Everything You Need To Know About Travel Electric Guitars

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Are you a music enthusiast with a passion for electric guitars? If yes, then you have landed on the right page as today we are going to tell you all there is to know about electric guitars that you can take with you while traveling.

While traveling, you can do two things with music; either listen to it or create it to let that music tell people what you are feeling at that moment. This article HERE will tell you all about the best travel electric guitars that are available at Amazon. One major product that is selling like hotcakes is this :

Everything You Need To Know About Travel Electric Guitars

This electric guitar from Traveler is made of ultra-light solid body for easier compatibility and endurance through and through to give the best solution to all sorts of travelling needs

Why are Travel Guitars Great?

Travel guitar is actually a litter version of a guitar. So, if you don’t feel like bring your heavier guitars along with you can opt for an electric travel guitar.

Why are Travel Guitars Great

This electric guitar from Traveler is equipped with a built-in headphone amplifier if you want to go training mode

While your go-to electric guitar will be the full-sized one. Travel electric guitars are somewhat like mini guitar i.e. they have a smaller form.

Quality is never compromised due to its size. Travel electric guitars have sound quality just as good as any other guitar, some even produce sound better than full-sized guitars.

Some other reasons why travel electric guitars are great are:

Easier to play

Travel electric guitars are super easy to play thus they are ideal for beginners. Beginners usually complain that use the chords correctly as the guitar has a very wide neck.

In the case of small guitars, this isn’t an issue. Beginners can easily hold the guitar and they wouldn’t feel as if their fingers are fat.

A guitar like this product from Jamstik is ¾ the size of traditional acoustic guitar one might see in the market. The result is that it’s very easy for a beginner to hold and use the guitar.

Easier to play

 It has a Smart Fretboard assembly that provides instant feedback. Plus you can purchase it right here.

Ideal for kids

Another major advantage that makes them so great is that you can get your kid started on travel electric guitars. While full-sized guitars might make them feel overwhelmed these travel guitars are guaranteed to keep them hooked.

Companies like Loog have diverted their attention to designing travel guitars for kids. So, make sure to check their products out.

Storing is easier

The size of these electric guitars not only makes it easier for one to travel with them but also to store.

With you not having to worry about a real-sized instrument, commuting can get super easy. Just get a case to fit the guitar and you are ready to go.

Ideal for fingerpickers

Thou a travel electric guitar may not have the same resonance as any full-sized guitar but it can fill the room up.

Small electric guitars have amazing dynamics and superb finger response. Due to these reasons and many more parlor guitars got extremely popular with fingerpicking performers.

Are affordable

As compared to standard-sized guitars, those designed for traveling tend to be cheaper. The final price, of course, will depend on the quality and manufacture you opt for.

There are many different kinds of guitars available, in case you don’t have any idea on how to differentiate them then check out our BEST PICKS.

Travel Accessories That You Might Need to Purchase

The accessories mentioned below will assist in getting the most out of your travel guitar, plus you can carry them with you as well.

Battery Powered Amps

In case you will be traveling to places where you can plug the amp up and create amazing music then amps powered with a battery will be ideal for you.

You can either plug your headphones in them or make use of the speakers that are inbuilt in the device. Using the inbuilt speakers, you can play the guitar at high or low volume. You can also play along with the effects and tones to create different music.

VOX amPlug

In case you like to play in silence and require only the basic tome then get yourself a VOX amPlug.

This device can plug directly into your guitar and connect your headphones with it.

iRig HD 2

In case you are looking for more flexibility plus desire to jam with music them iRig HD 2 is the product for you.

IRig HD 2 is compatible with iPhone, Mac, PC, and iPad but not don’t work with android devices.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are a frequent traveler then these headphones will help you greatly.

With the headphones on you can jam in any hotel room or just make the long flights bearable. They will eliminate all the noises around you will help you relax and sleep.

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