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Picking the best Jack Stands For Lifted Trucks sounds straightforward until you start to scan for the correct one for your requirements and the wide scope of decisions begins to overpower you.

There are small jacks for lifted trucks, high floor jack for lifted truck, 2-ton, 3-ton, aluminum jacks, just to list a couple. To make things simpler for you, we will be narrowing down your decisions so you can look over the best 8 best floor jack dependent on your necessities.

All the jacks right now significantly intended for lifted trucks yet some twofold as a jack for lifted jeeps, sports vehicles, and SUVs. These jacks are anything but difficult to move around with and are known for being steady and adaptable.

 Top 8 Jack Stands For Lifted Trucks

 1. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack


Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

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Key Features

  • Weighs 56 pounds and can lift a heap of as much as 6,000 pounds (3 tons)
  • Highlights reliable over-burden valves and sidestep
  • Has dust shields to keep the cylinder and liquid liberated from tainting
  • Side handles guarantee simple development around the shop
  • Has wide-track front wheels for smooth rolling and dependability
  • A position of safety jack with a lifting range from 3 ¼ crawls to a limit of 18 ¼ inches

This product has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Overwhelmingly cleaned with silver, this 56 pounds heavy duty tall jack stands are produced using Aluminum. This model could be the most fitting arrangement for you, because of its uncommon development, exceptional toughness, and expanded quality.

This is a position of safety jack with a lifting limit of around 3 tons meaning it can lift overwhelming autos. It brags a lifting range of 3.6 crawls to a limit of 19.4 inches.

What makes it contrast well and different works of art is the double siphon cylinders which guarantee simple lifting. Additionally, it is light for convenience and accompanies fantastic handles for the simple vehicle around the carport. The handle is secured with froth which shields your vehicle from scratches.

Pressure driven jam and overextension won’t occur with its detour and over-burden valves. It has phenomenal mobility as it is furnished with wide-track front haggles caster wheels to guarantee simple rolling and dependability. The item gauges 30 x 13.5 x 8 inches.

Customer Reviews

I’ve utilized this jack a great deal and it is a TOP entertainer! Quick to lift, safe to hold, and wonderful to possess! I realize that doesn’t sound masculine, so let me finish up by expressing that this jack will make a “girly man” into a “Masculine man” and make all the women go: “Oooooo my”!!!

2. Arcan XL20 2-Ton Low Profile Service Jack


Arcan XL20 2-Ton Low Profile Service Jack

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Key Features

  • Smooth and low-profile to assist you with lifting low-lying vehicles
  • Its stature go is from 3 ½ crawls to 18 ½
  • Has a conveying limit of as much as 2 tons making it perfect for light-weight trucks
  • The double siphon framework makes it simple to lift vehicles
  • Measurements 32.5 x 8.2 x 11.2 inches and weighs 97 lbs.
  • Has a U-joint association on the handle to make taking care of simpler
  • Passes ASME PALD 2009 security principles

This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Experts and end of the week warriors love to utilize this jack stands for lifted trucks in view of how low profile it is. Basically, utilizing a position of safety configuration will let you get under any vehicle including sports autos. The medium-lift stature estimates 3 ½ inches and goes up to 18 ½.

It is a double siphon jack that is anything but difficult to work by hand utilizing a handle that estimates roughly 45 inches. In addition, it has smooth and strong moving casters to upgrade its versatility and situating.

The steel model is sufficiently strong to lift a substantial vehicle with an ability to lift 2 tons (4000 pounds). Even better, it is sheltered to work underneath the jack stands for lifted trucks since it highlights worked in the over-burden assurance that is arranged under the valve.

You will be dazzled by how simple and safe it is to bring down a vehicle with this model gratitude to the U-joint association on the handle. It weighs 97 lbs. with measurements of 32.5 x 8.2 x 11.2 inches. This is an American made jack stands for lifted trucks that outperform the ASME PALD wellbeing principles.

Customer Reviews

Extraordinary jack for brought down vehicles! It’s very overwhelming and incredibly all around made. Rolls effectively however on the carport floor. The cushioned handle has bunches of control too for gradually and cautiously letting it down. Subsequent to utilizing the stock jack for the past couple a very long time for all the car ventures I wish I got this sooner!

