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  • This Detox Foot Bath Ionic Machine is a state-of-the-art foot bathing system with an infrared belt, 2 ion cleansing arrays, power cord with US plug, instruction manual, conductive wrist fastening, and a solid carrying case made of aluminum.
  • The machine gives an effective detoxification treatment to your feet.
  • Its hydrogen water treatment gives you complete foot sanitization.
  • Its infrared waist belt is comfortably lengthy and padded enough to provide you coziness and ease during purification treatment.
  • The Detox foot bath SPA machine does not have any side effects. It has pleasant effects on your skin.
  • The machine has water leakage protection.
  • The output voltage of this apparatus is DC 15V that is safe, while the output current is 2.5A.
  • Its brand name is Healcity while the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty with free technical support.


The basic principle of this product is that water is disintegrated into a large number of negative and positive ions. As a result, an electric field is generated which acts on the human body. Whereas the biological currents created by the machine improves all kinds of sub-health. The key color is the reaction of many minerals, salts in water, and the ions released by the unit. If used twice a week, your feet can be full of energy.

Detoxification treatment promote metabolism, blood circulation, and increase the vigor of body cells. After taking the foot-bath through this machine, your sleep effectiveness will improve. The equipment is most suitable for persons suffering from abdominal cramps, stomach ache, muscle pain, stiffness, muscle ache, and arthritis.


  • The machine is easy-to-use and not complicated. You just need to connect to a power source, add some salt, put the array and feet into the water. The hydrogen water will give you a complete body cleansing.
  • You do not sit idle to use this machine. You can get this treatment while watching TV, reading a book, or working on the computer.
  • The arrays of this cleansing appliance are made of good quality stainless steel coils and one array can be used up to 30 to 40 times.
  • The machine is equally suitable for men and women.
  • This foot bath unit can not only be used for domestic purposes in houses for individuals but also can be used for commercial purposes like in beauty salons, spa clubs, professional clinics, beauty parlor, massage centers, and so forth.
  • This Detox foot SPA machine saves money as the treatment is expensive in outside Massage Parlors, Beauty Salons, or SPA Clubs.
  • Its carrying case is sturdy with a smooth aluminum surface; the corners are made of steel corners. It becomes easy to carry with you on a business visit or a family traveling.


  • The foot basin is not included in the price, and you need to buy it separately.
  • The instruction manual is not complete, e.g the purpose of the wrist band is not clear in the manual.
  • After the treatment, the water changes its colors to orange, or sometimes green or brown which irritates and annoys some people.



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