Everything You Need To Know About Travel Electric Guitars

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These days it isn’t easy to fly or travel with a guitar. The dynamics and expenses of traveling via an airplane have changed a lot so keep the guitar safe is now quite difficult.

While traveling, you can do two things with music; either listen to it or create it to let that music tell people what you are feeling at that moment. This article HERE will tell you all about the best travel electric guitar that are available at Amazon.

Make sure to read the first part in this informative series: Learning a Bit More About Travel Electric Guitars: Reasons for Greatness and Travel Accessories. Here we tell you why travel electric guitars that are great and what accessories will compliment them.

While traveling you might be fortunate enough to get to place the traveling electric guitar in the planes overhead bin. Other times your luck might run out and you will be forced to send your precious guitar bottom of the plane.

Travel Electric Guitar

You can buy this product which is equipped with FretTouch finger sensing technology and with Infrasense optical pickups that provide real-time and effective feedback.


To avoid any mishaps with your instruments we have some tips and tricks that you can use to make flying safe for your guitar.

How to Fly with a Guitar

Loosen the guitar strings

The pressure and temperature changes that occur tend to put a strain on the electric guitar and the perfectly angled neck of the guitar might snap.

This problem has a very easy solution, all need to do is loosen the strings of the guitar. With the strings having around 300lbs of tension we recommend that you don’t have all that pressure working against you.  

Stuff the guitar

It is an established truth that guitars are delicate. So, it’s better if you give the guitar extra support and padding. For this, you can make use of hotel towels, your socks or old t-shirts. These can be stuffed all around the guitar case to fill the cavities.

Do some research

If you knew beforehand which airlines would permit you to have a guitar like a carry-on then a lot of the hassle will be cut out for you.

What you can do is do some research and make a list of the airlines which tend to be guitar-friendly. In case you find nothing related to that online you can always call them ahead and get all the information.

Travel guitar

Travel guitar is actually a litter version of the guitar. So, if you don’t feel like bring your heavier guitars along with you can opt for an electric travel guitar.

Travel Electric Guitar

This electric travel guitar is made of Basswood top and back. The guitar bridge system of this product is adjustable and its pickup configuration is a humbucker. This product comes with a gig bag. So buy it instantly.


While your go-to electric guitar will be the full-sized one. Travel electric guitars are somewhat like mini guitar i.e. they have a smaller form.

Quality is never compromised due to its size. Travel electric guitars have sound quality just as good as any other guitar, some even produce sound better than full-sized guitars.


When flying with the guitar is out of the equation you can opt for shipping. This is a viable and safe option and your guitar will reach the destination without you having to worry about it.

Guitar case

A sturdy and good guitar case will assist in keeping your guitar safe. Thou you will have to pay quite a few bucks to get a durable case but they tend to last you longer than expected. We have suggested some few cases for you below, make sure to check them out:

  • Gig Bag

The best thing about the gig bag is that its smaller size makes it easy for you to place it in the coat check.

You can politely ask the stewardess to place the guitar. In case she/he doesn’t agree with you be a bit persuasive and tell them that this expensive guitar doesn’t belong to the bottom of the plane.

You can carry the gig bag just like a suitcase so that it remains out of sight. In case you can’t sweet-talk your way out of keeping the gig bag with you then add some padding to the bag so that your guitar stays safe.

  • SKB

This company has been around for more than 30 years. It still continues to produce the best cases.

Cases by SKB are super hard and ideal for transporting guitars. Form-molded cases provide the most flexibility during flying. In case you have a rugged case, it can pass through inspection as luggage.

  • Affordable-cases

You might have seen these being carried around by roadies that stuff their gear into tour buses. These rugged and solid cases are approved by the TSA. We consider them the best possible protection that you can have for your guitar.

But you can’t pass this case as a carry-on while flying.

Be polite

Regardless of all this preparation, you should be mentally prepared for all kinds of scenarios while traveling. For example, the worst-case scenario can be that your guitar gets stolen.

Travel Electric Guitar

This is a traveler classical guitar with a gig bag and requires 2 AA Batteries. It has rosewood Fretboard material and hardtail bridge guitar system.

Check Price On Amazon


Other times the flight might be able to accommodate the carry-on. During such situations remember to keep you calm. There isn’t any need to get desperate and angry instead you need to think smartly to find a solution.

When you stay respectful and polite while standing your ground and so you will be able to get through the problem without causing a scene.

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