How to wire 24 volt trolling motor batteries?

Last updated on August 17th, 2021 at 02:16 pm

Most of the accessories on a boat are powered by batteries including the trolling motor. Usually 24V battery is required for very large trolling motors; however 24V batteries are very difficult to process. This is why the 12 Voltage batteries are connected twice to reach up to the voltage of 24 volts. This will increase the amperes without increasing the time. Before using any battery, make sure it hasn’t already been used. Moreover ensure that the calculations are correct because you cannot feed a 24 Voltage trolling motor with 36 voltage batteries.

The first decision you need to make when attaching two 12 Volts battery to make 24 volts is that do you want it to be a parallel battery wiring or series battery wiring. The main reason for this is to decide if you want more voltages or more amperes.

What is the difference between series and parallel battery wiring?

Series battery wiring:

A series battery wiring is when both the batteries are laid side by side and then connected. The amperes in a series battery remains the same, however the voltage increases. If you’re using two 12V batteries, it will become a total of 24 voltages in the circuit, but the current in it will remain the same. By linking negative and positive terminals through a jumper wire, you can make a series battery. Make sure that you don’t cross the other open terminals as it results in short circuits and fires. The connected batteries should be completely identical to each other and have the same voltage readings. The battery will be reduced if the batteries don’t have the same capacity.

Series battery wiring

Parallel battery wiring:

When the batteries are connected in a parallel way, the voltage remains the same but the amperes increase i.e. the current rating. By connecting two 12V batteries in parallel, the current will increase but the voltages will remain the same. For the parallel batteries, two jumper wires are required. The first one will be connected to the both negative terminals and the second will be connected to the positive terminals of both batteries.

The whole procedure is spilt into two parts where you first adhere to the batteries and then the battery with the motor trolling. For the 24 Volt motor you require two 12 voltage batteries connected in series. It is better to label the batteries as A and B. Take the black lead from the power cable of the motor and connect it to the negative terminal of battery B. Take the red wire from the power cable of motors and connect it to the positive terminal of A. Use a 40 ampere circuit breaker for this. Then take the jumper wire and connect the negative terminal of first wire to the positive terminal of the battery B. to conclude, this procedure will make your trolling motor more efficient and the batteries will last a long time.

Parallel battery wiring



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