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Husqvarna Ts 248Xd Features, Customer Reviews, PROs and CONs

Husqvarna Ts248Xd

The Husqvarna TS248XD is a compact lawn tractor designed to cater to the needs of residential users with small to medium-sized yards.

It features a 48-inch cutting deck, which is sufficient for effective mowing coverage, but may result in longer mowing times for larger properties.

The 24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine provides reliable performance, ensuring consistent mowing power.

The hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth operation and easy speed adjustments, while the cruise control feature enables users to maintain a consistent mowing speed without constantly adjusting the throttle.

The TS248XD incorporates air induction mowing technology, which improves cutting and grass lift for a cleaner, more even result.

This lawn tractor offers an ergonomic seating position with a high back, promoting comfort during extended mowing sessions.

The electric blade engagement feature simplifies the operation by eliminating the need for manual adjustments, allowing for quick and hassle-free engagement of the cutting blades.

While the TS248XD boasts maneuverability in small spaces due to its tight turning radius, it lacks some additional features commonly found in higher-priced models, such as advanced suspension systems or advanced cutting technology.

Additionally, there have been reports from users regarding the durability of certain components, suggesting potential issues in terms of long-term reliability.


  • 48-inch cutting deck for effective mowing coverage
  • 24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine for reliable performance
  • Hydrostatic transmission for smooth operation and easy speed adjustments
  • Cruise control feature for maintaining a consistent speed while mowing
  • Air induction mowing technology for improved cutting and grass lift
  • Electric blade engagement for convenient and hassle-free operation
  • Tight turning radius for better maneuverability in confined spaces
  • Adjustable cutting height with multiple positions for customized lawn maintenance
  • Ergonomic seat with a high back for increased comfort during long mowing sessions
  • Cup holder and storage compartment for keeping essentials within reach


  • Compact size and tight turning radius for maneuverability in small spaces
  • Reliable engine performance for consistent mowing power
  • Comfortable seating position and ergonomic design for reduced fatigue
  • Convenient electric blade engagement for effortless operation
  • Air induction mowing technology enhances cutting efficiency
  • Adjustable cutting height for customizable lawn maintenance


  • Limited cutting deck width may increase mowing time for larger yards
  • Lack of additional features commonly found in higher-priced models
  • Some users report issues with the durability of certain components

User Reviews:

  • Mark R. (Homeowner): “The Husqvarna TS248XD is a decent lawn tractor for my medium-sized yard. It gets the job done, but I do find the cutting deck size to be a bit limiting. The engine performs well, and the seating position is comfortable. However, I’ve had some concerns about the durability of certain parts. Overall, an okay choice for basic residential mowing needs.”
  • Emily S. (Gardening Enthusiast): “I purchased the TS248XD for my small garden, and it has been reliable so far. The compact size and tight turning radius are perfect for maneuvering around flower beds and trees. However, I wish it had more advanced features and a wider cutting deck. It gets the job done, but there are better options available if you have a larger yard or want more advanced capabilities.”


The Husqvarna TS248XD is a compact and reliable lawn tractor suitable for residential use in small to medium-sized yards.

While it offers some notable features such as air induction mowing technology and a comfortable seating position, its limited cutting deck width and absence of advanced features found in higher-priced models may be limiting for users with larger properties or higher expectations.

Additionally, there have been concerns raised regarding the durability of certain components.

It may be an acceptable choice for basic residential mowing needs, but there are alternatives available that provide better value for the money with more advanced features and a wider range of capabilities.


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