How to use kitchenaid food processor attachments?

Kitchenaid food processors have been one of the best advancements of all time. It has made kitchen a better place to work in. it does not only promote healthier cooking, it also makes the whole cooking process easier. Getting one of these would be a great help in the kitchen. It comes with a total of 14 parts, as listed below:

  • 2 in 1 food pusher
  • Attachment assembly
  • Linear
  • Lid with interlock
  • Feed tube
  • Drive pin
  • External adjustable slicing disc lever
  • Reversible shredding disc
  • Adjustable slicing disc
  • Julienne disc
  • Dicing disc cleaner
  • Dicing disc and blade
  • Disc adapter
  • Storage case

Now, we will be discussing some important components of this kitcheaid processor and its uses.

Adjustable slicing disc:

It is obvious by the name this disc is for slicing purposes only. It works with soft fruits, soft vegetables, hard vegetables and cooked meat. For the installation process all you need to do is insert the linear into the attachment assembly so that feed tube lines up. Lower the disc into the drive pins and rotate it so that it fits into the perfect spot. Then adjust the thickness of the slices by the adjustable thickness lever and attach the lid, securing it into place.

Reverse shredding disc

This disc shreds soft vegetables, hard vegetables and hard cheeses. Insert the linear into the attachment assembly so that the feed tube is lined up. Then slide this disc into the drive pin and hold it with two fingers. Make sure that the side you want to cut with is facing upwards. Then adjust the disc adapter and install the disc over the adapter. Lastly attach the lid securely over the top and use the processor.


As obvious by the name, it is used for julienning vegetables. It has the same installation process as a reverse shredding process.

Dicing disc and blade

This disc is used for cutting and dicing soft fruits, soft vegetables and hard vegetables. As always, insert the linear into the attachment assembly so that the feed tube lines up. Hold the disc with one finger in the middle and make sure that the chute lip-side is facing downwards. After adding the disc, install the blade over it and adjust into the drivers pin. Lock the top lid securely into place and use.

2 in 1 food pusher

This product usually comes handy when you have the blade disc installed. You can push the food by the help of this pusher into the machine and it will be diced along the way. The smaller chute can accommodate carrots, beetroots, celery stalks etc.

It is very important for you to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of this product. It should be cleaned after every use, however make sure none of the machinery goes in contact with the water. The bowl and the disc should be enough to clean. Make sure you follow all the safety rules so that you stay protected from unwanted electricity shocks.

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