How Upwork Is Revamping To Facilitate Full-Time Employee Hiring

Every organization today is looking for global talent with the requisite skill sets to deliver business results.  That talent is looking for the ideal working conditions to achieve their professional and personal objectives. 

The situation worsens when layoffs are common, and there is a lot of macroeconomic uncertainty. 

The aim is for competent people and businesses to work with whomever they want, where they want, and via whatever work arrangement fits them best. 

It is especially true in light of the emerging methods of working. But that ideal remains a long way off in terms of full-time employment.

With the knowledge, experience, and technology we’ve been building for years, Upwork has extended its work marketplace solutions to allow full-time hiring for all of our clients for the first time to meet this crucial time.

Full-Blown Issues With Employing People Full-Time:

Regardless of size or location, it is challenging and irritating for most firms to access the global talent pool and hire a trained expert from a distant location for a full-time role. 

Finding, screening, employing, and paying may be done using different tools and platforms, but a complete solution has yet to do everything. 

  • Companies need to hire more company owners and recruiting managers to possess the knowledge, resources, time, and technology necessary to put together the tools necessary to make the ideal full-time hire and prevent the expensive consequences of a poor one. 
  • Full-time recruiting, particularly worldwide, is an astronomically costly gamble, a significant time commitment.
  • A categorization nightmare for companies due to procedural red tape and inefficiency, a shortage of quality personnel sources, and incomprehensibly complicated foreign employment rules. 
  • Everyone involved must finally take a leap of faith to complete the process. Top talent also has valid complaints regarding full-time hiring. 

People can only genuinely know what a firm is like once they begin working there. Everybody has heard warnings from experts who have gone through their versions of “buyer’s remorse.” 

The organizational culture, management style, speed, work-life balance, business need for their skill set, or scope of the position needs to live up to their expectations when they commit to working full-time for a firm.

Clients and talent need to be aware of one another’s working styles. 

Unfortunately, the whole recruiting procedure for full-time employees must be updated, dangerous, and rife with missed opportunities for both sides.

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It’s Time To Employ Them In A Better Manner:

At Upwork, employing someone full-time should resemble long-term relationship development rather than jumping in head-first and taking a chance. 

Finding, screening, and finally employing employees, as well as categorizing and setting up payment, need to be easy and smooth.

In addition, you should consider freelancing or fractional agreements. 

Businesses and talent should have the freedom and mobility to decide how they wish to collaborate, choosing the best setup for both parties throughout the recruiting process.

No matter where they are in the globe or how they want to participate, finding the greatest talent to fill out a team should be simple and quick. It is now possible.

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Finest Aspects Of Freelancing To Full-Time Employment

Upwork has extended its capabilities to accommodate full-time recruiting for all our clients. 

It is a solution rooted in years of experience and technology to provide that option and flexibility and handle various challenges with full-time employment. 

For as long as we’ve been in business, we’ve seen businesses and highly qualified international individuals develop dependable, long-term connections on our platform. 

  • We know how revolutionary it is to identify the ideal candidate for a position without worrying about the challenges of international recruiting.
  • By connecting our customers in the ways they most want to collaborate, and by enabling the successful, long-lasting relationships that are so crucial to them and their success, this significant strategic expansion represents another significant turning point in our journey to becoming the world’s work marketplace.
  • 93% of hiring managers transition freelancers into full-time employees often or sporadically, according to survey data compiled for Upwork’s 2022 Future Workforce Report. 
  • The option to work with professionals before recruiting them as full-time workers (41%) and the quality of the freelancer’s work (71%) are their main motivations for hiring them on a full-time basis.
  • Clients can quickly identify, evaluate, employ, onboard, and pay people from over 180 countries with over 10,000 talents using Upwork’s new solution for full-time hiring. 

Both sides now have the chance to “test out” a contract-to-hire working relationship before committing to a full-time engagement as part of that screening process, which is a two-way street.

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The following figures demonstrate the desire for a full-time option on Upwork: 

  • More than 2 million professionals on Upwork have already shown interest in contract-to-hire possibilities since we began testing our full-time recruiting solution and features. 
  • Additionally, customers have listed over 40,000 contract-to-hire positions on the Upwork marketplace since 2023 began.

Clients can choose to manage onboarding, contracts, and payments through a central hub for the end-to-end solution that includes Upwork’s top-notch payroll, compliance and classification, and contract management tools once clients and talent find the right match and a significant amount of risk is removed from the decision to hire someone full-time. 

These features, previously only available to Enterprise Suite customers, are now accessible to companies of all sizes, who can use them to find international talent via Upwork or their networks and recruiting pipelines.

  • Users of the Enterprise Suite get unique access to the increased features needed by big enterprises and full-time employment options. 
  • The powerful platform of Enterprise Suite offers tailored onboarding processes, system connections, and sophisticated reporting to categorize, recruit, and compensate full-time employees at scale and promote personnel innovation.
  • The only option that offers the trust, transparency, and flexibility to identify the ideal full-time hire—or company confidently—is new full-time hiring on Upwork. 
  • Businesses may now turn to Upwork to locate and work with the best talent, whether freelancing, part-time, or full-time, anywhere in the globe, while being provided with the professional help needed to negotiate hiring restrictions. 
  • Skilled individuals may visit Upwork to discover a wealth of options that suit their needs, hobbies, and preferences—whether short-term projects, long-term independent work, or full-time jobs—even despite layoffs in the computer sector and general economic turmoil.

It is how we now operate at Upwork. As the largest marketplace for labor, we collaborate daily with our clients to reimagine work to maximize our potential as a whole. 

With this expansion into full-time employment, we’re just beginning and eager to continue creating a future of work that benefits everyone.

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