3. Blackhawk B6350 Lift Service Jack


Blackhawk B6350 Lift Service Jack

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Key Features

  • Around 7,000 lbs. (3.5 ton) lifting ability to lift even the heaviest vehicle making it extraordinary vehicle jack lift for jeeps, trucks, and so on.
  • Developed from steel with moved sides to invigorate it extra
  • Chips away at quick lift innovation for quick jacking
  • Worked in wellbeing valve to guarantee the safe activity
  • Has a swivel saddle for discretionary development and accommodation

This product has a rating of 4.4 puts 5.

The Blackhawk B6350 hardcore floor jack is a brute of a jack. This 85-pound gadget includes a substantial steel development which makes it solid and tough. It includes a moderate plan which makes it progressively adaptable henceforth it can reach through various pieces of a vehicle.

Its remarkable plan is appropriate for any vehicle whether a substantial truck or a lively vehicle. It includes a round shape and dark cleaned saddle toward one side to guarantee sturdiness upon activity.

Furthermore, it flaunts two little front casters and doubles large genuine casters to improve its portability. To offer additional influence and simple stockpiling, the car jack for lifted trucks has consolidated a two-piece handle.

It can suffer about 3.5 tons of burden and uses quick lifting innovation to improve speedy lift to the jacking point. This floor jack for lifted truck highlights a lifting range beginning from 5.5 crawls up to 22 inches and has the most extreme arriving at the purpose of up to 9 strokes. As it were, you can lift any overwhelming vehicle easily.

It is sheltered to utilize having been guaranteed by ASME TALD benchmarks and incorporates an implicit wellbeing valve and vent fitting to guarantee security when you are underneath the vehicle.

Customer Reviews

I required this to lift my get truck for the regular tire changes. The jack is very overwhelming, the Canada Post driver requested that I assist him with doing it off the truck. The container showed up practically destroyed, however, the jack was fit as a fiddle. It has enough reach and tallness to get the wheels of a full-size truck off the ground.

4. Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack 6000


Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack 6000

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Key Features

  • It has an impenetrably steady base making it safe
  • Has a stature scope of 11″ to 21″ which is sufficient to assist you with working under your vehicle
  • Has both jack stand and water-powered container jack and accordingly, you don’t have to buy a jack stand independently
  • Made of steel thus profoundly sturdy
  • Has a lifting limit of 3 tons making it perfect for lightweight trucks

This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

The Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack is interesting on our rundown since it is intended to hold body outline vehicles. The special case configuration permits you to hold and lift your vehicle in a similar spot since it includes a jack stand and water-driven container jack in a similar unit.

It has a great help ability of 3 tons making it ideal for those with utility vehicles, energetic Jeeps, and trucks.

The Powerbuilt model has base freedom of 11 inches, and the stature of the stand comes to up to 21 inches making it perfect for your high-standing vehicle. Furthermore, the heavy duty tall jack stands accompanies bar bolts with the goal that you can set the ideal tallness.

The model weighs 22.7 pounds with measurements of 9.9 x 9.8 x 11.5 inches making it light and versatile. It is made of steel which guarantees sturdiness. The device has a steady base which makes it safe to work.

Customer Reviews

what an incredible item wish I had these years back.

5. ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack


ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack

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Key Features

  • Simple activity utilizing a switch
  • Has lifting limit of 3 tons/6000 pounds and along these lines perfect for jeeps and trucks
  • Has a lifting range from 6 to 17.5 inches. This perfect stature to assist you with working underneath your vehicle easily
  • Has a 5-meter rope for a decent reach
  • Has LED lights for a dim environment
  • It has a security gadget to keep the jack from falling

This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Tired of lying under the vehicle to work a jack? The ABN electric vehicle jack could be what you need. With this one, you don’t have to siphon or turn the handle. It is extremely simple to utilize and work utilizing a switch.

The moderate raise can convey to 3 tons of burden with a lift scope of 6 to 17 ½ inches. Raising a vehicle takes not exactly a moment, and this feels incredible and torque.

