How To Sleep With Stuffy Nose?

In times like this when Corona has dominated the way we live our lives and interact healthy measures and the right way to do them is a must. Similarly, if you are ill and have a flue from the nose as well, it is vital to know how to properly sleep with a stuffy nose.

In such times, getting a cold and flu is no more just a common flu. We need to be extra careful and make sure that every preventive measure given to us is followed in order to increase our recovery rates.

With common colds and respiratory tract related issues sleep as always is a major process for your recovery plan. Along with a stuffy nose you need to be sure of the right way to sleep by considering some of these important factors.

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Position of sleep

  • Most people sleep on their backs and there is nothing wrong with that when you have a stuffy nose.
  • Here you still need to make sure that you are not laying completely on your right or left side as that could clog your nose completely through the night.
  • As a best option and in order for the accumulated mucus in your nose to flow down and out during the night sleep at a height.
  • Use some extra pillows or cushion to get a desirable height which would raise your head and then just let the gravity do its work while you sleep.
  • At a proper height the aim of letting the mucus to flow down below and out is achieved most of the time.

Air and Moisture

  • Firstly, try using a humidifier for a change inside your bedroom when you have a stuffy nose and see the change.
  • The moisture in the air as a result helps the mucus in your nose get a more smooth and easy way to flow out. you can get the Best Humidifier for Sinus.
  • You can also try taking a hot shower before your bedtime as well or try placing a warm and moist towel on your nose or for a head.
  • All of which would help to provide warmth to your nose and its passages which would get the mucus to loosen up and flow down.


  • As always recommended medicines also provide comfort for sleeping when you have a stuffy nose.
  • As per prescription a decongestant medicine would help to provide comfort to the nasal passage and let the mucus flow down so your nose can open.
  • For more quicker mucus removing, you can use medically approved medicine tube to flush out the mucus.

That is all for the effective and trusted ways to sleep properly with a stuffy nose.




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