterior can be used with just one hand.
  2. Toolbox: 18 tools total, including regular pliers, a ruler, interchangeable wire cutter, knives, spring-action scissors, a wire stripper, can and bottle openers, saw, files and screwdrivers are included in the quick toolbox.
  3. Warranty: Our 25-year warranty gives you peace of mind that your Leatherman wave plus will last a lifetime because we are happy to stand behind every product that leaves our plant in Portland, Oregon.


  1. There is no pocket clip included.
  2. The size of screwdrivers is small as compared to a full sized toolkit.
  3. Proprietary bit driver.

Leatherman Bond Multi-ToolLeatherman Bond Multi-Tool

The Bond is based on Tim Leatherman’s first multi-tool, the PST. It has a simple design and the right tools. With 14 hard-working tools, which include a non-locking 2.9″ 420HC knife blade and more,

This stainless-steel workhorse weighs only 5.8 oz, making it an EDC (everyday UK legal carry). Rounded handles provide a secure grip, making it ideal for first-time users. It also includes a tough nylon sheath.


  1. Easy to Carry: A hole is present in the tool’s body for securely attaching it to any wearable kit. Please keep it in your glove compartment as a backup for when you need to conduct minor repairs.
  2. Lifesaver: This tool probably equips you for real life, from ordinary fixes to outside situations.
  3. Functional: The BOND consists: 420HC knife, wood/metal file, Awl w/Thread Loop, Phillips screwdriver, large screwdriver, tiny screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, ruler (1.5 in | 3.8 cm), and wire stripper.


  1. Sacrificing Convenience for Safety: While many of Leatherman’s more recent items have tools available on the outside, the Bond recalls the PST’s design, which included all the devices on the inside. It trades some convenience for a little more security – the tools won’t open up on you when they’re in your hand or pocket.
  2. Resistant when new: When you initially get your Bond, you may sense considerable tension in the tool. What is the best approach to loosen things up? Use it! 
  3. Use the knife with caution: On the other hand, we discovered that the knife had the least resistance to opening. That’s because it’s the tool you’ll be using the most. Thus it’s quick to open. However, while in use, the knife remains securely locked in place and is well blocked by the multi-body. 

Gerber Truss Multi-toolGerber Truss Multi-tool

The Truss is a 17-function multi-tool that is designed to meet the high standards of a professional user while taking up as little space as possible. This full-size multi-tool strives to reduce weight while retaining all capability. The result is a competent multi-tool that fills the gap left by many small tools.

The optimised tool pack is altered to remove unneeded tools and include much-requested ones.


  1. The Truss chassis, a development of the original Suspension chassis, offers the following standard features: all outboard tools and all locking tools, including spring-loaded pliers.
  2. The low-profile sheath can be attached vertically or horizontally to a belt. The handle is made of a single piece of steel, providing more strength in a thinner form.
  1. The needle nose pliers are spring-loaded to reduce hand fatigue for the user.


  1. Some customers seem to have issues with build quality regarding heavy lifting tasks.
  2. The knife could be a bit sharper for flexible tasks.
  3. Not so flexible when it comes to carrying around.


All of our tools are prize-winning but one of them has built-in scissors. Now, all of these prize-winning tools are excellent in many aspects, but the inclusion of scissors seems to set the equipment apart. The largest scissors in our test are Leatherman Wingman’s scissors  and these are accurate and sharp.

Victorinox is the industry leader in pocket knives and folding tool compact scissors. They do have excellent scissors. In addition, a screw serves as the primary hinge of Victorinox pocket knife scissors. The tension on the scissors can be changed as they are used and worn. We wished multi-tool producers would do the same.

All of our scissors-equipped tools, along with the Leatherman Wingman, have riveted hinges, making it impossible for the user to modify the scissors in any way.


  1. Removable pocket clip.
  2. It is very smooth.
  3. Well Polished.


  1. There is no external bit option.
  2. It is heavier in weight as compared to other toolkits.
  3. The pocket clip doesn’t rotate.

LEATHERMAN Skeletool cxLEATHERMAN Skeletool cx

The Leatherman Skeletool cx weighs only five ounces and has a stainless steel combination blade, pliers, a bit driver, a removable pocket clip, and a carabiner/bottle opener.

The locking blade keeps you secure when using the Skeletool; tap on the blade lock to open and close, and it comes with a compact pocket clip, so it never leaves your side.

It is a small multi-tool that can be used all year long by brave explorers and survivalists. It is great for hiking and camping. 


  1. Leatherman has optimised using these few tools in such a condensed package. 
  2. The leatherman Skeletool cx is lighter than its competitors. It’s more portable than any other full-size device out there. 
  3. Its mobility and ergonomics are both attractive and clean.


  1. It’s nothing more than pliers, a blade, and Leatherman’s unique bit driver. 
  2. Not that resistant to rust, so it must be kept in a cool place. If you know what I mean.
  3. It can be nasty for underaged kids.

Leatherman SignalLeatherman Signal

According to Leatherman, the Leatherman Signal has 19 features. That comes incredibly close to becoming functional. Only a small portion of the equation involves the total number of functions and the classification of counted functions.

