How To Sight In A Red Dot Scope Without Shooting?

While hunting, you need something basic and precise possessing great speed. A red dot scope overwhelms rapid shooting and is quick. If you are a shooter of handguns, shotguns, or rifles, you can profit by the red dot. For an amateur, it may not be simply having an ideal sight of your target without jolting and pulling the trigger.

To sight in a red dot scope, it is a process of setting the scope where your target is; by pointing the barrel of the gun. The barrel is used for deciding the direction of your bullet and it offers no adjustments. To hit the bullet on the desirable point, you need the reticle. But know that, the reticle is unable to control the bullet.

What is a Red Dot Scope?

A red dot scope is an optical device used for magnifying a target. This scope is mostly used when you make a target in a shorter range. A red dot scope works by placing the reticle and the target in a similar line and gives you a focal point. So, you can hit your target precisely without missing any chance.

How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope Without Shooting?

To learn to sight in a red dot scope without shooting, there are some steps including loose installation, stability, lining up, making adjustments, and tightening it; follow these steps to appreciate a precise sight.

Loose Installation

The first step is to install the scope but make sure it is not tightened up but loose. You just need to tighten it to a degree where it can provide you with better eye relief. So, just check the distance if it is good from your eye to the scope or not.


The rifle or shotgun must be stable as it is a critical step to be followed. Make sure the rifle is on a stable and secure surface i.e., on an absolute level.

Line It Up

Lining up your reticle is a crucial point. With appropriate positioning, you need to line up the reticle with your target. The target is squared in the crosshairs providing proper eye relief. Lining up needs to be done at a specific distance. Now get the bore of the gun down to a particular point in a specific range, and sight the target.

Make Adjustments

Turn on your red dot scope and change the rifle so the beam of the laser is straightforwardly in the center of your objective. The laser will show where the slug will hit to tell you when the sighter is totally lined up with the barrel. In case you are operating a laser that heaps into the chamber, make sure it is planned for the exact type of your rifle to guarantee a protected and precise shot.

Tighten It Down

At the point when you are sure of the arrangement, the last step is to fix the sighter. Inquire as to whether you have done everything cautiously and with a reason. Likewise, make sure your objective is on an absolute level.


The red dot sight is your personal decision and for accurate, ideal, and better shooting, you need o to follow the above rule. And now you can easily sight in the scope even without shooting.

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