How to set up a bass guitar?

First off you need some tools to get the job done. You would be needing a screwdriver, a wrench, a ruler of around 6 inches. You also need an electric tuner for the guitar, a neck rest which would be used to hold the guitar in the right position and last but not the least. Good use of your eyes and your ears for keen observation.

After that, the first step is to adjust the positioning of the neck rest with the guitar. You should also be looking forward to tune your pitch setting for good measure. This relates directly to your neck movement from the guitar strings.

Perform a safety check on your strings to see if they are performance worthy or not. If they are not then have a new set of strings installed for good balance. Keep good note of the distance between the frets of the string board. Make sure that your strings have enough space in between for easy vibrational patterns which your fingers will produce on impact.

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The second step involves, playing around with the neck support again. Make sure to have an ideal amount of tension in the neck strap of your guitar. This also affects the truss road of the guitar. So be careful to not change it too much otherwise it will be causing problems while playing.

After our playing rod is set up the right way the next step is deciding the travel distance of your guitar strings from the frets point. So, if you are planning to use another material beside your finger or thumb to play the strings then try raising the distance as to get more string area for sound deviations.

However, if you like to play the bass guitar through soft touches you can try reducing the distance for easier use. As a friendly tip the most common measurements for your bass guitar would eventually be around five on 64 inches till seven on 64 inches. So, staying within this limit will make the bass guitar produce ideal sounds.

Moving on, you need to test it out with your hands that whether your guitar is giving you the bass desired. If it does keep your action unchanged otherwise you should go for a low action. Here the role of action refers to the movement your hand makes with ease between the string and truss road.

As a tip keep in mind that a lower action will result in your bass guitar giving you more bass. Also, use that ruler to the maximum since it will determine the accurate point of the fret on your guitar for optimal bass point.

This is all for the guide on setting up your bass guitar. Read more about budget-friendly guitars under $1000



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