There are features built into the Leatherman Signal that set it apart from all other options on the market. We are not aware of any Leatherman multi tool that has a whistle, sparker for starting a fire, and a sharpener.


  1. It is a comprehensive toolkit.
  2. Easy to use and maintain the leatherman signal.
  3. It is very compact in its design.


  1. Independent components can be lost.
  2. The flat head screwdriver can be twisted slightly.
  3. Its blade durability is very small.

Leatherman Squirt ps4Leatherman Squirt ps4

In our studies, participants tended to favour scissors-containing instruments. Each model comes with a blade, pliers, and screwdrivers. The P4 was the first model of Leatherman’s Squirt series, and Leatherman Squirt PS4 was later introduced.  

Despite being little, the blade is useful. While bringing a knife that didn’t make the cut in our Pocket Knife Review, one of our hunting testers also carries a Squirt. The edge of the blade is strong and acute. The Leatherman Squirt PS4’s other features are also beneficial. It’s useful to have a bottle opener.


  1. Small in size
  2. Good combination of tools
  3. Light in weight


  1. There is no lock for blade
  2. Suitable for small tasks
  3. No tin Opener

Leatherman SurgeLeatherman Surge

The Leatherman Surge’s range of features is about average for expensive multi-tools. You had best hope the Surge was all-encompassing given the mass. You won’t be let down. The Surge essentially has all of the tools that are present in the best multitool. We don’t see a clear rationale for Leatherman to employ the trimmed-down proprietary bit format they do given the design of almost every instrument they make.

One explanation that sticks out is the sale of accessories. With little “expense,” The Leatherman Surge may be modified to accommodate a full-size 1/4″ bit driver “to the quantity or variety of additional tools.


  1. Large in Size
  2. Adjustable
  3. 21 tools in one hand


  1. Heavy in weight
  2. Proprietary bit driver
  3. Not suitable for pocket

Leatherman Free P4Leatherman Free P4

The feature list of the Leatherman Free P4 is fairly standard. The scissors and the two different knife blades greatly delighted us. Unlike other recent products, this Leatherman tool has a separate bottle and can opener. In comparison to their top-tier items, they also made the scissors larger in size.

In order for a multi-tool to compete with the big dogs at this point in time, we really need to see a big driver in it. There is no bit driver for the Leatherman Free p4. A fully functional “Free” tool with bit drivers and other features will likely be one of the next products Leatherman publishes, so keep an eye out for it.


  1. Stainless steel look
  2. Replaceable blade
  3. Easily one hand opening


  1. No bit driver
  2. Expensive than other Leatherman multitools
  3. Metal grit is picked up by magnets

Leatherman RebarLeatherman Rebar

The Leatherman Rebar multi-tool is made up from 154CM stainless steel. The Leatherman Rebar is quite durable, not only blades, all tools are made up of premium material that is tough. . If you take care of this multi-tool properly, it shouldn’t rust at all and you should be able to use it for a while. The best practice is to clean and completely dry the tools after each usage.

The Leatherman Rebar comes with a basic set of tools that are all quite well made and useful. The user-replaceable wire cutter and resharpen-able wire cutter on the Rebar are by far its most distinctive feature. This is an incredible feature in a small tool for routine wire and plier work.


  1. Consist of Two Knives
  2. Contains 17 different tools
  3. Lightweight and small in size


  1. No Scissors
  2. Blades are not accessible outside
  3. No Interchangeable bit driver

Leatherman Charge TTI PlusLeatherman Charge TTI Plus

The Leatherman Charge TTi plus is among the most well-liked multitools offered by the brand, and for good reason. The Plus TTi version of the Charge builds on the great frame’s practical design with premium components and fresh tools.

The Charge’s 4-in-1 pliers have a tapered and precise needle tip, serrated jaws for tightening bolts, an inset crimper, and, as a final feature, a wide, replaceable wire cutter. The pliers themselves are an engineering marvel. Returning to the handles made of titanium, the tool selection is almost ideal.

The only difference in the toolset is that the Leatherman Charge TTi plus adds a cutting hook on the back of the serrated knife.


  1. Titanium Build
  2. Fully Function with 19 tools
  3. S30V Steel Blades


  1. Heavy in weight than other tools
  2. Squashed bit drivers
  3. Nylon sheath Instead of leather sheath

Leatherman Super Tool 300 MultitoolLeatherman Super Tool 300 Multitool

Leatherman Super Tool 300 is the multi-tool for any working man. The Leatherman Super Tool 300 multitool includes cutouts on the handles for simple operation with gloved hands. Even when using full pressure, the handles’ rounded corners and edges make them easy to hold without gloves. You could be surprised by the tool’s comfort, even though it’s not as cosy as a handle with a rounded rubber coating.

The Super Tool 300 includes conventional stranded, hard, and normal wire cutters. Because they are detachable, you may quickly replace or resharpen them. 19 tools are prepared for your most difficult jobs.


