How to tune CB antenna without SWR meter?

Last updated on March 12th, 2022 at 07:50 am

How to tune CB antenna without SWR meter?

People who are frequent users of citizens band radio will agree that the signals get lost sometimes. At one moment it is working exceptionally well, and in the other you hear nothing. These problems can be solved by tuning the antenna on your radio, as it promises constant reception. Mostly, when we discuss the tuning of a CB antenna, the first tool we think of is the SWR meter. However, what if we don’t have one?
If you don’t own a SWR meter, there are certain steps you have to follow to tune the CB antenna. You should go to an open area where there will be less or no interferences with the signals. Other radios, cars, mobiles etc. will prove to be distractions for the signals. Moreover, the windows and doors of your car are advised to be shut completely. Before the tuning process, take a deep look on your antenna and make sure that it has a plastic cap on the tip. Without it the whole process will go to waste.

In the absence of a SWR meter, you require another CB radio. It has to be set up a bit far away from your own car. You can ask a friend for help. A specific channel has to be chosen and both your radios should tune it in. you might use a phone; however it might not be the best option. After this you have to develop a connection between the two CB radios or the radio and phone.

Add a microphone to your tuning kit because you need it too. Moreover, it is better to have a second person on the second end of the CB radio. After establishing a connection, you will talk from the car CB audio and after the tuning you should be able to hear the voice in the second radio. If you can’t hear anything at the other end of the CB radio, you need to adjust the antenna and do it quickly as you might lose the signal. For a constant signal, you need to transmit the voice from one end of the radio to the other one.

How to tune CB antenna without SWR meter?

How to adjust the length of the antenna?

The adjustment of an antenna depends on the type of radio you own. The radio is usually accompanied with a manual for adjustment of the antennas. A certain type of antenna requires a steel tip to be cut, and then work has to be done with the inside wires, whereas others have rings or special tips at the top. This tip is an actual screw that has to be rotated clockwise or anti clockwise, depending on how long you want the antenna to be.

Bottom line:

Tuning a CB antenna without a SWR meter is very easy and effective; however it cannot be always trusted. If you cannot tune in even after following the process strictly, it means that there is something wrong with your radio. It might be a defected piece or stopped working because of frequent use. Hopefully, these easy steps will let you enjoy the radio without a SWR meter.

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