Hunting Decor Ideas for living room – The Essential Elements

A sofa with a crisp white duvet, a lovely brass lamp and some exquisite lace curtains are not enough to cover up hunting decor ideas for living room.

For some, the appearance of those items in their conjures up images of perfection, while for others it means an uncomfortable lack of space and a glaring clash of colors. Indeed, hunting decor ideas for living room need a bit of craft to justify the mystic appearance you are looking for.

Rustic Living Room

hunting decor ideas for living roomSet the tone right, by picking up the paint color that feels all woody and compliments rustic decor you are going to get into your room.

From disused barns to natural woodland, incorporating rustic elements into your room’s design lends a beautiful, cozy feel that can’t be achieved with traditional decor.

Think about Plants

It’s all about laying down the right base for your final rustic style room and adding color to the rustic decor.

Plant some succulents.

I know what you’re thinking but you don’t need a lot of space or sunlight for these guys. They’re good at being small and low maintenance, which is why they make such great indoor plants.

Succulents are also really easy to care for, so you can enjoy them without spending too much time on upkeep.

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New Window

Custom Barn Wood Window 4-Slat Shutters (Set of Two)You might not want to leave new window design behind. Think about the design, add a bit darker shade of the paint on the walls.

A new window altogether is a good idea if you are not strict on budget.


Interior Design

It’s time to focus on the real job. Let’s start with Wall Decor.

hunting wall art

Wall Art

Hunting wall decor is available in all shapes and sizes, from small pieces that add color to large pieces that serve as the focal point of any room.

You can find hunting wall decor accessories in many different materials, including wood, metal and plastic. You’ll also find different styles of decors to fit whatever style you’re looking for.

The most common types of hunting wall art include:

Mounted animal heads

Animal Heads hunting decor– If you have an antelope head hanging on your gallery wall, it’s likely that it came from a taxidermist who mounted it for display purposes. The taxidermy process involves removing the animal’s skin and stuffing it with cotton batting so that it retains its shape when hung on the wall. Taxidermists also make sure that each piece is properly preserved before they mount them so they won’t get damaged easily over time.

Animal Print

Another addition, animal print wall decor is a great way to add some “wild” style to your home without going overboard. Animal prints are popular in home decor or interior design because they are bold and unique. The variety of different species of hunts that have been used for animal print decoration is almost endless.

hunting room wall decor

If you want something for yourself, but don’t want anything too loud or busy, try an animal print throw pillow or blanket for a more subtle touch. Looking for something bolder? then canvas art prints featuring an animal’s face or body will get the point across loud and clear! If you prefer something more abstract, then consider some metal art pieces depicting different patterns from nature (such as birds flying through trees).


lamps for hunting decorSomething that will light up your hunting room, try one of these:

– A rustic style lamp with a magnifying glass. This will give you the ability to see small items clearly, which is important when preparing your next hunt.

– A lamp with a removable shade. This will allow you to remove the shade when you don’t need it, but it can also be used as a camouflage device if needed.

– A lamp with an adjustable arm and bulb socket assembly so that you can adjust the height of the bulb. Depending on where it’s needed most in each room (see picture above).

– A side table classic style lamp can compliment wellyour home decor well.

Wall Clock

A piece of rustic design wall clock will do the job. Whether you want to forget time while sitting in your living room or just need a piece of art to complement wall decor, a wall clock made of reclaimed wood will suffice.

Rustic Style Photo Frames

A rustic decor living room is incomplete without rustic textured frames that can hold photos of your grandpa and your grandson alike.

Antler Sheds

antler shedsThe most common use for deer antler sheds is as a craft project. They make a good addition as decorations in rustic home decor or interior design. They look very elegant and refined when displayed properly

Hunting Decor Wooden Shelves

wooden shelfThe perfect addition to your hunting lodge, these wooden shelves are handcrafted with a variety of authentic woods. The natural color of the wood will blend well with any decor, and the quality of the product is second to none.

Wooden Shelf with Metal Hooks

This decorative wooden shelf provides a great place for you to display your favorite photos or knick knacks. This shelf comes with metal hooks that can be used for hanging pictures or other items from it. You can easily mount this shelf on any wall in your home using the mounting holes located on its back side. This sturdy shelf is an excellent addition to any room decor!

Create a Vignette Around Your Sofa

hunting decor sofaIf you want to add some green to your rustic living room. Don’t commit completely to an indoor garden, try creating a vignette around one of your sofas. Create a small nook or corner where you can place plants, decorative items and accessories like candles or other lighting.

Coffee Table

The distressed finish on the top of the rustic style coffee table gives it a vintage look that can help you create a hunter’s feel in the living room. This finish means that the surface is not smooth like some other types of wood, but rather textured with tiny grooves and bumps that give it character and make it unique from other tables available today.

The rustic design of this table makes it easy to pair with other pieces of furniture in your home decorating scheme. While still creating a cohesive look overall that is warm and inviting. You’ll find it easy to pair with any style of decorating since its natural look works well with any palette.


Decoration Rugs

Hunting Decoration rugs are a great way to add some color and style to your hunting lodge. They can be used in any room of the house, not just the living room or log cabin. You can also use them outside and they will last for years to come!

The Hunting Decoration rug is made from 100% wool and is available in a variety of sizes and colors. It has a dense pile that feels soft on your feet, but also looks great on your floor.

Stone Fireplace

They add warmth and character to any room and they make a statement. If you own your home, you should consider adding one to your living room or family room. A hunter room is incomplete without the rough textured frame of a stone fireplace.

Don’t forget natural light

Think about the entrance of light in room and give it some living space. Adjust rest of the stuff in a way that it faces your lads equally.


From New york to North Carolina, whether it’s a small space, a living room idea or dining room, you don’t need a professional interior designer. These essential elements can do the perfect job of firing up your living space into a hunter’s den.

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