  1. Two knife blade option
  2. Easy to use
  3. Locking method ensures your safety


  1. A little expensive than other multitools.
  2. Slightly heavier

Leatherman RaptorLeatherman Raptor

Six different tools, including a strap cutter,a glass breaker, a ring cutter,scissors,a ruler and an oxygen tank wrench, are included with the Leatherman Raptor Shears. The idea that these Survival Scissors are only capable of using six tools is absurd. In actuality, a strong pair of survival scissors have so many applications that you won’t even notice the money they cost after you have a pair. These cutters fold up to about half their operational length and store neatly in either configuration in their matching plastic belt sheath, giving a homage to their oh-so-successful multitools.

The Leatherman Raptor is frequently used as kitchen shears, garden shears, industrial shears, and emergency response shears.


  1. Adaptable Functions
  2. 25 Years Warranty
  3. High Quality and easy to carry


  1. Difficult to clean after frequent use
  2. Develop rust after frequent use
  3. Can’t Autoclavable.

Leatherman MUTLeatherman MUT

The Leatherman MUT, which has a range of benefits not seen in other multi-tools, is marketed by Leatherman as the first multi-tool that acts as both a tactical and practical tool for military, or civilian shooters.

All of the Leatherman’s typical features, such as wire cutters,  screwdrivers and pliers remain included in the Leatherman MUT, although they have been improved over prior iterations. The pliers are overengineered and far larger than their earlier models.


  1. Has very sharp blades
  2. Easy to use and easy to fold/unfold
  3. Corrosion free


  1. It is not pocket Friendly.
  2. Some tools are rarely used.
  3. It is not safe as the cutting hook can slice your fingers.

Leatherman CrunchLeatherman Crunch

There aren’t many functions in the Leatherman Crunch. Because the pliers’ utility far outweighs that of the other tools in our test, we can live with that. A  bottle opener, file, a few screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and a serrated blade are included.

The Leatherman Crunch’s integrated 1/4″ bit driver is its most cunning feature, one that can easily go unnoticed at first inspection. By unscrewing the plier’s lock screw, you may access this socket, which is compatible with any of the almost countless aftermarket bits available for this format.


  1. Bit drivers are clever
  2. Folding Locking pliers
  3. Design is very compact


  1. Limited features
  2. To use the internal supplementary tools, one must use pliers.
  3. Lump was sticking out the side.

Leatherman OHTLeatherman OHT

The Leatherman OHT is constructed with the same meticulous standards and quality assurance as all other Leatherman tools. The Leatherman OHT includes 16 tools, and as the expression goes, the right tool for the job is very true in this situation. A threaded hole on one side of the slide is intended to hold rods for cleaning firearms.

It suffices to say that the OHT was constructed with first responders, military personnel, and EMTs in mind rather than a sewing circle. It comes with one serrated blade,two knives and one with a plain edge, much like any other Leatherman multi-tool. We appreciated that both could be accessed with only one hand and little effort. The wood saw and serrated knife are on the back, and the strap cutter and plain edge knife are in their “natural” one-handed open position.


  1. One-handed everything
  2. Simple design, easy to find any tool
  3. Safe and secure


  1. Tinny tools
  2. Black oxide coating can be rubbed off after Frequent use.
  3. Comparatively fewer tools than its plebeian cousins.

Gerber Dime MiniGerber Dime Mini

The Gerber Dime is a small and best multi tool with an amazing number of features that will get you ready for almost anything. This is open-ended It has stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine-edge blade, spring-loaded scissors, a flathead screwdriver, a crosshead driver, tweezers, and a file. 

The Gerber Dime also has a special blade that can safely cut and score plastic packaging. The butterfly tool fits on your keychain and has 12 handy tools.

They improved upon the typical key-chain tool. It has stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine-edge blade, spring-loaded scissors, a flathead screwdriver, a crosshead driver, tweezers, and a file. It also has a special blade that can safely cut and score plastic packaging. 

A bottle opener becomes apparent even when the tool is closed. 


  1. Tiny
  2. Compact
  3. Excellent Bottle Opener


  1. You can’t compare it with full-sized tools.
  2. It Lacks in Ergonomics.
  3. Screwdrivers are tiny.

The Gerber Armbar Multi-toolGerber Armbar Multi-tool

The Gerber Armbar Drive is different from other multi-tools that try to fit as many tools as possible onto a single frame. Instead, it has a simpler design. The new design puts the tools into a much smaller package.


  1. Compact design that takes up little more space than your EDC knife
  2. It contains seven of the most valuable tools.
  3. Design a clever hammer, prybar, or bottle opener


  1. You can quickly lose it in other stuff, i.e.., no holder
  2. No lock for bit Driver
  3. Not for serious hunters

Leatherman Best Multi tools Comparison – The Final Verdict

Every police officer has a psychological bias toward over-preparation if there is a remote possibility that a task will emerge. In comparison, the best multi tool containing the necessary implements is priceless.

Leatherman Bond is the one to buy if you need most jobs done at one price. It can be helpful in almost any indoor or outdoor situation and takes the job seriously regarding multi-functionality and build quality.

The company has numerous alternatives, but the Bond is our favourite and best multi tool because the steel used has a high carbon content; the edges won’t remain sharp for long, but they’re simple to sharpen again.


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