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How to Write a Blog Post with AI in 2023 – Step by Step

Last updated on August 2nd, 2023 at 06:24 am

Let’s get started with generating Content. Most of the SEO Gurus out there want you to write a perfect post that’s better than competitors, SEO optimized, contains more SEO Terms etc

While that’s true to some extent, that’s not the whole story. You need a balance of Quality and Quantity. Our take is, to put the content out there, test it out if it

  1. gains any traction at all OR
  2. just doesn’t show up any keywords in Google.

If it doesn’t gain any traction at all i.e doesn’t show a single keyword in top 100 rankings, there is no point putting so much effort. Definitely, there are much better alternatives.

However, if it shows up few keywords. Congrats, there is a good chance that you can rank in Top 10 and now is the time to start optimizing it for better rankings.

So for now let’s start publishing Content on your new blog.

Step 1 – Make an account on CHATGPT

After you signup with Chat GPT, go to this link to download the chrome Extension

Don’t forget to watch the Introductory Video.

This Chrome Extension will supercharge your ChatGPT without buying any paid subscription.

Now when you go to New Chat it would look something like this.

Hit Enter

It will generate the whole Article but don’t just copy, paste yet, we are just getting started.

Step 2 – Research and Optimize

Go to and research your topic.

For Example: Your Topic is “Best Electric Bikes for 2024” or “Best AI Startups of 2024”

How to add LSI phrases

LSI Phrases are all the related Search Queries

These must be included in your article as Headings (H2, H3)

If the article you wrote in Step 1 doesn’t contain these queries, go back to Chat GPT and give it this prompt (Instruction)

Adding LSI phrases by Chat GPT

Step 3 – Add FAQs

Go back to Google and search for the FAQs, you will see it as “People Also Ask” section. They show up right under 2 or 3 results and as you click on a few FAQs, more will appear. Click on more FAQs until you got 15 to 20 to include in your content.

How to add FAQs

Now put these FAQs back in ChatGPT and use this prompt.

“Answer these Questions with informative, to-the-point context and make sure information is factually correct.”

Step 4: Format

Ask GPT to write in wordpress html tag. Give this prompt

” Can you rewrite this and insert wordpress html tags? ”

Switch to Text in WordPress and paste the code

wordpress ready articles Once you have added these FAQs, make sure to format the article in a Structure acceptable to humans. No one will be interested in walls of text.

  1. User Headings, Sub Headings that
    • cover different aspects of the topic.
    • include all the headings of top 3 results in Google
    • Use LSI phrases
  2. No more than two lines in a paragraph
  3. Break Text with pictures (found directly from Google)
    Use Images that are informative and meaningful.
  4. Include LSI phrases wherever possible
  5. Use bullet points, quotes 
  6. Make sure to add Internal links while publishing
  7. Also, add a meta description and meta title.
    a clear on-page SEO strategy is to include lsi phrases within the meta description. You can ask CHATGPT to generate a meta title and meta description and add it to your site once it’s ready.

Sample Article:

Plan Your Digital Transformation; Step by Step


Closing Thoughts:

In the end, try to write an article that’s better than the top 5 articles in Google. DON’T EVER publish an article without reading it. If you are not understanding any part, research it, write about it, and link it to your main article.

Leave your questions below in comments.



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