Jasper AI generates $125 Million in Series A Funding

Every now and then, a technical development occurs that affects everything. Even though the technology itself is new and cool, it’s the way it makes people more powerful that always fascinates and excites you.

“We need the right infrastructure to establish a market-leading firm in generative AI—that’s what we’ll raise [additional] financing for,” Rogenmoser 

The potential of AI to harness creative potential has piqued my interest. It is for this reason that Jasper, an AI content writing tool, has received a $125 million series A fundraising round at a $1.5 billion value.


The funding comes from a group of leading companies and individuals.

It was led by the global software investor Insight Partners and included Coatue, Bessemer Venture Partners, IVP, Foundation Capital, Founders Circle Capital, HubSpot Ventures, and other major firms.

The Job Well Done

Jasper uses AI to come up with content for blog posts, social media posts, website copy, and other things.

Customers can use the platform to explain in natural language what they want Jasper to write, whether it’s a keyword-rich piece that will do well in search engines or a repurposed piece of content with more context.

Competitors, WriteSonic, Peppertype, Wordtune, and Simplified are just a few examples of startups that do this. In fact, TechCrunch just put out a detailed study of the industry for adtech companies that use AI to make copies. raised $10 million in October.

Jasper’s language models, according to Rogenmoser, set it apart, having been trained on 10% of the web and fine-tuned for “client specificity.” They make it possible, among other things, for Jasper’s Chrome browser extension to work.

This extension makes suggestions for relevant content on platforms like Google Docs, Gmail, Notion, and

“The people who will triumph in generative AI will have the best feedback loops,” he says. “We’re dedicated to creating the best feedback to the AI loop possible.”

Art – a New Direction

Another difference, according to Rogenmoser, is Jasper Art, a recently announced AI art-generating system. Jasper Art, like DALL-E 2, converts prompts into images, allowing users to customize Even though Jasper Art has both free and paid competitors (like Stable Diffusion,, and Midjourney),

Rogenmoser markets it as an art-making system that is especially good for marketing, like making copyright-free stock photos. characteristics such as media (e.g., “Canvas,” “Pastel”), art style (“Van Gogh”), and mood.

New product enhancements that will broaden Jasper’s capabilities.

Other Artists

 While there are several free and paid competitors to Jasper Art (see, for example, Stable Diffusion,, and Midjourney), Rogenmoser positions it as an art-generating system specifically suited for marketing uses, such as making copyright-free stock pictures.

He says that early adopter Mongoose Media is using Jasper Art to build flat lays and backgrounds “at scale” around photos of products for its designers.


Of course, Jasper Art, like other AI text-to-image systems, has limits.

A FAQ on the product page says that the system, which has a content filter to find “sensitive” or “unsafe” photos like violent ones, may have biases that cause it to make images that reinforce negative stereotypes (like CEOs who are mostly white and male).

Under the terms of Jasper Art’s license, customers do not have the right to use photos they have made on their own. The generations of the system can be used and remixed by anyone.

This could be Jasper’s way of easing concerns about intellectual property and fair use in the future. Systems like Jasper are often trained on billions of photos from the internet.

Some of these photos have copyrights, so image hosts like Getty Images don’t allow AI-generated art because they don’t want to get into legal trouble.

What’s next?

Rogenmoser admitted that there is “much to be learned” about the constraints around AI content generation technologies and what future regulation would look like.

“Data ethics and customer approval are the two biggest problems in the AI generation sector,” he said. “We are always amazed by what our technology can do, but we are also very aware of the responsibilities it puts on us.

We are committed to being responsible for the power of technology, but we also know that we don’t have full control over it.”

Customer Base

Nearly 70,000 members in #JasperNation Community are sharing AI recipes and supporting one another’s efforts.

Because this is a rapidly emerging technology, the team is looking forward to serving as an instructional resource for businesses that are adopting AI for the first time.

We see our role in this larger technical change as bridging the gap between AI being available and being used in real life. We do this by giving organizations a platform for expanding their content across marketing, sales, and customer service.

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