It requires a 12V electrical plug to utilize and includes an 11.5-foot string that will effectively arrive at all regions of your vehicle. Even better, it is intended to keep your vehicle at consistent tallness paying little heed to the force level.

If there should be an occurrence of a late-night crisis, you don’t need to stress as it accompanies a LED light. Jack stands for lifted trucks additionally has an in-manufactured security highlight to keep the jack from losing pressure when there is no force conveyance.

This is a versatile jack for lifted trucks weighing around 5 pounds which makes it one of the lightest accessible. The water-driven tank is intended to be completely encased which implies that the odds of spillages are insignificant at any edge. In the event of any deformities with this apparatus, you have a 1-year guarantee offered by ABN. This jack is perfect for a vehicle whether SUVs, van or truck.

Customer Reviews

It comes conveniently if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. The main concern is it utilizes a 12-volt electrical plug from your vehicle rather than the battery pack.

6. Alltrade 640912 Black All-in-One Bottle Jack


Alltrade 640912 Black All-in-One Bottle Jack

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Key Features

  • It includes a security bar lock that keeps your truck or vehicle consistent and firm when at a raised position
  • It is a compact jack for lifted trucks and accordingly extraordinary for moving it starting with one section then onto the next
  • Made of a wide steel base and strong body development, you can be guaranteed that this floor jack is profoundly sturdy
  • It has a wellbeing bar that shields it from bringing once it has raised down to its most extreme stature
  • It has a default lift scope of 11-17.25 inches, however, this can ascend to 21 inches whenever balanced physically

This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

This jack stands for lifted trucks by Alltrade is outstanding amongst other vehicle jack lift the world over, and numerous clients have bore witness to that.

The brand means to make their instruments up to the measures set by the United States Government and the American National Standards Institute.

The 6,000-pound limit floor jack has a licensed structure that consolidates the jack stand and jug jack plan into one strong model. A mix of these two effectively lifts three tons of weight to a stature of 11-21 inches.

This makes it ideal for jeeps, SUVs, confining occupations, lightweight trucks, and rough terrain truck fixes. With a wide scope of uses, you can utilize this jack for various mechanical circumstances and weight-lifting undertakings.

You don’t have to buy a jack remain since the wellbeing bar holds the unit at the ideal stature inside its safe lifting range. The jack includes a wide steel base to give it greater strength when holding your vehicle in a raised position.

This wellbeing measure makes it perfect for delicate employments. Getting a vehicle to a specific stature isn’t a test with any floor jack, yet keeping it firm and consistent at that tallness while working under it is as significant, and this is the thing that Alltrade 640912 Black All-in-One Bottle Jack does.

Customer Reviews

what an incredible item wish I had these years back.

7. Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack


Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack

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Key Features

  • It highlights 6000lb. water powered lift that makes this jack a substantial workhorse for trucks, minivans, SUVs, and vehicles
  • Accompanies 36-inch creeper with moving casters that have a headrest for additional solace
  • It has a lifting scope of 5.5 creeps to 19.25 inches which offer enough space for fix needs and tire evolving
  • Has a strong development, which makes it stable
  • It is a 3-in-one instrument coming in the bundling of 2 jack stands, 36-inch creeper, and a story jack, and

This product has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

The Craftsman 3-Ton Floor Jack is a basic instrument that each driver ought to have in their tool kits. There might be another top of the line floor jacks, however, this one stands apart for various reasons.

This 3-in-one is a basic apparatus for long-separation drivers and the individuals who routinely check up their trucks and autos for oil changing, tire changing, brake modification, ordinary fixes, and other technician work.

It is a hardcore instrument that highlights proficient strong steel development with some fantastic welding to serve you for quite a while. To keep it firm on the ground and your vehicle stable while raised, this instrument has a strong base and easy-to-modify framework.

Customer Reviews

the best substantial jack I have and the jack stands and creeper are an additional top-notch reward. you can’t beat this deal.

8. Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack


Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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Key Features

  • It has a lifting scope of 9.06 crawls to 18.11 inches which makes it perfect for trucks
  • This container jack has a weight limit of 12 tons making it incredible for rock-solid undertakings
  • It is made of substantial steel development and therefore it is sturdy and stable
  • It is intended for private and business use
  • Torin offers a 1-year restricted guarantee on this device, and along these lines, you can utilize it a certainty

This product has a rating of 4 out of 5.

These jacks for lifted trucks are intended for business and private utilize and in this way will give you a protected lift even in testing settings. Regarding solidness and strength, this jack highlights mechanical welding and steel development.

It furnishes one with a safe lifting scope of between 9.06 inches and 18.11 inches. This guarantees your truck is lifted to the ideal spot for agreeable fixes, support, or tire evolving. Likewise, this water-driven jug offers perfect quality that guarantees it bolsters trucks weighing up to 24,000lbs easily.

With float activity pressure siphon, you will have an easy activity when utilizing this container jack. It has an oil sidestep just as an over-burden valve to guarantee its pressure driven framework is sheltered and doesn’t surpass past its breaking points.

Also, Torin offers a 1-year restricted guarantee on this model. This gives you genuine feelings of serenity when utilizing this jack.

Customer Reviews

This jack is quite acceptable, much preferable for lifting a vehicle over the OEM crisis jack. Furthermore, because of its structure factor, you can utilize it for pretty much whatever else that necessities pushing, lifting, packing. I wish the switch was less unstable. In any case, hello, this jack resembled $25, so nothing to whine about.

Things To Consider Before Buying 


A bottle jack for lifted truck is certainly not a light-weight bit of hardware as some may gauge 50 pounds while others can weigh as much as 100 pounds. In this manner, before purchasing a bottle jack for lifted truck, it is significant that you consider purchasing an apparatus that you will be open to moving around with.


You need a high lift floor jack that has a tough development for motivations behind taking care of requesting employments. Go for instruments with solid jack represents lifted trucks. The sort of metal a jack stand is had to makes an enormous effect with regards to execution and cost. The best truck jack stands are made of aluminum since it is both lightweight and strong.


The sort of truck or undertaking within reach will direct the kind of floor jack to get you to have to realize how amazing it is. An ordinary high lift floor jack can deal with between 1-4 tons of lifting limit which implies this suits lighter undertakings, for example, lifting a lawnmower. To raise trucks, you will require a ground-breaking jack to carry out the responsibility securely and effectively.

The heaviness of the Jack

Since you are taking a shot at trucks, weight is a significant thought. In the event that you as often as possible utilize your jack and move it around now and, at that point. At that point, you will require a jack that is lightweight, for example, an aluminum jack. In any case, in the event that you won’t have to utilize it oftentimes, at that point weight may not be top of your rundown.

Vehicle Height

Albeit most floor jacks can be put underneath most vehicle types, there are a few autos that call for devices that are lower than expected. In the event that you are anticipating overhauling or working your floor jack on vehicles of irregular tallness estimates other than lifted trucks, you may require a position of safety jack. This will assist you with going further under a vehicle.

Jacking Speed

The speed at which raises lift a vehicle differs broadly as some may lift trucks faster than others. Contingent upon your circumstance, you may require a lift that siphons rapidly particularly in the event that you are wanting to utilize it in a hurry. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are wanting to utilize the jack at home and have additional time, at that point this isn’t significant.


One of the key things you have to consider with regards to utilizing the best bottle jack for lifted truck is wellbeing. Recall that a jack stand is intended to help a vehicle as you work underneath it; in this way, go for a jack that you know is sufficiently steady.


Considering a story jack can cost a few several dollars or over a thousand dollars, the cost ought to be a significant thought. Much of the time, the value directs quality. Nonetheless, the cost ought not to be your solitary guide; think about development and execution.


The last advance to finding the best jack stands for lifted trucks is to know it about the model important to you can do, particularly with respect to the size of your vehicle.

The floor jacks on this guide are famously known for being solid and stable. Utilize the audits and check the highlights to increase comprehension of how each floor jack plays out, their highlights, and weight limit and make a buy subsequent to thinking about the data in the purchaser’s area.

Doing this will guarantee you settle for the best floor jack for lifted trucks that will serve you for a long time to come.




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